The future is digital

The future is digital
The future is digital

Pete Lasushe, a student of St. Joseph's College, Autonomous, Jakhama joining in one of the live sessions.


EduCentre’s online sessions provide career and education counselling

Vishü Rita Krocha
Kohima | May 16

Even as the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically decreased human contact, there is a huge surge in the use of digital and social media platforms with educators, musicians, entrepreneurs, and service providers alike engaging with their audiences in the digital world.

Nagland startup—EduCentre, which was founded two years ago, has also been conducting social media live sessions twice a week ever since the lockdown began by roping in a mix of people who specialize in certain fields from across the country. Educentre is a one stop solution for students looking for the best future study plans either in India or abroad by providing free counselling sessions and helping them reach their dream career destinations with the best guidance.

During this period of lockdown, EduCentre has held about 6 live sessions on Instagram (educentrenagaland) marking the attendance of about 200-500 students from all over India. These sessions are held from 7:00-8:00 pm every Wednesday and Saturday.

Speaking to The Morung Express, founder of the initiative, Lezo Putsure highlights that, “because of the pandemic we are trying to do a lot of online sessions. For example it could be on ‘how do I sit for medical exams? How do I become an engineer?’ or on anything and everything students want to know about exams and scholarships.” “And for all these, we have been getting resources from across the country”, he enlightens.

EduCentre Nagaland is also doing virtual college tours, which, he explains, “basically means if a student, for instance, wants to study in Baptist College but is not being able to travel, we get a representative from that college and he/she shares about the canteen and hostel facilities, what kind of accreditation the college has and stuff like that.” “We’re trying to bring all these virtual experience of education to the students”, he further relates.

Stating that there have also been a lot of students from other states like Manipur, Mizoram and other parts of India, particularly for sessions such as general medical session, he expresses optimism that they are being able to reach out to as many students as possible through these live sessions. “Students can just come online and get free advice, or if they have specific questions, they can register ahead. If they also want to look for more courses, or want better counsellors, they can write to us, and we plan a session according to what the majority wants”, he reveals. Besides the online sessions, there is also daily quiz on education and contests for students.

As far as students looking for colleges to enroll themselves in, is concerned, he says, one of the major questions has been ‘how hygienic the college is and how many students share a room in a hostel’. Based on these questions, he puts across that, “there is so much to look into from the questions we get from these students.” Asserting that ‘the future is digital,’ Putsure informs that they are also planning to have online classes in the days to come.

Prior to the pandemic lockdown, students have been accessing the service of EduCentre Nagaland through emails and phone calls or by dropping in to their office in NST Kohima and Midland Dimapur. Apart from providing Career Counselling, Scholarship Assistance, Admission Assistance, and Visa Assistance, it has also been organizing events in collaboration with colleges and job companies during which college students are also roped in part-time, enabling them to earn as well as get internships and experience.