Ganeshnagar not entirely ‘abandoned’

A worker operates a machine at Fine Windows Company, Ganeshnagar Industrial Centre. (Morung Photo)

A worker operates a machine at Fine Windows Company, Ganeshnagar Industrial Centre. (Morung Photo)

Entrepreneurs in dilemma as Industrial Centre turn into Quarantine Centre

Morung Express News
Dimapur | May 30

Contrary to reports that the Ganeshnagar Industrial Centre (GIC) has been abandoned for several years as ‘no potential Naga entrepreneurs came forward to stay and work there’, it has been found that two Naga entrepreneurs are still running their units at the centre. 

The Morung Express on May 30 visited GIC (Quarantine Centre) and found out that Fine Windows Company is being ran by one C Merenla since 2013 while the other - M/S ANIFEED by P Aloto Zhimomi, is in operation from 2010. 

While the former manufactures UPVC doors and windows and supplies them to some NE states besides Nagaland, ANIFEED runs a piggery farm and poultry farm including feed making. 

When this reporter visited the spot, Fine Windows Company was still functioning with a negligible number of workers; however, ANIFEED’s poultry section was already in dismantling process to be used as quarantine centre sparing the piggery unit.


 A feed mill shed being used as a storeroom for all other machineries and articles of M/S ANIFEED after other sheds were converted to quarantine centre. 


When queried, Aloto informed that except for the piggery unit, the entire poultry unit and feed making section has become non-functional due to ongoing works associated with the declaration of the GIC as a quarantine centre. 

He maintained that the authorities, without any prior official intimation, came and directed immediate clearance of all machineries and articles which were been already in use. 

The unit had been supplying chickens in the local market even during the initial lockdown period but it has now been sold out and was ready to bring in a fresh batch of hatchlings, he said. 

 “Fresh batch of hatchlings could not be brought earlier to catch up with earlier released batches due to lockdown but now with relaxations, we were about to bring in new hatchlings but now all our sheds are in disarray,” Aloto added. 

It was informed that the mechanisms of the poultry and piggery units are of the latest technology without using any antibiotics and is the only such unit (poultry feed) in the North east being managed by a local entrepreneur. 

Although there are a few feed mills in Guwahati, they are run by outsiders, Aloto said, further asserting that ANIFEED produces “excellent feed conversion and meat quality.”

During the visit, it was found that the poultry units, which were earlier used to house chicken and other poultry related machineries, is now being converted to accommodate the returnees. 

The entire poultry work-shed allotted by the government, has now been converted except for the feed mill room where machineries and articles from all other rooms were being shifted there by workers. 

The poultry unit, having a capacity to house 14,000 chickens and capacity to supply 30,000-35,000 kgs of chickens within 40 days, starting from when a new batch of hatchling is being brought, it was informed, has now been rendered dysfunctional.

ANIFEED’s feed making section has been supplying poultry and piggery feeds in the market at a lower price than those being imported outside. However, this has been stopped and is likely to affect the local poultry and piggery farmers.

“The restarting cost of the poultry unit is going to become like starting from the scratch,” Aloto added. Asked whether any compensation was expected from the government for the damages, the entrepreneur chose to remain silent.

Interestingly, Aloto is one of the few notable and successful state’s entrepreneurs who started business after availing assistance under PMEGP and with personal finance.

Another entrepreneur running a successful unit at the Centre is Merenla, who runs a semi automatic UPVC doors and windows unit, the first in NE when she initially set it up in 2013. 

Her unit has rendered services to various churches and hotels in the state. While her work shed has not been used as a quarantine centre as of now, Merenla said that she might have to shut her unit since many of the workers have stopped reporting to work with the area being designated as a quarantine centre. 

“We share the deep anguish of our Naga brothers and sisters who have suffered immensely during these trying times and they certainly need nursing on all accounts. However, here (Ganeshnagar) are a few units struggling against all adversaries to sustain and survive and our sustainability may face further hurdle,” she said.

Aloto appreciated the decision of the state government to use the facility as a quarantine centre but hinted that the government which has been encouraging local entrepreneurship should also look into their progress.

One unit under the name Nagaland Foods Private Limited (pineapple) had also earlier set up its unit but has now become defunct.