‘Hard work, patience and respect’

‘Hard work, patience and respect’
‘Hard work, patience and respect’

Yosa shares about his pursue of carpentry as profession

Morung Express News
Kohima | August 20

For 29 years old Vingosa Yosa, nothing in his profession satisfies him more than watching his work complete and the joy gained from one’s own work of art. A self-taught carpenter by profession, Yosa learned carpentry at the age of 19 years which he successfully transformed into a full time profession. Specialised in making furniture, his products are mostly made from the Alder wood.

At the Hornbill Festival 2018, Yosa made news when his products were sold off in a few days amounting to 4 lakhs INR with orders from overseas too. 

Hailing from Jakhama village, Yosa works and owns a store in his village called Yosa Furniture Unit. At times, he works in Kohima based on orders and demands. “My interest in carpentry and the happiness I discovered on completion of the product led me to pursue carpentry as a profession,” says Yosa

Yosa states that he does not have any fixed schedule of work hours but prefers working early in the morning considering it the most productive time for him.  

“I usually start early in the morning and continue till it is dark,” says Yosa who usually work based on orders and demands of customers.

A major setback in the carpentry profession is risking one's health which Yosa mentions, can have long term effects in future. Thus, a priority in his profession is safety and protection while at work. 

While there are setbacks in the profession, Yosa views that transforming one's passion into profession has its many advantages. “There is not much work pressure, and the job can be done whenever convenient. It gives you the advantage of preparing on your own pace. Also every day, there is something new to learn,” asserts the young carpenter. 

The most essential take away from his experience, according to Yosa is to ‘work hard, have patience and respect your work.’