Innovative local incinerator to tackle waste in Mokokchung

Innovative local incinerator to tackle waste in Mokokchung
Innovative local incinerator to tackle waste in Mokokchung

Innovative local incinerators installed to dispose wastes generated in the quarantine centers and COVID-19 Hospital in Mokokchung. (Photo Courtesy: Mokokchung District Administration) 

Limasenla Jamir
Mokokchung | April 25 

Mokokchung District Administration has yet set its foot ahead by developing innovative local incinerators to dispose wastes that are generated in the quarantine centers and COVID-19 hospitals in Mokokchung.

ADC Mokokchung, Manpai  Phom , while talking with The Morung Express said that the main purpose for making the local incinerator was to separate regular waste from the waste that are produced in the quarantine centers and in the COVID-19 hospitals. 

“The wastes that are produced in the quarantine centre and hospital will pose as threat if it is mixed with regular waste especially while transporting the waste,” he said. “The local incinerators are made from materials which are available in the market by local innovators. The incinerators are similar to the Bukhari heating systems that are used in the Himalayan regions, but instead of using wood, sand and kerosene is used to constantly generate the heat,” he added.

Imliakum Jamir, a 39 year old from Aliba village was entrusted by the district administration to make the local incinerators. So far he has made four incinerators and is in the process of making two more. “The incinerator will prove as a safety and will help prevent the contamination of the surrounding area,” he said. 

“The incinerator is made of iron and is designed in such a way that heat is generated constantly with the help of sand and kerosene. The kerosene is supplied to the chamber with the help of a control knob. The heat that is generated will instantly burn the bacteria and the ash is collected at the bottom in a tray”, he further explained. 

Imliakum Jamir said that it will usually take five days to complete one incinerator but with the assistance of the administration, he is able to finish one incinerator in a day and a half. Imliakum is an active member of the Clean Mokokchung Campaign and he has helped in making plastic banks and waste bins for the campaign which is placed in and around Mokokchung town.

The joint idea of the administration and the local innovators has made it possible for Mokokchung to bring out innovation that will further help in fighting against COVID-19 and also in taking safety measures to contain the spread of the virus.
An incinerator is already placed at the Multi-purpose complex quarantine centre and more will be installed at three more quarantine centres and two COVID-19 hospitals in Mokokchung.