‘It is our duty to be humane’

‘It is our duty to be humane’
‘It is our duty to be humane’

MH10 Family members preparing lunch pack at Minister Temjen Imna Along’s residence in Kohima. The team led by the Minister has been serving lunch packs on a daily basis to uniformed personnel and volunteers in Kohima town. 

MH10 Family led by Temjen Imna Along going strong delivering free lunch packs everyday   

Morung Express News
Kohima | May 14

For almost a month, with the nationwide lockdown, the MH10 Family led by Temjen Imna Along, Minister for Higher & Technical Education and Tribal Affairs has been serving lunch packs on a daily basis to uniformed personnel and volunteers in Kohima town. The team consists of 30 odd people working and volunteering at the Legislator's residence MH10, Kohima. About 150 lunch packs are prepared on a daily basis.

“Most of us usually come to duty without having our food. And with all shops closed during the lockdown we could not even buy our own refreshments. However, it has been a respite with the MH10 team providing us refreshments,” says a Traffic personnel in Kohima updating that the uniformed personnel has been receiving fried rice, puri with tea etc.

“It really helped us in our duty and we are really happy. We have been looking forward to it every day during the lockdown,” adds the personnel.

By 4:00 am, a group in the MH10 team is assigned to cook, one group works on the packaging while another is assigned in distribution.

“In the beginning, we started with our own team. We all contributed. Some of them contributed their one month's stipend.

When people came to know that we are doing it, many came forward and donated essentials including money,” states Temjen Imna Along.

The Legislator and his team at MH10 have also been reaching out to stranded students and citizens in Kohima by providing food packages and ration. During one of the most difficult times for daily wage earners, the MH10 team placed food packages and ration kits on the roadside of Mohonkhola, PHQ Junction, Tin Patti junction, High School and Razhü point in Kohima for people in need to collect. A sign was put up: “Kindly take one and keep the rest for the next.” The team also made sure that the packages reached the doorstep of those who cannot reach.

“It is our duty to be humane. This pandemic goes beyond party lines. We are all helping each other. Instead of binging in negativity, or waiting for someone else to do something, or telling others to do something, we atleast can support in some way. I don't know how much it has impacted but we have just done our works as any human should do,” says Temjen Imna Along, expressing that their efforts will continue in the best way they can.

The team has also been serving lunch packs to returnees during interstate transportation of stranded citizens.

“Just day before yesterday they made lunch for more than 600 people, and another 500 yesterday. It's like a big catering service!” quips Temjen Imna Along.

While the MH10 Family has initiated the service, the Legislator notes that many other people have started involving through their numerous contributions. Even when resources are about to run out, people coincidentally starts contributing, acknowledges the legislator.

Also admitting that the MH10 Family too experience exhaustion with all the preparations conducted on a daily basis, the Legislator remarks, “At the end of the day what matters is, are we doing what we have to do?”

Besides the preparation and distribution of food, the team has also been distributing hand sanitizer, face masks, PPE suits, gloves, disinfectants. About 60000 masks have been donated by the Legislator and his team till date, with the goodwill being extended to other legislators too.