Keeper of traditional craft knowledge

Sekiam (Right) with some his hand crafted products. (Morung Photo)

Sekiam (Right) with some his hand crafted products. (Morung Photo)

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Tuensang | July 10

Living up to its name as ‘The land of tradition,’ the craftsmen of Tuensang are keepers of traditional craft knowledge and skills in various pockets of the district. 

One such is Sekiam, a 60 year old man from Kingpao village under Noklak subdivision. 

Crafting products such as cane caps, bamboo caps, bottle carriers, baskets, mats, bowls, etc, Sekiam remains busy in his traditional craft, and earns an average of Rs 10,000 per month.

As Sekiam spends most of his days crafting products, his wife and children tend to their jhum field. Sekiam is constantly busy collecting cane from the forest or treating bamboo traditionally and treating them for his product.

Since childhood, Sekiam has been interested in bamboo-work and craft. Recognising his talents, the Department of Land Resources has been supporting him under the PMKSY-WDC. He was given a cash grant, which Sekiam invested in buying some tools. Meanwhile, the Bamboo Resource Centre Nagaland provided him with training at the resource centre Dimapur. The experience at the centre was very helpful, says Sekiam. 

Most of his products are being sent to Mokokchung, Kohima and Dimapur, with the period from September to December being his most busy time of the year.  He also participated in the Hornbill Festival in 2017 by setting up a stall on the initiative of the Bamboo Resource Centre Nagaland. 

While nature is his resource, Sekiam also expresses concern at the present state of the environment. 

“With shrinking natural resources, I have to go deeper into the jungle to harvest cane; though bamboo is available in my own bamboo grove,” he states. 

He adds that while the demand is high, his lone operation sometimes hampers him for meeting those demands. 

Sekiam wishes to attain more training and also participate in future Hornbill Festivals so that he can learn about the progress of bamboo and cane craft, and also meet other participants of the same trade. 

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