Life during Lockdown- Part 3

Life during Lockdown- Part 3

Life during Lockdown- Part 3

People maintaining social distance in one of the ATM booths in Kohima. (Morung Photo)

Chizokho Vero
Kohima | April 5

The Morung Express approached a cross-section of people to gather their views on how they are spending their time during the nationwide lockdown period.

Popular singer Senti Semy shared that he plays the guitar and practices new songs during this lockdown period.
Semy also likes to sit with family members, engrossed in conversations about life.

“Keep away from crowds. Stay at home and you can do constructive works like wood carving, carpentry, knitting, painting, small repairing works etc,” he conveyed to others.

He also reminded fellow citizens to help one another specially those daily wage labourers, coolies, taxi drivers, street vendors, elderly persons who have no income, said Semy

Maintain cleaner compound
Khriehuzo Lohe told The Morung Express that he has been using the lockdown period to maintain a cleaner compound. He also likes to spend time reading the Bible, praying, cooking and gardening.

Lohe, who is former president of Kohima Chamber of Commerce & Industries (KCCI) feels that the lockdown period has enabled him to catch up on precious quality time with his family. 

“No other business but just our family... this is something very special to me that I have been able to enjoy after so many years. I have been working, spending time for others, for society but for the first time I have been able to be with my family and so it is really precious time,” Lohe said.

I would suggest or convey to all that our Prime Minister has done the right thing at the right time for our nation, Lohe maintained.

Stating that the virus is one that can survive and spread very fast in crowds, he urged fellow citizens to save themselves and others by cooperating with all social distancing measures. It is the only and best option, he said.

As a believer it is high time that we keep ourselves close to our Almighty God, keep our heart clean, spiritually rededicate ourselves, he stated and also stressed on the need to “keep ourselves clean and our city clean.”

Stay home, stay safe and don't panic
“During lockdown period, I generally spend my time by practicing new songs and doing karaoke,” said Dziesekhrienuo Keretsü.

Keretsü has been spending more time with family members and helping them in activities like cooking and gardening.
In her leisure time, she exercises in her gym and helps her niece and nephew in their studies and music lessons.

For necessity and essentials things, my elder brother buys all the commodities which are required for our home, she says.
She conveyed that one should consider this 21 days lockdown as a phase of life.

“It is suggested that one should stay at home, wear mask, wash hands often, avoid socializing, do not touch nose, mouth, eyes and stay safe,” she conveyed.

One should not also believe in any rumour, she said, adding that it is advisable to refer to helpline numbers given by the state government.

Stay home, stay safe and don't panic, she added.

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