Life during lockdown- Part 4

Life during lockdown- Part 4

Life during lockdown- Part 4

Police personnel manning Razhu point in Kohima on April 7. (Morung Photo)

Chizokho Vero
Kohima | April 7

The Morung Express approached the cross-section of people to gather their views and how they are spending their time during the nationwide lockdown period.

Helping one another
Kupelhi Losou said that spending time with his family is his priority now.
His message: “Respect the government orders. Stay home. Maintain social distancing when you go out for marketing. It is not a very hard thing to do.”
Losou also called for helping one another and reach out to those who are in need “if you have more and make someone happy and share the blessings of God.”

Lockdown should continue
A government official Senti Longchar said that his main activity during the lockdown period was gardening and animal husbandry.
He opined that the lockdown should continue till vaccines are available in the country.
If not, public transports like buses, railways and airports should be totally locked down in order to check the spread of the virus at a faster rate, he suggested.
His message: “If you are coming from other states or country, please volunteer yourself to report to the concerned authority for certain quarantine measures. By doing so, you save yourself, your family and friends and the nation as a whole.”

Stop camping, picnics
Social worker Nuyi Hoshi said that he keeps himself busy with repair and renovation works at home during lockdown period.
“Apart from this, I play around with my children which really bring more cheers to them,” he shared.
His message: Stop camping, picnics, hunting or anything to do with social gathering during the lockdown period.

Stay indoors and stay safe
Dr Imtinaro Longkumer advised the people to follow, respect and abide by guidelines set by the concerned authorities.
“Let us help them to help us,” she said and requested everyone to be sensible and stay indoors and stay safe.

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