My studious journey (A reminiscence)


There I was! What most sensible people would spell it in a sentence...... “Between the devil and the deep sea”, in the sense, my parents pressure to pursue higher studies from some reputed institution abroad and my hesitation to leave my, what one calls “near and loved ones” in my locality.  Tickets once booked; there I was, all the way, headed for a coaching institute in the national capital where by coincidence a “BALLE BALLE” Punjabi happened to be my co-traveler. Already tensed by the thought of travel abroad, the icy stares of my “BALLE BALLE” escalated my fears of more such stares (that I presumed) must be awaiting me on my further journey. 

To my utter surprise, two Mizo ladies entered the boogey with eager enthusiasm and wished me in Hindi at dusk (which infact was like a dawn to me) as even a naive like me could see some physical affinity in these strangers, to add to my dismay, they even offered me some apples which perhaps was due to the sullen, sunky face which greeted them. 

Their amiable manners soon encouraged me to start a sluggish and a humorous conversation till it drained us of further vitality to stay awake. Come my usual consciousness from my deep slumber at midnight, my foot happened to strike some cushy objects, which to my surprise happened to be a lame drunk. An Aaoh!! from me soon resounded with an Aadh!!! from the object at my foot which terrified me to no end before I realized we’d awaken everyone in the boogey, including my “BALLE BALLE” friend. The limping man was coolly led (if not dragged) away by the security personnel from the Boogey. Further on, to Bihar, (of which I have taken to be an enviable place) another memorable picturesque gnawed right in our sights/view. Half naked dhoti clad Biharis silhouetted in the rays of the rising sun stood in rows.

Wondering, if my destination was near at sight. I learnt we were still in Patna from where we trotted out slowly on to our destination. After a comfortable rest, I woke up feeling at home and recalled how the apprehension that haunted me on my journey due to linguistic and communication problems were just a part of my life. The loving pat on my shoulder and the big smile that my “BALLE BALLE” friend gave me on our departure convinced me that “WE ARE ONE”.