Naga comedians keeping people entertained during lockdown

Naga comedians keeping people entertained during lockdown
Naga comedians keeping people entertained during lockdown

Morung Express News
Dimapur | April 10

While social distancing must be getting the better of most of us, some Naga comedians have found a way to stay connected with their followers.

The Morung Express has a list of accounts you can follow to keep yourself entertained on social media while the lockdown is in force.


Miss Imsong
Merenla Imsong, popularly known as Miss Imsong, has been uploading content on her YouTube channel by the same name and also on her Facebook and Instagram accounts. During the lockdown, she has been regularly uploading short clips of her life during quarantine.

“This lockdown hasn’t been easy... Luckily I came home before things got really bad. It’s better to be home at a time like this even though we are all bored of looking at each other’s faces for the time being,” Merenla said.

While her videos centre on humor and wit, typical of her videos, she has also made a video titled ‘A song for racists’, addressing the racial abuse and discrimination faced by Nagas over COVID-19.


Mr Smile Diary
For the uninformed, Mr Smile Diary started out as a local superhero character on YouTube. Known for his raw and relatable videos, Mr. Smile’s channel has 38.2K subscribers. All his videos from the past two weeks are about the lockdown and quarantine period, with the most recent one being an awareness video on COVID-19 sponsored by St. Joseph College Jakhama. Despite missing most of the management team due to the lockdown, he has mentioned that the videos are to have a heart to heart with his followers during the quarantine period.

“What I like about Mr Smile is that he is so natural...,” one follower commented while another said “Mr Smile can be defined as laughing medicine.”


Lambo and Skinny
This duo has 49.6K followers on YouTube and has generated up to 294K views. Their content is mostly based on regular Naga life with a funny take on relevant issues in the society. While their quarantine period videos have not been regular, their latest video is a short one which the duo says is “to ease your boredom from quarantine”.

They have also collaborated with Mezatoshi, another popular funny man on social media, and those looking for a good laugh can browse through their channel.


Dreamz Unlimited
One of the most followed YouTube channels in Nagaland, Dreamz Unlimited  (DU)has 384K subscribers and their content is bound to keep you entertained throughout. Their latest videos are the Coronavirus awareness and quarantine rap video.

Like most of their videos, the quarantine rap video comes with a message asking all the viewers to stay indoors and to stay away from Coronavirus. It has the trademark DU humor which many of the views found relatable, and at the same time sends a hard hitting message to “stay home, stay safe.”

Besides YouTube, the DU team is regularly in touch with their followers on Instagram. Just recently, they shared a compilation of videos from fans who sent in clips of what they have been doing during lockdown.

While you can count on their content to keep you laughing, fans attest to it that DU is “music, action, comedy, romance, thriller, educational, awareness, advertising and more in just one channel.”


“I make fun of myself just to see your teeth,” reads his bio on Instagram, and this funny young man is not a new face to most Instagram users. Known for his content which revolves around parody, Mezatoshi has managed to make people laugh with his funny and quirky videos and memes on Instagram. He has collaborated with Miss Imsong, Lambo and Skinny and also featured on a QnA session with Viral Naga on their YouTube channel. Mezatoshi’s recent content have funny videos on life during lockdown which are funny, yet relatable. 

Besides YouTube, Instagram and Facebook are the go to for entertaining content. Some accounts run by Nagas which share regular meme content are Sarcasm in My Blood (SIMB), Viral Naga, Sarcastic Naga. With both original and reposted videos and memes, these accounts have content you can laugh at for hours.

Compilation of original Naga prank videos, stage fails, memes and funny clips from these accounts will perhaps help ease your lockdown boredom.