Nagaland fitness community for health and compassion

Nagaland fitness community for health and compassion
Nagaland fitness community for health and compassion

Fitness enthusiasts from different fields for the 2nd video which will be released this weekend. (Photo Courtesy: Thejakhrietuo Kire)


Kanili Kiho
Dimapur | May 7

On May 2, fitness community of Nagaland came together sharing awareness on COVID-19 through a short video posted on social media platforms – Instagram, facebook and YouTube.

It is a first for the fitness professionals from Wrestling, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Taekwondo, Bodybuilding, Dance, Aerobic, Zumba and Yoga to share the stage at what they do best – sharing positivity, health and compassion.

The concept was brought about by Thejakhrietuo Kire, a certified fitness trainer, who had for long considered bringing the fitness society together.

Taking the lockdown to his advantage, Kire approached athletes, bodybuilders and fitness coaches alikeon April 28, who readily gave him the nod.

The 3.13-minute video shows nine fitness professionals sharing awareness and precautionary measures on COVID-19.
Happy to have made a start, Kire hoped that people got the basics on precautionary measures; the video which reached some thousand viewers was posted on his personal social media handles.

Speaking about the next to anticipate for the fitness enthusiasts, Kire said he’s currently working on the second video themed, “Lockdown Basic Home Workouts.”

The workouts will be done by the best in their fields, consisting of around 14 – 15 professionals without equipments, which will target all the body parts.

“Not everyone wants to go to a gym and fitness is just not about going to a gym and building a body,” said Kire.

Stressing on the importance of keeping oneself hale and hearty, Kire said that one could always follow up on this video to workout from home, during and after this lockdown.

While adding that he might have missed out on one or two fitness fields, Kire said he will “surely get hold of them in the coming projects.”

Even before the project started, the young trainer has been giving basic home exercises to friends online who wanted to stay fit during this lockdown.

The background music for the second video will have an original composition by our very own DJ Ina, added Kire. Arsong Aier is the man behind the video editing. 

After the the 2nd project, which will be out by this weekend, Kire plans on going for advanced workout plan that will involve some equipments.

Expressing gratitude to all the partakers, Kire urged upon the young and old to strive for positivity and health during this time and always. The videos will be available at his IG handle – theja_k_i_r_e, facebook –Thejakhrietuo Kire and YouTube – Theja Kire.