Of Letters & Email

Vishii Rita Krocha

Letters, greeting cards, postcards - the heartfelt gestures and the most meaningful ones if you would agree with me. Do they still work like before? Yes! it can never lose the significance and the personal touch that it gives. Today, emails, ecards, everything techno seems to be making the world shrink smaller and smaller. Emails have taken the place of letters making it easier and easier to reach out to a person close to you or simply to pass an information. No doubt, this world has become a place where everything is just a click away. Short text messaging at the tip of our fingers, it feels closer to being home even when you are miles away from home. The changing times and the advancement of technology have made us easily accessible to almost everything. Music, movies, news, communication.....these are all within our reach and they have certainly made life easier during times of emergency because in a much much lesser time we can finish up a lot of important things. There yesterday, here today, travelling is such an easy trip too. You can go on chatting as though the person you are conversing with is right in front of you even if he may be in another continent.

But despite the fact that the use of latest technologies is on the rise, with everyone preferring the easier ride, type a few words and mail it in a click of a mouse, wish somebody in the form of ecards, sms’ ,etc, Letters and greeting cards still have the most personal effect on the receiver on the other end.The content may not be much but it says a lot about how much you care. Of course, emails and ecards are nice ways of showing you care too but when it comes to relating to people personally it is letters and greeting cards that still rule. They have this power of making people feel closer to you and seem to hold a bigger meaning.

Today, writing letters and sending greeting cards might have become the last thing people use to keep in touch but they are the most wonderful ways of saying you cherish the person concerned.  True, internet is amazing and one of the things that top the list when it comes to satisfying our many needs - chattting, games, loads and loads of fun, meeting people from every walk of life, a platform where we can learn and grow, shopping, news from every corner of the world, Its simply incredible how its been designed to work. And I am so happy there is such a thing where we can expand our horizons too because I am learning everyday, which I am pretty sure, has been a saving grace to millions around the world.

Yes, the speed of a letter will never match that of an email but if you should think, letters have lost its impact on the present world, you got to have a second thought because its still the one trend that hasn’t died and for ages to come, who knows it will continue to give a greater impact on one’s lives.