Policing the Police

Lijaba Ao

As far as my understanding goes, Police is a civil force responsible for the prevention and detection of crime and the maintainance of public order. The members of such a force are whom we call the Police personnels. However, unfortunately in Nagaland, the Police fail to perform the duties demanded of them upto the expectations of the citizens in many accounts, though it is true the Police has done many commendable works.

Now, however, my attention is drawn to the horse-trading activities of the Police in Mokokchung. The concerned authority should want to straighten this up. Where as there are several Police Check Posts between Assam and Mokokchung, the illegal immigrants without any valid documents, or forged ones if they have any, comfortably sneak in to Mokokchung - God knows how! Liquor, pornographic materials and other such contraband materials including drugs flow in to Mokokchung as if there are no Police Check Posts at all. Worst of all, not a single Police personnel manning the check posts is disciplined, that is, judging by the way they don’t perform their duties and the way they so rediculously dress their uniforms, their unhygenic eating habits, their pride and their total lack of integrity.

Moreover, I don’t understand as to why and how police officers are issuing gate passes/permits to illegal immigrants when it should be their duty to arrest them. Look at the Police personnels in combat gears patrolling certain wards in Mokokchung town, their activity based on unsubstantiated informations or reports from unconfirmed sources that some “miscreants” are carrying out anti-illegal immigrants campaign violently - with the motive to bash up the sons of the soil black and blue written all over their beleaguered faces. Its not too interesting to see our Police dancing to the beat of the Bangladeshi drums!

The failure of the Police to recognise the illegal immigrants as the real enemy and instead, consciously or unconsciously, patronising them to eat away the very fabric of our society lika a venomous parasite sucking the host to death is incomprehensible to the sane.

When patriotism, morality and integrity is alien to our brothers in the Police force, we see a scenario thats tantamount to witnessing a battalion of Judas Iscariots, selling this beloved Mokokchung of ours to the enemy for 30 pieces of silver! 

Yes, there are certain legal considerations and impound duties the Police should perform and adhere to. However, that does not provide the Police any right to patronise the enemy, nor act against the anti-illegal immigrants movement thats gaining momentum by the day. The Police should rather understand that the patriotic Naga youths spearheading the non-violent democratic anti-illegal immigrants movement is the manifestation of the fact that they love the Naga Fatherland more than you love to serve the Indian State. Here is also a reminder to the Police personnels that, though you serve India by choice, you are Naga by blood. And Mokokchung of Nagaland is for the Naga, not for the Bangladeshi nor the Indian. Prove it, are you for or against the Naga?