Public Notice on Improvised Traffic Control Systems

This is to inform all that the Improvised Traffic Control Systems (ITCS) have been launched and are now operational at Nagarjan Police Point and Holy Cross Police Point in Dimapur. For awareness and understanding of all concerned, the traffic signal rules are listed as follows:

Traffic Light Signals

Road markings or lines on the road are white and each type of markings or line has a special meaning. Disobeying the meanings of these markings is an offence and for this act you may be penalized by the traffic police. 

BYLANE THOROUGHFARE ACCESS: This is to further inform that the vehicles may continue to ply on the below-mentioned routes even if a RED  signal (STOP Signal) is being flashed unless signalled by the traffic police to stop.
a) Vehicles travelling from Dhobinallah towards City Tower.
b) Vehicles travelling from City Tower towards Nyamo Lotha Road.
c) Vehicles travelling from Nyamo Lotha Road towards Dhobinallah.
a) Vehicles travelling from Nagarjan Road towards CP Office Road/Railway Station Road
b) Vehicles travelling from CP Office Road/Railway Station Road towards Super Market Road.
c) Vehicles travelling from Super Market Road towards Nagarjan Road.
With the launch of the traffic control systems for a more effective traffic management, the cooperation and support of all individuals concerned is solicited. Therefore, in the interest of public service, all concerned are requested to abide by the traffic signal rules.
Issued by Dy. Commissioner of Police (HQ)/PRO, Dimapur, Nagaland