TaFMA offers a ray of hope for artists in Nagaland

Some of the artworks by various artists which have been sold to private collectors and art patrons under the initiative of TaFMA.
Some of the artworks by various artists which have been sold to private collectors and art patrons under the initiative of TaFMA.

Vishü Rita Krocha
Kohima | August 1

In its continued effort to help the artists’ community particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown wherein many of their livelihoods are being affected for lack of platform to showcase their works, Task Force for Music & Arts (TaFMA) has helped sell several of their paintings worth Rs 6,50,000.

This includes 21 artworks by 11 artists, and has been sold to private collectors and art patrons under the initiative of TaFMA. Speaking to The Morung Express, Theja Meru, Advisor to TaFMA said that it all started with TaFMA wanting to hold an exhibition at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi during April, which did not materialise because of the lockdown.

Impressing upon that they have also been receiving constant calls from artists to say they are going through a hard time, he expressed that apart from the Virtual Art Exhibition, TaFMA was also pondering how to go about. Subsequently with expression of interest from art patrons and private buyers, he put across that the artworks of different artists are in different homes now and altogether “we have generated about Rs 6,50,000 for them.”

Meru further impressed upon that TaFMA is definitely planning more on these lines. “Be it digital space or as soon as things open up, we have plans”, he articulated while also relating that they have a concept called ‘Nagaland on Canvas’ which is like a travelling exhibition. “I just want to encourage artists to continue to work hard and look at the brighter side. We will do our best to connect their works to buyers”, he added.

One of the artists whose works were recently purchased by art patrons and private buyers, Yanrenthung Murry felt that TaFMA is one of the few departments that is helping the artists get a platform and especially during this time, he said, “it has been a great help financially.” Talking about two of his paintings which were sold, he said, one was that of a Konyak man featured in a Spanish magazine, wherein he took permission from the photographer to paint it and the other of a Naga traditional man. Currently, Yanrenthung Murry, who previously studied engineering from Kerala is in the process of building his own gallery and café called “Café Ro” in Wokha and hopes that TaFMA will continue to facilitate artists like him.

“At a time like this, it’s been very helpful,” Vithuse Temi commented on the TaFMA initiative in selling their artworks.

Expressing his gratefulness to TaFMA, he also put across that “personally for me, the pandemic is like a blessing in disguise as I am being able to concentrate more on my art but financially, yes, they have been of great help.” Two of his paintings including a water colour painting and an acrylic on canvas have been sold.

Few works of Among Venuh, a young emerging artist, whose works are fast gaining recognition have also found their way to art collectors’ homes during the COVID-19 lockdown. “It’s not easy but TaFMA has helped us a lot through this initiative,” he said. Venuh runs a home studio and has completed more than 10 paintings during this lockdown. “Through the help of TaFMA and also some of my contacts, I have been able to sell some of my artworks,” he said while stating hope that TaFMA will continue to assist the artists’ community even in the days to come.

Mention may be made here that TaFMA will soon be setting up a section on their website to showcase and sell artworks of local artists.