Teachers Day: A tribute to the pioneers of change

Teachers Day: A tribute to the pioneers of change
Teachers Day: A tribute to the pioneers of change

A teacher interacting with her students at Blossom Pre School, Mokokchung. (Morung Photo)


Chizokho Vero
Kohima | September 4

Marking the observation of Teachers’ Day which falls on September 5, The Morung Express reached to different sections of people talking about the values and contributions of teachers in their lives.


‘Stay true and committed’ 
“On this momentous day, I would like to take the opportunity of thanking the teaching fraternity for your invaluable contribution towards educating the younger generation and creating a better future for the nation. We value you for your selfless service rendered in molding the lives of thousands of children under your care and also deeply appreciate the commitment in striving to change their lives for the better,” said MLA Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu. 
Azo encouraged every teacher to stay true and committed to the tenets of teaching and not engage in activities that are unbecoming of a person belonging to the noblest profession.


Teaching- the noblest profession
H. Chishi, president Nagaland Press Association said that of all the professions, teaching is the noblest and respectable profession. Without education a society will be doomed.  Teachers are the builders of our future and the biggest honor they receive is people remembering them throughout their lifetime. “In this day I want our teachers to rededicate to their noble profession,” Chishi added.


Teachers are backbone of nation
Dr. Zavise Rume, Teacher Educator & Trainer, SCERT, Nagaland said that teachers are universally recognized as the backbone of the nation. “Traditionally, teachers were venerated by kings and queens. No amount of books can explain the exact roles of teachers. No education system can rise too far beyond its teachers,” he said. Rume said the Kothari Commission on Education 1964-66 has recognized teachers as builders of the Nation and has assigned the responsibility of shaping the destiny of India in the classroom. No Education can rise above its teachers". Teachers are best known for their commitment and dedication.

Teaching profession is the mother of all professions and no one can really substitute the actual role of a teacher. Teachers are teachers and nobody in the society can rise beyond their teachers.

Today, there is a rapid advancement of science and technology and there is much transformation of human resources into social advancement and all these things are a clear indication of the sacrifices made by the teachers.
Today, Dr. Rume said there is a need to grow in the minds of teachers, the inner desire to teach. If teachers have faith in their students and if teaching as a profession is accepted with faith and conviction, the height of the society will continue to rise higher where nobody can stop

Teachers have great power of influence over the life of individuals. 
Modern education belongs to those teachers who can teach with authority. People may remove the school building. But nobody can touch the real thing, that is, what actually happens between them and their students.
Dr. Rume wishes teachers to discover the best things of the society from the minds of their students.


Plays important role in student's life
Dr. Nesatalu Hiese (Ph.D), Scientist D, Nagaland Science & technology Council said that teachers play a very important role in student's life, who brings out the best in them and encourages them to strive for greatness. They are the ones who will always be happy to see your achievements and will help you in achieving your goals. “They are the ones who inspire us, guide us, enlighten us and most important, motivates us to get the best out of us and shapes us,” she said. 

She stated that Teachers’ Day is of utmost importance. It is a day to respect and value the efforts of the teachers who work tirelessly all year round.

Teachers’ job is one of the toughest jobs in the world as they are given the responsibility to nurture young minds. All that we have achieved till date and also what we will achieve in future is just because of the knowledge given to us by our teachers, Dr. Hiese said.

On Teachers’ Day, she thanked all the teachers for their tireless dedication, time, effort, and hard work in building up and shaping the students.

Your service to the humanity is greatest of all, she conveyed.

Teaching -The most powerful profession
“On this day, I fondly remember my school and college days. Classmates, friends, school anthems, books, chalk, dusters and the many unforgettable memories come to mind and most importantly- my Dear Teachers,” said Hyunilo Anilo Khing, Secretary, Media & Communication, NDPP, Tseminyu region

Khing said that teachers have taught him, influenced and shaped him become the person that he is today.
He said that the aspirations and developmental goals for any society cannot be realized without the tireless efforts of teachers.

“Teaching is one of the most noble and powerful professions, the world has seen. It is a position of honour where one can create great change and a lasting imprint for the future. Many great leaders, scientists, educationists and philosophers are where they are today only because they were all at one point of time taught by a selfless and dedicated Teacher,” Khing commented.

He also stated that he felt so blessed and fortunate to have a lovely wife, who is also a teacher and an educationist.

‘Teachers deserve to be placed in a higher pedestal’
“Teachers play the role of ‘In Loco Parentis’, whose responsibilities and teachings go beyond the classroom. They are so influential that they can either break a child or create a genius out of them which in turn impacts the world we live in,” said, said Advocate Neiteo Koza, State Coordinator, Human Rights Law Network, Nagaland Unit.
Many a times we fail to acknowledge, give due respect and credit to them. Teachers being the backbone of the society deserved to be placed in a higher pedestal, she added.
Koza saluted the teachers who continue to strive for the betterment of the society against all odds.


‘Teachers behind every success story of an individual’
“On this auspicious occasion of Teacher's Day, I want to express my utmost respect and gratitude to all the teachers who are one of the reasons behind every success story of an individual,” said Nokchem Angth of New Minister’s Hill Kohima.

My gratitude is a real reflection of the patience and passion all the teachers have embraced in molding the students, and also for making difficult students into able students,” he added.

“Through your efforts, students have mastered in growing productively,” he said.

Sating that teaching profession is one of the most difficult jobs which require loads of patience; Angth implored all the teachers to look up upon themselves as a great ambassador, striving harder to mould the students to become ambassadors themselves.

He dedicated with sincere gratitude to all the past and present teachers of Phom Lempong School, Longleng.

‘Great sources of knowledge, prosperity’
Atou Liezietsu, Press Secretary NPF said that Teachers are always regarded as our second parents. They spread the light of wisdom in the society and make our lives better and wiser.

He said that teachers are great sources of knowledge, prosperity and enlightenment to which anyone can benefit for the wholeness of their life. Teachers are "the builders of the dazzling future of our nation," he said.

They play an essential/ important role in our society as they equip students with knowledge, skills and positive attitudes towards life. Without teachers one cannot grow mentally, socially and intellectually. They are God gifted people in every one's life who lead us towards success without any selfishness, Liezietsu added.


‘Thanks for letting us dream big’
Teacher, you have always shown us the right way. Whatever little we have achieved in our life is because of you only. Thanks for being our guide and mentor. Thanks for letting us dream big, said Awan Kaihe, vice president Bharatiya Janata Mahila Morcha Nagaland.

Any amount of thanks would not be enough; she added and extend “'a very happy Teacher's Day to all the teachers across the world.”


‘Most valuable assets in ones’ life’
“Teachers are most valuable assets in ones’ life, without such committed people called teachers the world would be full of kioks without discipline and standard knowledge, “said Abeau Mero, vice president central women organization NDPP.

Fellow citizens lets us continue to  be inspired by the exemplary of our teachers that had left a trademarks in our lives,” she said adding “time may have gone as we grow older, yet, fond memories as their students remains forever in our hearts.”


‘Teachers are strong pillars’
“I want to thank all my teachers for making me what I'm today. Whenever we achieve our goals and fulfill our dreams remember there is always a mentor behind who guided us in building up our foundations,” said Zhokhoi Chuzho who acted in the recently released “Saaho” film.

“Thank you Teachers for being a strong pillar in our lives. My salute and respect to all the teachers for being a nation builder's. I take this privilege to thank my Teachers, Aphinu Chüzho, Prof. Robin Das and Sir Adil Hussain,” he added.

Dr. Aomangyang Walling, Retired Director AH Veterinary Services Nagaland said “If not for my teachers who hit me, motivated me, taught me, encouraged me, I would not have become what I am today. My everlasting respect and salute to the teachers.”


Teaching - The noblest services
“As a parent of children who are attending different schools, I will forever be indebted to their teachers who are grooming them with love, patience and sincere dedication,” said Neikule Doulo, advisor, Entrepreneurs Associates and Master Franchisee Aloha Mental Arithmetic.

“I am aware that at times their remuneration may not be commensurate with the sacrifices they make but I am sure that their good works will be rewarded in good measure in other ways; as the saying in the Bible says with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you."

Doulo said teaching is one of the noblest services requiring our 101% as teachers can make and unmake the lives of their students.

“Today I wish to thank all the teachers who have moulded and shaped the lives of students across the state and beyond; reminding them that their services will not be forgotten,” she added. "A good teacher is like a candle: It consumes itself to light up the way for others!" 


‘Teacher can accomplish imprinting societal values’
Sapralu Nyekha, Media Officer to minister higher & technical education and tribal affairs said “What I am today is because of my awesome teachers, and I salute them today with a very grateful heart.”

Indeed, 'Teachers Day ' is  a time  to give due reverence to all our teachers for their sincere dedication and hard work,  because a good teacher not only teaches, but identifies the hidden talents of each child, and help them to develop those inborn qualities, which only a good teacher can accomplish in imprinting societal values in the students.

The job of  a teacher is unrewarding and goes unacknowledged most of the time , yet, a good teacher never give up believing  in even the most hopeless or the naughtiest  amongst his students, and that trust of our dear teachers has helped many of us to be where we are today.

The selfless services and sacrifices of the teachers are priceless, as it has the power to change our society, as well as the mindsets of our youngsters, to become better men and women of worth!

Lt Col Vincent Patton, PRO, HQ IGAR (N) conveys “A 'North Star'.....Distinct and indispensable. At what you do.....May God Almighty impacts your lives as much as you impact lives you touch....”

“I express my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to all my teachers for their encouragement and support to build me up to be what I am today. May God bless and reward all the dedicated teachers,” said Neithonuo Liegise, founder, Managing Director, Kohima Old Age Home, Nagaland. 


‘Teachers are epitome of a wholesome nation’
Theja Meru, advisor Task Force for Music & Arts (TaFMA) said that teachers are the epitome of a wholesome Nation.
“Down the road, because of the minds that you have inspired, today we stand proud contributing to the value of living,” he said adding your passion for change then in a young mind has today blossomed into a powerhouse of ideas.

The sacrifice you made is well worth the joy and satisfaction of having touched the lives of many.

And today we express our gratitude to you for going that extra mile and making us who we are today, he added.
Nezelu Nyekha, associate director Chakhesang Women Welfare Society said that a teacher have been an inspiration, bringing out the optimism, instilling the best in her.

“You have taught and shaped me to be who I am today. Thank you for being the greatest mentors,” she added.
Johnny Ruangmei, OSD, NSDMA said “My teacher did not have great qualification and many degrees from the so called 5 stars universities but his simplicity and the touch of his love was greater than the temporal knowledge ever gained. The touch of love given by my teacher germinated a deeper philosophical bend of mind and spiritualism in me.”

 “To all the teachers, a very Happy Teacher’s Day. May your endeavours and your labour as you teach every day, bring forth leaders who love his/her people,” he added.

Vecüto Tenyi, General Secretary Youth Organisation NDPP said “ Our society has come a long way from wild headhunting days and tribal wars to a much rational outlook and educated society today within a short span of time.

Today, our society is better informed and aware of it’s own rights and rights of others, which is a form of liberation, freedom and great human achievement I believe. All credit goes to visionary leaders, pioneers of education and teachers whose sweat and sacrifice has guided our society thus far.”