Training imparted on effective utilization of fish products

Phek, April 15 (DIPR): Two-day training on value added fish product began at Phek on April 14, organized by District Fishery Department, Phek in commemoration of the Year of Entrepreneur.
Womenfolk from all walks of life such as NGOs, SHGs, Societies, women leaders and church leaders are attending the two-day training. The trainees are being imparted with effective utilization of fish products, teaching them the techniques of ready-to-serve or ready-to-cook process and value added convenience products, keeping in view the increase in demand from within the country and also from abroad.
The resource person has informed that, the development of value-added products has played a significant role in raising the socio-economic status of the people. It has opened avenues for earning more income and contributed towards healthy life by way of eating more fishes.  Fish ball, fish finger, fish cutlet, fish pickle and fish soup, its ingredients and method of preparations are being imparted to the trainees.  
The resource persons are DFO (Fishery) Phek, Vinezo Kire; Fishery Inspector, Mezivil; Fishery Demonstrator, Temsu and Assistant Inspector, Rokonoho.