Value of life

Daikho Anthony

Life is a journey. Everyday different people travel different means. That is a daily affair in course of human life. But in course of journey if some one meet with an accident. Yes, there will be a report about it in the newspaper.  If a state lives in peace and harmony , it is something common. If the same state fails to maintain peace and order, then it’s the talk of the people.

Violence kil1ing and power of a leader are the main headlines in the newspaper. The good work done by our people has no news value today. One should not give full importance to dark side of things as it produces bad fruits in the society. If we highlight only evil, people naturally tend to think all people in the world are wicked. As a result it will be a stumbling block to grow in goodness and virtue. It is a technique of Satan.

But the fact is not that there is so much good in this world and in people whom we normally think as bad. Even though Satan has conquered many hearts, God’s kingdom keeps growing. There are numerous people who have given their lives to holiness, love and service. We are not alone. The Lord is at work and there is much rejoice and to hope for. We must be aware
Of it, write about, and talk about it. It will cause to increase our joy and reawaken the dormant qualitics in us.

Gossip is an evil that hinders the light of god’s Kingdom. We should fearfully remember that each gossipmonger is working for the advancement of Satan’s Kingdom. “Let your discussions be about the law of the most high”(Sirach 9:15)”Curse the gossips and the double tongued, for they destroy the peace of many.”(Sirach 28:13)

Let us make an earnest effort to draw out the positive points in others. If we are not able to “discover the good qualities in others, the  reason is that we ourselves are bound by the power of evil. Here is the famous saying” An Optimist sees the Rose: A Pessimist the Thorn’” The eye sees what the heart seeks. The more we are free from sin the greater will be our ability to discern the better qualities in others. The world is not bad because of bad people but because of good people who don’t do enough.