Nagaland for Christ

IK Sema Yeputhomi
Purana Bazar, Dimapur


The struggle of Naga people for Sovereignty has been a Political Right in the beginning with many rounds of talks and negotiations to resolve the Naga Issue regarding the Unification of all the Naga areas with the ultimate aim of Sovereignty for Nagas as an independent Nation. Naga Nationalist Movement is the oldest and longest movement and also the mother of all revolutionary movements in the whole of South-East Asia stating the Slogan “NAGALAND FOR CHRIST”. Now it’s been nearly a century without any Positive outcome, tracing back to the formation of Naga Club in 1918 and thereby the Naga Hills District Tribal Council in 1945 which changed its nomenclature to Naga National Council in February 1946 at Wokha, inhabited place of Lotha Nagas tribes. Gone were those days where our nationalist leaders serve with undivided motive towards serving Naga’s Nation with dignity and respect. Taxes were given to the Naga nationalists’ in the form of food, livestock’s etc… as a relief willingly and voluntarily out of love and compassion for their brothers in arms and certainly not because of force or obligations, those days the true nationalists’ face many untold problems as such they don’t owned fancy rides like our nationalists’ did today they hardly get a meal a day, walk miles and miles fighting the suppressive regime with ordinary weapons against the sophisticate weapons.


The present era Nationalist Movement is marked by its oppressive and suppressive behaviour of heavy unwanted taxations from roots to buds and unwanted abductions without valid reasons causing untold miseries to the General Nagas. Recently few days back the revolutionary Government of NSCN (IM) in local dallies proclaiming the taxation right reduced from 24% to 12%. But how comes when even the Tenth Tithes we gives at Churches to God is 10%. Why are they (IM) taxing us (Nagas) by 12% still ? For what, do they really deserve it? Are they trying negotiating their price to 12% from 24% for they have failed the famous Framework Agreement signed on August, 2015 ? The Framework Agreement at its secrecy without any positive outcome but still they are going to taxes us in the form of Indian Currency and India’s monetary standard claiming the Naga Nationhood and Sovereignty or maybe an alternative arrangement for Nagas of Manipur and what else… nobody knows. (Hidden Agendas)


I am not against Naga Nationalism which is the right of every Nagas “the right to Self-Determination” but it is a crystal clears that the taxes are levied on us with the use some kind of minimum force by showing A.K 47 is not because of their love for their Motherland but they need to survive and keep the system active and the organisation alive to sustain in the name of fake nationalism without any outcome as it is a bit failing apart these days. I feel the young generations should clearly understand these prevailing conditions and decide wisely as soon as possible for our future generations without any unnecessary unwanted taxes and without any sudden unwanted threat to life by A.K. 47 without valid reason.


I did not meant to offend any Organisation, authority, community, tribes and personnel etc… I am stating what is really happening with every general Nagas and which is pulling us down. By quoting Edmund Burke which is rephrased by Khekiye. K. Sema “The only thing we can make Evil Triumph is to have the good man do nothing” and watch. Therefore, We Nagas must discourage the unwanted taxations and clean our society for better future and realized the goal of “NAGALAND FOR CHRIST” as a peaceful Society to live in.