St. Joseph’s College, Jakhama welcomes new students

St. Joseph’s College, Jakhama welcomes new students

KOHIMA, JUNe 22 (MExN): Welcoming an overwhelming number of 1342 new students into the Josephite family, St. Joseph’s College, Jakhama today held its Freshers’ Day with Parliamentary Secretary for Higher and Technical Education, Deo Nukhu as the chief guest.


Nukhu said the Department of Higher Education and the Government of Nagaland have great expectations in the performance of St. Joseph’s College and expressed hope that the college will soon gain autonomous status. He also shared his dream for the college to be a university in the near future while referring to the number of enrolment of more than 3000 students, which is more than a size of a university.


Further, congratulating all the new students, he lauded the college for producing many important personalities, who are currently serving in different capacities. In the meantime, he noted that there exists the culture of ragging in most colleges in the country and urged the gathering to restrain from adopting such a culture. “We should show good example as a Christian college,” he said while asserting that freshers must respect their seniors and seniors must also guide and love them.


He called upon the students to be very careful about their studies right from the beginning and especially advised them to make use of the college library. He also pointed out that most colleges in the state do not have trained librarians and therefore encouraged that some of the students can pursue that after college. He further wished all the students of the college all the best in their studies while stating hope that they will all become important people in the society. He also urged them to never forget their college when they are in a better position and asked them to continue to contribute to the advancement and development of the college.


In his speech, Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas, Auxiliary Bishop of Ranchi referred to Nagaland as a beautiful small paradise on earth. “Let St. Joseph’s College be a temple of learning,” he further stated and hoped that students will not only earn their degrees but will become good citizens and good people. “We want each one of you to flourish,” he added, while urging them to apply themselves, work hard, and produce results.


Maintaining that each one is blessed with leadership qualities, he expressed his desire for all the students to become leaders who lead. College is also a time to build that quality, he said. Meanwhile, he told the students they have their own unique culture and that they should never be ashamed of their language or culture.