Are Nagas influenced more by rumors and gossips than by facts?

Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:
•    Absolutely yes! We nagas (in general) gives more importance to rumors rather than the fact, its spreads like wild fire, we always try to backlash other people instead of trying to know the reality. And gossiping is very much in our blood, it starts from the kitchen. Every where we go whether it is schools, colleges, church or any social gatherings people tend to make gossips starting from other’s way of dressing, talking or eating habits. Gossiping and spreading comes naturally to Naga people.
•    sad, but yes we are! we are too quick to judge and criticize not knowing the facts. gossips and rumors are predominant. we are taken advantage because we lack critical thinking, logic and deductive reasoning and we raise our children without these skills, creating a whole new generation of 'clueless' people
•    Yes, its very unfortunate that Nagas are not disciplined in finding out the truth. Rather they get swayed by all the rumors. This is also one of the reasons why tribalism and other isms continue to flourish in Nagaland. If only one were to patiently find out the truth, than our actions would not be based on a lie.
•    Yes. Talk about a talking tree or a flying cow, they'l believ it n spice dat topic further.
•    sure enough, yes. we are more convinced and more accustomed to stories and fictions rather than facts. we talk about theories and premises neglecting truths... depending on rumors and hypothesis won't solve our problem if we do not act and see it for ourselves the results of our plans.
•    Gossips and Rumors are destroying the Nagas. It is taking place at all levels. Even the Underground groups are not able to differentiate between rumor and facts, and most of the time they are acting on rumors. It seems like gossiping is the national past time of the Nagas.
•    It is very demeaning. Those who gossip and spread rumors are not aware of the damage being done. Worst of all, most of the time the gossiping is being done by rich and educated people, who dont have anything better to do than to malign others.
•    Yes, ITS the 'In ' thing.
•    yes, most of the time, which shows negligence on our part to get to the truth anywhere, anytime.
•    of course where will our famous charcoal story go and the half monkey and have human primate story that came out in our local daily recently
•    yes, i often come across even seniors, elders and high ranking official don't authenticate or verify the news and believes on heresy
•    Yes. Our Nagas spend enormous time and energy in petty gossips and rumors. Many of them indulge themselves in lighting the fire and than accuse the victim by claiming that there is no smoke without fire. In Nagaland, gossips and rumors are often used as a weapon to bring people down. Instead of appreciating and supporting people who are honestly and sincerely working hard and contributing through their work, we have this nasty habit of bringing people down. All it takes is one rumor to malign the name of a person. This shows how people ignore the facts and choose to believe one rumor. How many lives have been destroyed because some people have lit the fire by spreading malicious rumors and gossips?
•    Without a doubt, Yes! It just goes to show how immature our society still is....
•    Yes. We Nagas tend to be influenced more by rumors than by facts because of our narrow minded feeling of deep rooted isms. Even those who understands the facts are also led astray in a state of denial when it comes to a question of their tribe or community. We are prone to be dictated emotionally, thus the tendency to believe and indulge in rumor- mongering.
•    We have gossiping mind and also we are ill-informed then it is also because of shallow mindset.
•    It is because of illogical mindset of Nagas people. There is lack of discussion, logical, fact and digestive understanding among the nagas. We the Nagas simply believe and accept; or we simply reject and disagree. This is very common to many of us.
•    Yes, its funny that rumors and gossips seem to be influencing not just the general public but also decision makers in the government as well as in the underground groups. If this is the trend that we are developing, than a disaster is waiting for all of us. Its time that Nagas should start searching for the fact rather than get swayed away. Nagas often use the phrase there is no smoke without a fire; but they often fail to who lit the fire.

Some of those who  voted NO  had this to say:
• No, Bcz we r Christian we r true to help each other.
• I say a strong NO, because most of the Nagas are not involved in gossiping and spreading rumors. It only involves a small minority but this minority comprises of the filthy rich, highly educated people, children who are from so-called good families, who have nothing to do by gossip about each other and spread rumors of other people who are trying to make a decent living. 
• No, We naga goes by fact 4 every reason.
• This is not true. There are many people who are silently following the truth. For reasons known best to them they have for the moment chosen to keep quite, but does not mean that they do not know the truth. They know if fully and they know it well and have refused to allow rumors and gossips to decide their lives.

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:
•    The older Naga generation were truthful and honest and lived with honor. But the younger generations are confused and seem unsure of themselves and this has made them become vulnerable to be both the cause as well and the victims of rumors and gossips. Rather than trying to find out the facts, they conveniently go by rumors.
•    The answer can neither be 100% yes or no. A general answer cant be given because the Naga society as one, again, falls into different stratas. Analyzing purely on educational, mental and reasoning side, the less educated people with less exposure, whatsoever the area may be, tend to get swayed by gossips and rumors. They have a rigid mindset and so their level of judgment and assessment is often pessimistic. The other wing is more aware and has the general concept of what’s what. This part don’t easily get consumed by rumors and gossips and can sieve the stuffs that buzz around like ‘hot cakes;’ can make self-judgment. This strata knows what’s fact and what’s fake and can jump out from the stirred ‘fish bowl’ and look at it from the clear perspective. The general image is that those who don’t know remain indifferently dumb and those who know remain mum and just grumble without standing up to express. 
•    There is always a little fact in every rumor, and the much-loved-pass-time (gossips) overpowers facts. So I vote other.
•    The source of the rumors and gossips in our society is normally the military intelligence, the government agencies and the elites in our society. The victims of rumors are usually the poor and the less privileged. This is having a very negative impact on our society.
•    To stop the influence of rumours over facts seems a far cry but if we really make 'conscious' effort "may be" we can "a little"(i know i'm being overly optimistic) well,Our home is our first school of learning and i believe it has a strong impact in our daily life; stretching and bending our personality, our 'mentality' and so on. so what if we start from home? Be a teacher of each other and make 'conscious' effort to look away rumours and look more into facts? I know, tough thing to do but something within me strongly says 'may be' we can 'if only' and 'if only'!
•    I don't know. People are influenced both by facts as well as rumours and gossips. The general populace being a lot naive and gullible easily believes whatever he/she hears/reads. But then, this happens everywhere.. We need to develop a questioning mind that tries to seek the truth based on logic and evidence/proof