• Partying, Prayers and His Presence..!
    Something that happens with increasing frequency in a party where everybody is on the floor, swirling and moving passionately to good music under the expert guidance of a professional emcee is the host turning
  • Twisted Umbrella Handle..!
    This happened over a decade ago, and it was a bit of a nasty fall I had that morning. It had been raining all night and yet I’d decided to go for my morning walk, and so with my umbrella firmly in hand I
  • Don’t Keep Sally..!
    It was a video clip of a lion, most probably an escapee from a zoo walking freely on a city bridge! The person shooting the video, had even rolled his glass down to get a closer shot, obviously excited that he
  • The Maturity of Faith..!
    Yesterday, at lunch I met a young lady from Manipur, and in her eyes saw sadness, “They have decided to kill each other till they finish each other!” she told me, and there was sorrow in her voice.
  • El Nino Impact: Heatwave in US & Europe, Asia under floods
    IANS The US and Europe are seeing a significant heatwave, even as most of South Asia is reeling under floods. Media reports showed Italy, Spain and Greece have been experiencing high temperatures for seve
  • The Man At The Well..!
    This happened two thousand years ago when a Man rested at a well. A woman walked wearily to the same well outside the city. Her body ached and her mind cried out for peace. Her man had taunted her again this
  • Spending Precious Dollars..!
    “How many bottles did you bring back?” “Bottles?” I ask. “Booze Bob, booze! Didn’t you just return from Turkey? Do you know how much cheaper it is in Duty Free?”
  • Unity and Compassion towards Healing Our Society
    N Yanpothung Ezung BBC, Wokha  In a world that often feels divided and disconnected, embracing unity and compassion has become more crucial than ever. As human beings, we possess a profound capacity fo
  • Quest for Safe Water in One of India’s Most Isolated Villages
    Umar Manzoor Shah Inter Press Service Simita Devi spent over ten days in a government-run hospital a year ago anxiously watching her critically ill nine-year-old daughter, Gudiya, who was diagnosed with typ
  • Words That Make a Difference..!
    It was my late mother some years ago who sent me this meaningful piece, maybe remembering how I was so terrible at mathematics in school. A story about how just one word of praise helped a shy student break thr
  • Grab and Hold..!
    How often we look at others and envy them their power and position, forgetting that most of us get equal chances of bettering ourselves, it’s only that we don’t grab opportunities that come our way:
  • Tall Man..!
    The guide taking us on a tour of Istanbul was extremely articulate and expressive, suddenly he whispered, “There will be times,” he said, “when I will have to refer to our great leader, and I
  • Rocking My Life Away..!
    A picture of a rocking chair in an advertisement of an old aged home, got me interested. ‘Relax!’ it said, “And let your life rock away!” I looked at it, and felt a sense of peace and
  • UN kicks off campaign for SDGs
    IANS  The UN has kicked off a communications campaign to rally for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the roadmap for people and planet adopted by world leaders in 2015. Ahead of a critical UN
  • July 6 is World Zoonoses Day 
    Theme: Preparedness for future epidemic/pandemic lessons learnt from COVID-19 Veterinary Hospital Kohima  World Zoonoses Day is observed every year on 6th July to create awareness on the growing thre
  • If Pimples Are Your Problem..!
      As a teenager, a problem I quite often faced was pimples, and sometimes that single pimple sprouting out of my face on an important occasion could wreck my confidence and my evening! I remember an ad th
  • Identify Your Baggage..!
    Have you seen somebody carrying a load of baggage, no not a passenger at a railway station or airport, but someone with a guilty past, failure, lack of confidence, someone who doesn’t know that all he&rsq
  • Uniform Civil Code, Women, Class and the Tribes
    Walter Fernandes In one of its 15 reports the 21st Law Commission had said in 2018 that a uniform civil code (UCC) is neither necessary nor desirable at this stage. Instead it suggested reforming the existin
  • Slacken Your Bow..!
    Something I hear very often is the word, ‘stress’. According to a Greek legend, in ancient Athens a man noticed the great storyteller Aesop playing childish games with some little boys. He laughe
    Excellence through Experiential Learning Dr Brainerd Prince The Indian education system is plagued with an obsession for grades, more so amongst the STEM and engineering fraternity. According to Aspiring