• It’s You..!
    I remember once many years ago, catching a flight and standing in line for my security check; suddenly a family of eight walked down the line to the head of the queue and the father and another gentleman who I
  • Repatriation and the Naga Case
    Dr Asangba Tzudir* Sarimaya Awunga, a Tangkhul Naga from Manipur’s Ukhrul village had to sleep alongside human skulls of enemies killed during ‘wars’ fought between rival Naga villages or b
  • You Are Needed..!
    How important it is for us to feel needed. As we get older we feel more and more that we are not needed anymore; not needed to make decisions, to shoulder burdens, that we are useless. Here’s a little inc
  • Selling Joy Sir?
    I read that the PM was going to lead the Yoga Day celebrations at the UN! I’m glad yoga is being exported from India, and that slowly the whole world is realizing that attaining peace and joy are more
  •  Hold Tight to Your Dream..!
    “I also wanted to be a writer!” is something I hear at practically every party or gathering I go to.  “Oh!” I exclaim politely, “Then what happened?”  “
  • Apply Yourself.!
    “Apply yourself..” Lee Iacocca As fathers struggle to make ends meet and mothers struggle to bring up their families, you hear them longing for the day when they’ll have nothing to do. &
  • When the president of the UNGA was elected on the toss of a coin…
    Thalif Deen Inter Press Service When the General Assembly elected its President for 2023-2024 last week, it continued a longstanding tradition of male dominance in the UN’s highest policy making body.
  • Respecting Diversity
    Rev Fr GL Khing NEISSR, Chümoukedima Existential diversity must find its pragmatic place in the life of human beings. Diversity enables us to understand the deeper meaning of life. Diversity is not to
  • The US Assault on Mexico’s Food Sovereignty
    Timothy A. Wise Inter Press Service On June 2, the U.S. government escalated its conflict with Mexico over that country’s restrictions on genetically modified corn, initiating the formal dispute-resol
  • Helplessness to Independence..!
    “Come back!” I shouted at my dog a few years ago, when he was alive, but my huge German-Shepherd pretended he hadn’t heard my voice as he chased the poor, thin, undernourished, straggly bitch,
  • Boris and His Lockdown Parties..!
    From his hairstyle I knew he was a Boris Johnson fan, and watched as he, Boris like, swept his unkempt, unruly hair into a more unkempt, unruly Boris mess. “Looks like your former Prime Minister Boris Joh
  • Will Big Powers condone a UN Role in Artificial Intelligence?
    James Paul Inter Press Service The UN is hustling to play a role – perhaps even a leading role – in the revolution of Artificial Intelligence. To some degree this is perfectly natural. The UN
  • Hot as Hell..!
    “How’s the heat in Bombay, Bob?” asks a friend.  “Hot as hell!” I say, wiping the sweat flowing down my brow, then ask myself, “What do I know of hell, that I can com
  • Fooled by the Golden Glow..!
    The other day someone told me his sister had bought a phone worth a huge amount. “But your sister’s just picked up a job!” I said. “With her job, she applied for a credit card!”
  • Are you taking the right supplements?
    IANSlife  If you are living in an urban environment, nothing you consume is 100 per cent pure. "Adulterated" is a small word, your food items contain the unhealthiest substances if not washed
  • Tyrants, with Slaves at Home..!
    A few years ago, I'd gone to spend a month in Europe and when I boarded the Alitalia flight back home, there was an incredible childlike ecstasy like nothing I'd ever experienced before. I actually felt
  • Close Inequalities to End AIDS & Prepare for Future Pandemics
    Winnie Byanyima and Sir Michael Marmot Inter Press Service The COVID-19 crisis has shone a light on the danger of pandemics; social crises have shone a light on the danger of inequalities. And the reality i
  • D- Day and T- Day..!
    Exactly seventy-nine years ago, the Allied forces fighting World War II landed on the beaches of Normandy to make a final thrust at Germany, who by then had nearly finished murdering 6 million Jews! Four years
  • Wake up to reality
    Imlinungsang longkumer Duncan Basti, Dimapur The liberty that we enjoy in our land did not just come about to us on a whim. Blood and tears were shed by our ancestors during the 1950s and the early 1960s. A
  • ‘Food standards save lives’
    June 7 is 5th world Food Safety Day   Food an integral part of human survival plays the role of both prolonged good health and illness. On 7th June 2019 the first ever World Food Safety Day was observed