• Enjoy Your Today..!
    A friend asked me the other day, whether I miss my youth, or long for times which have passed, and I told him, ‘no’! I have always loved the present, and while thinking about this and also about ageing I pu
  • Don’t Use Your Muscle..!
    It was after a Christmas concert, while walking out of the Cathedral, I felt a touch on my arm, and a lady asking, “When will you put up a play again?”I looked at her, “You remember?” I asked, “It’s
  • Their Last Words..!
    Fifteen years ago on the death of Art Buchwald the famous humour columnist, my column replaced his in Dubai’s Khaleej Times. On reading more about the great man into whose shoes I had stepped in I found that
  • Village Life: A golden tapestry of simplicity and fulfillment
    Zio VenuhModern CollegeOvershadowed by the hustle and bustle of modern life where technology and urbanization have become synonymous with progress, there exists a serene heaven often overlooked—the village. N
  • Tackling Death and the Unknown..!
    Most everyone is scared of the unknown.When we board a plane, we are just a bit terrified, as we know that soon we will not be in control. When we leave our home in the morning, we spy a black cat and wonder wh
  • Beware the political potter
    Monalisa ChangkijaWe are a few days away from entering the second month of the New Year. “Oh, how time flies” would be our normal reaction but time is flying at super speed. Perhaps, it is my “fertile ima
  • Mr Pointed Ears..!
    Yesterday I got a note from a reader, saying, “Bob, I long for the day when I won’t have any more problems!”And I thought of Mr Pointed Ears!Some ten years ago, a new dog, with long pointed ears, entered
  • Win Life’s Battles..!
    Life’s battles don’t always go, to the stronger or faster man,But sooner or later, the man who wins is the man who thinks he can!Many, many years back I learned something I will never forget. I learnt you c
  • Granny not a Nanny..!
    Today’s column is addressed more to youngsters than older folk: It starts with old people living quite comfortably in retirement receiving a letter from a son or daughter settled abroad, inviting them over fo
  • UN Human Rights Council: A Focus on Human Trafficking
    Rene Wadlow     While the Human Rights Council has focused only on a small number of States where human rights are abused — basically the Israel-Palestine conflict, the 2006 Israel-Lebanon war,
  • Firm Foundation on Republic Day…
    On this Republic Day, as we salute and celebrate the making of the Constitution of India, I remember the 2001 earthquake, in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, where many tall buildings fell, some of them face down like a pac
  • Wrong Message..!
    A procession by a majority community into a minority neighbourhood, stone pelting by foolish residents, and the next day bulldozer retaliation by authorities, demolishing shops on the same street with the excus
  • From Sadness to Strength..!
    This happened many years ago.The old lady sat in the room sobbing.The old man, her husband, a retired army major, stared straight ahead.They had just lost their son in a motor- bike accident.I sat holding her h
  • Kohima’s traffic woes and the way forward
    Abu Metha Kohima, Nagaland's historic seat of power, holds a special place for many, worldwide. It’s an iconic place, a bustling city in the mountains filled with heritage and vibrancy. The Battle of Koh
  • An Acceptance of Hypocrisy..!
    On one hand we have Donald Trump, from the White House walking to a church clutching a Bible in his outstretched hand for all to see, then we see the same man accused of the most perverted sexual assaults. And
  • Childhood Friendships Forever...!
    Friendships made in childhood are invaluable, but quite often I come across old acquaintances who’ve done well in life, not interested in meeting childhood friends who life has dealt with less favourably.An u
  • Don’t Judge, Without Knowing..!
    A car was honking behind me, “Let him pass!” I told my driver, and my driver quite reluctantly gave way. I smiled as I remembered a story about a doctor who was called one evening for an urgent surgery for
  • Blinded by Progress..!
    What is it that is blinding our people? A bridge that stretches out into the sea, tunnels, metros and bullet trains that cut short travel time and that speak of a new India, equal to the west. They think they s
  • A Long Walk..!
    It’s a long walk he’s settled himself to do, from Manipur to Mumbai!Six thousand seven hundred and thirteen kilometres!Stretching and arduous, it’s going to be, but tis not the distance covered that will
  • Outside the Church’s Closed Door..!
    The little boy was weeping outside the closed doors of the church. His tears flowed like tsunami waves down his check. A stranger passing by, stopped and enquired, “Why are you crying little boy, that too out