• You Will Never Grow Old..!
    You will never grow old, While there's love in your heart. Time may silver your golden hair, As you dream in an old rocking-chair, You will never grow old. Don't be fretful, or regretful, That you
  • Learning and Earning..!
    Most of today’s billionaires earned while they learned! And maybe that’s one reason there aren’t too many in India, since many of those billionaires abroad learned a lot from the jobs they
  • Vaccine equality is as vital for livestock as for people
    Enrique Hernández Pando Inter Press Service  El Castellar – For 33-year-old mother-of-seven and poultry farmer Helena Kindole in Chanya village in Tanzania, one of the main barriers to gro
    (Dedicated to Mama Rose Maureen Wylie on her birthday) A Anato Swu Satakha town, Zunheboto Fragrance that evokes memories precious Fills the air purified by His breath gracious. Sourced to the Rose blo
  • Apart from India's northwestern region, all others witnessed deficient rainfall
    Sanjeev Sharma IANS  In August, the monsoon has fallen significantly short of the long-term average, registering a deficit of 30%, Motilal Oswal Financial Services said in a report. The southern region
  • Perseverance and Chandrayaan 3..!
    In a day or two, we will all watch Chandrayaan 3 land on the moon. Why we will all be tense is because of the crash landing that happened the last time. But what we should all be proud of is that after that we
  • Treason In the Neighbourhood...!
    There was the sound of a police jeep and policemen entering my neighbour’s compound, “What’s happening?” I shouted to my neighbour. “Treason!” he shouted back as he opened
  • A Nation, Happy Together..!
    As we go through times in our nation, where some are happy and others aren’t and some feel they deserve more happiness than others because of their religion or riches, have we ever thought that happiness
  • New research exposes the dark side of social media influencers
    IANSlife Counterfeiting has become a global economic crime with far-reaching consequences, and a new study by the University of Portsmouth reveals how social media influencers are facilitating this illicit t
  • Technology Wins Against You and Me..!
    One of our leading English dailies had an interesting quote once. It said that “Television has proved that people will look at anything rather than at each other…” How True! Try visiting a
  • Reduced grey matter in brain linked to teen smoking, nicotine addiction
    IANS Levels of grey matter in two parts of the brain may be linked to a desire to start smoking during adolescence and the strengthening of nicotine addiction, a new study has revealed. A team of scientis
  • Proposed Reforms in Criminal Laws: A Game Changer
    Prof Mithilesh Kumar Sinha British laws were aimed at strengthening the British power by punishing people rather than giving them justice. The country’s criminal justice system, which has adhered to Br
  • Freedom from the Past..!    
    And as we proudly hoist the flag today, imagine our surprise and consternation if the flag doesn’t rise, “Hey,” we shout, “Come on, we are hoisting you up. Fly free!” “I c
  • Article 371 (A): Its Uniqueness and status
    Jonas Yanthan In recent times, some individuals, even MLAs, have been commenting haphazardly about the Article 371(A). Some of the Ministers even blame the provision of ownership of land as a hindrance to de
  • Are You Scorpio, Gemini or Taurus?
    “What sign are you?” “Like in road signs? Halt and go? Stop and Proceed? Maximum speed 15 Kmph? Curve ahead? Do not overtake?” “No, no. Star sign? Like Scorpio, Gemini? Tauru
  • A Future Governor..!
    The members of the social club appeared a disgruntled lot as their President conducted their weekly meeting. A bespectacled man, normally very quiet, but today greatly agitated, rose from his traditional place
  • He Held You As You Fell..!
    For many years visitors coming home would stare at a corner of the entrance, where they saw an old-fashioned umbrella with a handle looking quite guilty as it faced downwards, twisted and out of shape, “T
  • When You Go Home..!
    And as the bodies of those killed in Manipur waited to be buried, choir after choir sang for the memorial of the martyrs, and the words rang in my ears, “When you go Home, tell them about us!” Ye
  • Youth as agents of change for Self-determination
    Advocate Kezhokhoto Savi Asst Professor, Kohima Law College “Youth as Agents of change for Self-determination” is the 2023 theme of International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples&rsqu
  • Let Peace Begin With Me..!
    I still remember a drive through Kentucky when suddenly my eye was caught by miles and miles of stonewalls alongside the road, "Built by slaves!" said my brother and I stared at the walls. "St