• Replacing the Morning Walk..!
    Maybe it’s the fact that I couldn’t complete my morning walk today, because I wasn’t feeling too well, that made me look for another alternative to walking.I stared at the advertisement: A walk machine! A
  • Your Decisions Make You..!
    “I’ve made many wrong decisions in my life,” said a famous person, “But I’m proud of every one of them, because I made a decision!”Life is all about making decisions isn't it?So often we go through
  • Is Your Job Done?
    It happened a few years ago, when a young Indian army officer serving in the dangerous Jammu and Kashmir region, received information that terrorists were firing indiscriminately onto the public at the Jammu Ra
  • Stop It! You’re Not Old..!
    Was in Bhopal a few months ago conducting a workshop on writing and public speaking, and having an extra day before heading home, was offered a sightseeing trip by a few students. There was a lot of Bhopal to b
  • My Miss World..!
    Two months ago, Krystyna Pyszkova from the Czech Republic clinched the Miss World 2024 title at a grand ceremony held in Mumbai, but today I remembered my Miss World:She lived behind my house in a hut for just
  • Make Mistakes and Learn..!
    Singing in one of the best choirs in the country and under the illustrious Coomi Wadia, I think I have been spoiled silly. A point she emphatically enforces is that in case a choir member makes a mistake during
  • Soft Terrorism..!
    There’s a soft terror that’s going unchecked in our country! As I watch politicians in our country speaking what they want and getting away with it, I’ve often wondered how they get away very often with m
  • Holding the Inked Finger Up..!
    It was a gathering in the country of a billion and a quarter, There were murmurs and sharp words, but no smiles, chuckles or laughter.The people were fed up, all those who’d gathered there, “What did you do
  • Even Death had No Room..!
    “You’ll have to move out, the building is unsafe,” the municipal engineers had told her, as they stood at her doorstep staring unashamedly at her buxom form as she cradled the baby in her arms.“Where?
  • Crushed Under a Billboard..!
    There’s only one purpose a billboard or hoarding serves; to be noticed!It cannot be hidden! It has to be glaringly visible! Telling the world, ‘Here I am, look at me!’ And that is exactly what the ONE HUN
  • Those Weird People Outside..!
    "You need to go out once in a while!" the wife's been telling me, “Otherwise a stage will come when the world outside won’t know you at all, or worse you might forget how to deal with the world outside!”
  • Worker Ants of India..!
    The only ‘Made in India’ product, we should be proud of sending abroad, and worth exporting is the product of peace and non-violence that was taught by Gandhiji and that won us our freedom. Otherwise, the v
  • A Calming Sea..!
    One very fond memory I carry is getting on to my old motor bike and riding to the sea. Any guesses who my pillion was? No, not some pretty lass but an old uncle. We drove to the beach and then sat on the sand a
  • Somebody who’s a Nobody..!
    It’s one of the most impressive old structures among the heritage buildings along the sea front, looked after with total dedication by a tall Anglo- Indian gentleman with a booming voice. The building would h
  • They Don’t Know it All...!
    While running my dad's interior designing firm many years ago, I was called to the house of a potential customer who wanted to do up his place. I sat with a design book in hand and waited to begin my presentati
  • No Hammer Test Needed Sir..!
    There was a knock on my door. Outside I found two busy looking individuals, “We are engineers, we’ve come to do a structural audit of your flat sir!” said one of them.“That’s wonderful!” I said, “
  • Become a Bold Woman..!
    Even as we discussed the Karnataka rapes yesterday and how women are being made to look weak because of insecure men, begs the question, should women wait for men to become confident, before they can walk into
  • Shocked by the Karnataka Rapes?
    This is not about one woman shouting ‘rape’ but hundreds coming out and screaming of the atrocities by the Deva Gowda family!Ever wondered where it started?Well, not in the politician’s home or through hi
  • No Passion, No Victory..!
    A few years back many learned pundits tried to analyze and  find out why Hillary Clinton lost the election when she stood against Trump. Just before the results, every exit poll, news channel and publicati
  • Hands and a Wedding Ring..!
    So often our success is because of the hard work of a mother, father, elder brother or sister, or a wife or husband. Sometimes we forget, and tell the world we are self-made people, but today on her birthday I