• Don’t Judge, Without Knowing..!
    A car was honking behind me, “Let him pass!” I told my driver, and my driver quite reluctantly gave way. I smiled as I remembered a story about a doctor who was called one evening for an urgent surgery for
  • Blinded by Progress..!
    What is it that is blinding our people? A bridge that stretches out into the sea, tunnels, metros and bullet trains that cut short travel time and that speak of a new India, equal to the west. They think they s
  • A Long Walk..!
    It’s a long walk he’s settled himself to do, from Manipur to Mumbai!Six thousand seven hundred and thirteen kilometres!Stretching and arduous, it’s going to be, but tis not the distance covered that will
  • Outside the Church’s Closed Door..!
    The little boy was weeping outside the closed doors of the church. His tears flowed like tsunami waves down his check. A stranger passing by, stopped and enquired, “Why are you crying little boy, that too out
  • Maldives and Laughing at Ourselves.!
    Though the remarks by the Maldives deputy minister in ridiculing our PM as a ‘clown’ and a ‘puppet’ are immature and uncalled for, I do believe the bigger thing to have been done in this situation was f
  • Researchers identify over 200 new genes linked to depression
    IANSMore than 200 genes linked to depression have been newly identified, which may soon lead to treatments for the mental health condition suffered by thousands of people.The research, published in Nature Genet
  • Your Common Courtyard..!
    “…..A common courtyard is swept by none’….” Chinese Proverb“Park your taxi to the side of the road!” I told the taxi driver gently as he got out of his cab to go to the local temple. “Are you th
  • Black n White..!
    "Would you like to see the pictures I clicked?" she asked me as I sat at a restaurant somewhere up near the Fox Glacier in New Zealand. I looked at her, she had been sitting alone at the next table and had wait
  • Catch The Real Thieves..!
    As rapes and molestations take place in the country, we find that instead of making the streets safer, we insist that women should remain at home, dress in a particular way, and keep themselves out of sight. Th
  • Politics and Economics
    Besesayo Kezo, IPS Retd DGP Politics and economics each play an integral role in the fate of a nation. While politics provides guidance and direction, economics sustains citizens' prosperity and share
  • Flying First, Sitting in Economy..!
    Yesterday, returning from New York, I flew First Class. Now I’ve flown first and business class many times in my life, but yesterday's was different; I flew first, while all around me was economy. As I sat my
  • Strict Rules for a Talking People..!
    People are talking, but not to each other and just like cigarette smoking has restrictions, we need to have strict rules that need to be implemented immediately:Rule One: The size of the mobile should be such t
  • The King’s Gambit: Will Chess Survive AI?
    Mukundan Gurumurthy“When we play chess, we hatch grand plans, take risks, fall into traps, succumb to pressure, psych out opponents, and make bold sacrifices — all without knowing whether any of it will pay
  • AI will be at the forefront of smartphone tech transformation
    IANSArtificial Intelligence (AI) will significantly transform the IT and technology sector, including upcoming smartphones, in India and will play a crucial role in enhancing battery life, improving camera qual
  • Namaste, She Said..!
    ‘Namaste!’ she said, as all of us in the New York church turned to greet whoever was sitting by our side on Christmas Eve. For a moment I was startled. I was thousands of miles away from home, and the last
  • From Bureaucratic Labyrinths to Accessible Civil Registration
    Alice Wolfle and Tanja SejersenInter Press ServiceHave you ever tried to register a birth, a death or maybe your own marriage? Unfortunately, many of these vital events in Asia and the Pacific remain unregister
  • Driving On Life’s Highway..!
    I remember once zipping down the highway: What a drive! As I drove I noticed tire marks that crisscrossed the road. “Burst tires!” I realized. Tires of motorists who had not checked their air pressure befor
  • An ‘Intolerant’ Santa..!
    Santa climbed gingerly from his sleigh onto the roof of a home in Mumbai, “These Indian chimneys are stupid!” he cursed loudly to Mrs Santa Claus who was holding the reindeer while Santa went down to unload
  • OpenAI to fend off AI user harm, gives board veto power on risky AI
    IANSSam Altman-run OpenAI has expanded its internal safety processes to tackle the threat of harmful AI amid increased government scrutiny.The company said it will establish a dedicated team to oversee technica
  • Keepers of the Fold..!
    The wise old angel looked at the little angel, and offered his divine wings to wipe the tears in her eyes, “Why are you crying little angel?” he asked kindly. It was unusual to see weeping in the heavenly r