• Gandhi’s Amazing Spectacles..!
    Indulge me today! I'd like to dream that a rich Indian has purchased Gandhiji’s spectacles and flies home with it to a rousing reception at the Delhi airport. A naval band is there to greet the hero b
  • Protest to Protect People..!
    As I write this piece, my wife is off to join a protest, “For Manipur?” I ask looking up. “No!” she says, “But against atrocities committed against all Indian women!” I
  • When We Show  Mercy..!
    My thoughts go to an incident that took place some time ago in the society I live in: A gardener was employed by my colony to trim the trees, as a branch had fallen on a car during the heavy rains. As he was do
  • Suicide and an Anchor..!
    Since I use the magnificent sea link in Mumbai very often, I was saddened to hear that yesterday another businessman had jumped into the Arabian Sea, from the bridge. As usual, it was someone who felt he had fa
  • “Not Just The Carcass…But The Spark”: A Critical Reception of Technology
    Abhinav Lodha and Samya Verma “Our tools also affect our thoughts” ~ Nietzsche Our perception of the world, as well as our idea of “being” and what it means “to be,” is
  • The Queen’s Gamble
    Sentilong Ozukum In a distant land, cradled between majestic mountains, lay a kingdom where wine flowed as freely as water as the rivers that nourished the land. From peasants to nobles, citizens revelled in
  • Shooting the Messenger..!
    A few years ago, a news item appearing in Indian newspapers mentioned that people had found out that blankets offered by the Indian Railways to its passengers for their overnight journeys were washed only once
  • Fooled by Tiger Statistics..!
    Front page headlines of a leading national English daily yesterday carried news that the tiger population had increased by five hundred tigers! Not in the fourth or fifth page, but headlines on the front pag
  • Bowling a Maiden Over..!
    If you think our maidens are not into cricket you should hear what happened to my fictitious bachelor friend Prem when he returned home after a night out with the boys: His mother who's been longing to see
  • Speechless and Silent..!
    My voice is playing truant again, and I remember an incident a few years ago, just before a choral concert, when my voice took a walk! “Come back!” I shouted silently, but only a hoarse guttural sou
  • Skeletons and Worms
    Monalisa Changkija The nation is shell-shocked at the grossest brutality perpetuated on two Kuki women at Manipur, as was revealed in a video that went viral a few days ago and everybody has spoken in one vo
  • Political Godmen Teachers..!
    “Bob!” said the voice at the other end, “You would fit well as the principal of our godmen school!” It was a few hours after reaching the Godman School, I was summoned hastily for a m
  • ‘It’s Time United Nations Turned Ideas to ‘UNMute’ Civil Society into Action’
    Abigail Van Neely Inter Press Service How do you get a seat at the table when you can’t even access the building? This question loomed as activists, faith-based leaders, and NGO representatives gather
  • The Wheelchair..!
    These were words I saw in a mosque in Fatehpur Sikri: “The world is a bridge, pass over it, but build not your dwelling there!” The great Fuller was one day taken to the Bank of England, where on
  • Fuelling rural economy and empowering farmers through a resurgent sugar sector
    Sanjeev Chopra PIB Feature The Government of India has recently announced the Fair and Remunerative Price (FRP) of Rs 315/quintal for sugarcane for Sugar Season 2023-24 with more than 100% margin over Paid
  • Wasted Biceps and Triceps..!
    Now, I could be talkin’ ‘bout about any one of the ageing Khans or maybe any other actor: So I see one of the ageing Khans trying to show his bare chest to the public, he loves pulling off upper wea
  • A Collector’s Item..!
    Many years ago, a young priest told me he was going to do his doctorate. Now, I know that doctorates for priests in our country are a dime a dozen and many small colleges and seminaries offer the same, “W
  • Hugs, Rape and Silence..!
    The bearded headman and his fat bald assistant looked at each other worried, “I have to travel to other rich villages and hug their chieftains!” said the bearded headman, “and hopefully they w
  • Partying, Prayers and His Presence..!
    Something that happens with increasing frequency in a party where everybody is on the floor, swirling and moving passionately to good music under the expert guidance of a professional emcee is the host turning
  • Twisted Umbrella Handle..!
    This happened over a decade ago, and it was a bit of a nasty fall I had that morning. It had been raining all night and yet I’d decided to go for my morning walk, and so with my umbrella firmly in hand I