• Regulating AI in schools could be a top class innovation
    Hammam Riza & Taufik F AbidinAn 360info™.AI-powered world in which teachers have more free time and more information on how to help students isn’t far away, but ethical challenges must be managed.I
  • Kshamavani Parv, and A Forgiveness Hug….!
    In a little over a week, the Jains will celebrate Kshamavani Parv, which means, “Forgiveness Day” . It is one of the most significant days for the followers of Jainism, as it is the day of forgiving and see
  • The Chisel or Hammer Method..!
    It was a terrible sound coming from the house next door and having been in this line of work before, I realised their walls could come crashing down. I went over and met my neighbour, “They’re just repairin
  • Disappearing Into the Details of Life
    A review of ‘This is How We Disappear’ by Emisenla JamirSentilong OzukumIn her moving second collection "This Is How We Disappear," Emisenla Jamir meditates on the multitude of ways we can vanish, both lite
  • Those Who Didn’t Believe In Us..!
    There were smiles on her face and tears of joy as Coco Gauff won the US Open. She was given the mike as is the custom, and without a moment’s hesitation thanked God for giving her strength to do her best and
  • Physiotherapists vs Chiropractors
    Dr Nishant GeminiIANSlife Physiotherapists and chiropractors are skilled professionals who play a crucial role in supporting your musculoskeletal health. Though both techniques focus on managing pain, they
  • Doctored Discounts..!
    With hospitals competing hard for business, I see the day fast approaching when their marketing departments may start working overtime to get customers.In my very vivid imagination, the phone rang at home this
  • Complacency in Education: Nagaland's Silent Challenge
    Nini SekhoseIn a rapidly evolving educational landscape, the role of private schools has never been more pivotal. These institutions, while sometimes misunderstood or undervalued, are bastions of quality educat
  • The Right Touch..!
    Two ‘touching’ scenes comes to my mind: One is a national leader going round the world intent on touching everyone he meets internationally by hugging them, and another, again a national leader but in the o
  • Arresting Journalists..!
    Many, many decades ago, while riding my motorbike as a teenager, I crashed into a car and was badly injured. At least the blood all over made others feel I was terribly hurt and the ones in the car, who were ac
  • Narcissus and the Echo: On Revisiting the Travesty of AI
    Samya Verma“…mankind, a giant loneliness strolling through an even greater loneliness.” – Negar EmraniCalls the wise man out, into the void, and his own voice echoes back. A sharp shadow, louder far and
  • Don’t Shoot the Messenger..!
    In the good old days when kings sat in their castles and sent their men into battle, quite often, guards from his fort watchtowers would shout, “Lone horseman riding to the fort!” And soon, they would ident
  • Man In The Arena..!
    His name was Kumar and he was my best friend in school. A little fellow, compared to me, who was lean and lanky, he was short and squat.Kumar was a fighter, he could knock out any guy in class, and most kept aw
  • No, Never Alone..!
    Many years ago God gave my wife and me a wonderful anniversary gift. Our younger daughter had been selected for the Miss University contest. She was only sixteen, the youngest among a group of eighteen, ninetee
  • Interviewing a World Champion..!
    My phone rang as I drove home one night many years ago. It was from a newspaper I wrote for, “Would you like to interview Evander Holyfield, the boxer?”“Ofcourse,” I said and images came to me of a badl
  • Protecting the Strong..!
    This morning I received a video from Orissa of a church group who were stopped from worshipping by a police patrol. I watched as the church service was stopped and the priest dragged to the police station. He w
  • When I’m Wrong..!
    It is accurately said that it is easy to be an angel when nobody ruffles your feathers. But it seems that feather rufflers will always be around. We're told that 19th Century German statesman Prince Otto vo
  • Long Wait to the Moon..!
    The Man in the Moon looked at his wife as she stopped gazing at Earth and stared at him, “What?” he asked, because women whether they were from Earth or Moon, or even from Venus, always had a questi
  • Bearded Travelers..!
    Was flying from Mumbai to Istanbul, a month ago, and as usual was checked and my baggage double checked at the airport, “I guess it's because of my beard!” I told the security officer as he near
  • Doctors call for reducing air pollution to tackle dementia risk
    IANS Even as a recent study showed the evidence linking air pollution to increased risks of dementia, doctors here on Thursday called for strict actions to make the air cleaner. Dementia is an umbrella te