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  • Virie: Winning hearts with soulful voice
    Morung Express News For those who have watched Virie's live performances, one is often left transfixed by the soulful voice taking the audience to a wistful world of Sad core and Indie. With a growing loyal fan base beyond Nagaland, Virie is no stranger in the Nagaland music scene. She made her first social media appearance in a cover song of Lorde's Yellow Flicker Beat in 2014 which was followed by another cover song of Lana Del Rey's Video Games the same year, garnerin
  • A growing jewellery industry in Nagaland
    'Cümenyie’—1st Jewellery Fashion Show in Nagaland on September 28   Vishu Rita Krocha  Kohima | September 23 Setting a new benchmark for the growing jewellery industry in Nagaland, Gutouch is on its way to create history by presenting Cümenyie’— the 1st Jewellery Fashion Show in Nagaland on September 28, 2019 at Ura Academy Hall, Kohima.  The show will feature prominent personalities such as the Tetseo Sisters, Ruopfuzhano Whiso, Onen Nenty amo
  • Naga Cuisines: Important aspect of indigenous knowledge
    Morung Express News Kigwema | September 23 “Nagaland, a state in the northeast India, embodies diversity at its best. The sixteen indigenous tribes inhabiting eleven districts that are ecologically rich and diverse exhibit rich cultural heritage and tradition. Amid the prodigious cultural diversity, food habits, culinary knowledge and traditional recipes form an important aspect of indigenous knowledge, but rarely explored area of the Naga cultural heritage.”  This
  • Nagaland: They are calling the rain
    A group of farmers called Alojimi in Sümi language singing along to agrarian songs in Chishilimi village, Pughoboto sub-division i n Zunheboto district of Nagaland. (Photo Courtesy: Betoka Swu)   With indigenous lore and techniques being drowned out by modernity,  Hiyo Team documents traditional farming techniques at Chishilimi Village   Kanili Kiho  Dimapur | September 22 Agriculture is intrinsic to the Naga way of life. It is more than an act of
  • Clearing the confusion: Polypropylene carry bags are as hazardous as single-use plastic
    Non-woven polypropylene carry bags.    Morung Express News Mokokchung | September 21 As the ban on single use plastics in Nagaland take effect, and as traders and the people in general make efforts adapt to the ban and try finding feasible alternatives to plastic, the emergence of non-woven polypropylene carry bags also known as PP bags in the market have created confusion despite its clear definition by the competent authorities. The light translucent carry
  • Nise Meruno: Soaring to success
    Morung Express News Ever wonder how Nise Meruno is where he is today? His life story goes like most of the musicians – didn’t have it easy. Dealing with his fair share of struggles, to becoming one of the youngest recipients of Governor’s award in Nagaland, Nise shares how the artist learned to embrace his uniqueness and overcame his challenges to bring us one of the most beautiful music of our time. Noted as one of the finest musicians with his charismatic performance
  • Phek district on the threshold of ending plastic menace, and it’s all community effort
    (Top) Youths engaged in making paper bags in Phek town. (Bottom) Samples of paper bags produced by PTYS. (Morung Photo)   Atono Tsukrü Phek | September 19 Community is a powerful word. When they come together for a common cause, great things can happen. A great example is an initiative in Phek town undertaken by the citizens of its eleven colonies under the umbrella of Phek Town Youth Society (PTYS) to join the war on banning single-use plastic. Their initiati
  • Tali Angh to endorse Grail Guitars
    Signs two year contract with Musikshack International   Morung Express News Contemporary songwriter and singer from Nagaland, Tali Angh has been signed by Musikshack International Pvt Ltd as an “endorser” for the Grail Guitars. The endorsement contract will come into effect from August 2019 and continue for a period of two years.  “Grail guitars are really comfortable to play and they deliver superior sound quality,” Tali Angh said while sharing ab
  • Nagaland single-use plastic ban to come into force from today
    Cloth bags replace single-use plastic bags at Popular Bakery in Dimapur. Total ban on single-use plastics comes into force in Dimapur from September 18. (Morung Photo)    Dimapur traders welcome move; however raise concerns on alternatives    Kanili Kiho Dimapur | September 17 With the statewide total ban on single use plastics to come into force on September 18, Dimapur today saw a mixed bag of expressions as most shoppers hurried on with their da
  • Is it mistaken to tag Nagaland earthquake prone?
    A seismic data plot of earthquakes epicentred in Nagaland recorded since 1943.  (By Dr. Watinaro Imsong courtesy the USGS Earthquake Catalogue and International Seismological Centre)    Geologists says seismic data indicate low epicentral earthquake activity    Imkong Walling Dimapur | September 15 Nagaland state is generally regarded as a place prone to earthquakes. The north-eastern region of India, of which Nagaland is a part, according to
  • Mopungchuket provides an alternative to beat plastic pollution
    Shoppers are seen here with cloth bags while buying grocery supplies from a shop in Mopungchuket village, Mokokchung. The village has banned single use plastic bags in the village and is promoting the use of cloth and paper bags as alternatives. (Morung Photo)   Morung Express News Mopungchuket | September 13 As Nagaland ups its ante in the fight against plastic pollution with the state government leading from the front, here is a village in Mokokchung district that
  • Discipline never goes out of style
    Easterine Kire All those essays we wrote in our High School days on the virtues of Discipline with a capital D, and all those essays we corrected as teachers when it was another generation’s turn to write essays on Discipline – at one point we used to joke that English Paper II would compulsorily carry a question to write an essay on this revered subject. After all those years, I can still say this: discipline never goes out of style. It is always a positive thing and although a
  • Trance Effect- Reforming Indie Rock in Nagaland
    (From left) Tako Chang – Guitarist, Iuli Yeptho – Vocals, Sosang – Drummer and Imnamaong Imchen – Bassist. (Photo Courtesy: Meren Jamir)      Morung Express News Trance Effect, one of the most modern additions to the Indie rock band scene in Nagaland, is once again making a buzz in the music circle with the announcement of their latest single, ‘New Beginning.’ Gradually gaining popularity since they first came together to form&nbs
  • Tetseo Sisters: Redefining folk music of Nagaland
    Vishü Rita Krocha At a time when nobody believed that Naga Folk/folk fusion would be commercially viable and attract a paying audience, Tetseo Sisters emerged not only to fill the void but also became the cultural ambassadors of North East India. This, as they put across is the greatest challenge they faced in the initial stage of their career as “some people were afraid we would dilute the art and some couldn't believe that we had the insight into and knowledge about the songs
  • Teachers Day: A tribute to the pioneers of change
    A teacher interacting with her students at Blossom Pre School, Mokokchung. (Morung Photo)   Chizokho Vero Kohima | September 4 Marking the observation of Teachers’ Day which falls on September 5, The Morung Express reached to different sections of people talking about the values and contributions of teachers in their lives.   ‘Stay true and committed’  “On this momentous day, I would like to take the opportunity of thanking the teaching fratern
  • Ayim Longchar: Calling out all ‘Warrior’
    Akangjungla There are moments in life, just in a spark of moment, something really special happens and for that one thing you drop everything to see it through to completion. For Ayim Longchar, one of the most power-packed and dynamic performers among Christian artists in Nagaland, the spark ignited almost seven years ago and since then he has been on the journey to bring those magical moments to life.  Now seven years later, Ayim is ready to live his musical dream with
  • IT sector in Nagaland to receive boost
    An artist impression of the floor plan for a section of the startup incubation centre which is set to be launched in Kohima this month.    State of the art start-up incubation centre to be launched in Kohima this month   Ketholeno Neihu  Kohima | September 1 Even as the state transforms its public services and governance ecosystem towards Information Technology (IT), the niche for direct and indirect employment of IT professionals and entrepreneurs in
  • Experiencing the Zhavame culture
    (Left) Some of the NSF delegates & students and citizens of Zhavame village seen here during the unveiling of the monolith at Kapamodzu peak. (Right) During the trek to Kapamodzu peak.   Morung Express News Zhavame | September 1  Traditional homes in Zhavame village came alive with the sound of folk songs and cultural fanfare on the evening of August 29 as womenfolk decked themselves in traditional attires and performed songs and shared stories as a welcoming
  • What are your cooking experiences outside Nagaland and North East?
    The 'recipe for disaster' from the trailer, 'Axone.' (screengrab: BFI/YouTube)   Morung Express News Dimapur | August 30    With the trailer of ‘Axone’ – the film based on a Naga’s favourite cuisine generating huge buzz across various social media platforms, especially in Nagaland, The Morung Express compiled few comments on social media as well as responses from readers regarding their experiences whilst cooking their exotic delicacies out
  • Aren Sayer: Living more than the music
    It is not every day that someone with great musical potential would turn away from the aspiration to be popular and famous or make a living out of it. But that is exactly the attitude of well known worship leader and singer, Aren Sayer.  With the release of her first official single, ‘Precious Me’ scheduled this September, Christian singer/songwriter and worship leader Aren Sayer is talking deeper about her faith, music and life.      Doing wor