• Michelin chef's Spanish delights with local Indian produce
    Michelin Star Chef Daniel Lopez at the West View in ITC Maurya in New Delhi. (Photo: Suvendu Banerjee)Michelin Star Chef Daniel Lopez is in India with a mission: To savour the best of kebabs and biryanis, feature authentic Spanish cuisine and conduct master classes to share some of his signature recipes."Every meal for me is an exam," Lopez said, as guests at West View, ITC Maurya, got a taste his seven-course degustation menu -- sampling small portions of a host of carefully
  • 10 Healthy Eating Tips For 2012
    Putting these healthy food tips into practice will start you off on fulfilling your goal of a healthier lifestyle in 2012 and beyond.1. Eat a healthy breakfastThe phrase “breakast like a king, lunch like a queen and have dinner like a beggar” may be the best health tip ever. Yet in the rough and tumble of daily living we do the opposite, as we are challenged in finding time to prepare healthy meals, to the detriment our health. However, we need to make breakfast a priority
  • What you missed at The Naga Blog Lounge @Night Bazaar, Hornbill Festival (Pictures)
    The members and administrators of The Naga Blog would like to thank the authorities for providing us with a platform to host The Naga Blog Lounge at the Night Bazaar. A big thanks to all members who visited the Lounge and for those who volunteered, we salute you! The Naga Blog Lounge organizers would like to raise a toast to all those who joined hands with us with your Made in Nagaland – products, movies, music, jokes, photographs, food and street performances to promote our new
  • A fashionable inspiration!
    When I first came across Chonchon Moriarty’s photos at a popular networking site, I thought that she was such a pretty face. And a very successful pretty face, judging by the numerous photo campaigns she has been featured at. Well, it’s an understatement when I say she is more than just a pretty face. When I asked her what she is doing in Florida, I got more than what I bargained for. Her list of credentials ran on and on. My weak “wow, I’m impressed”, was
  • Taking Naga Youths’ Talents Seriously
    True, that we could not be a billionaire by the age of 25, nor won Grammys or Oscars or were the youngest Nobel laureate, and thanks for not comparing us with Mark Zuckerberg, for whatever your dreams and aspirations were. We are still struggling to get into the road of basking glory, you see. And as the year comes to an end if there is tally of all the good and bad news brought about by Naga youth then only the surveyors will know which end is the strongest. It has been a delight to b
  • Naga student bags Young Global Leader Award 2011
    Indian Activist and Social Entrepreneur Ngul Min Thang, from Nagaland, currently a student of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, has been awarded the YGL Awards 2011 which was nominated by the British Council through their Global Changemakers Programme. Thang, a Global Changemaker representative of Singapore, has been with the YGL team for the past two years. He has succeeded in many of his projects in the African and Latin American Countries. Among his many projects his 'Pic
  • Doctor by day, musician and writer by night
    The scalpel gives way to a harmonium and the surgeon in 80-year-old Samir K. Gupta steps aside for the artist as he gives musical life to some poems of "Gitanjali" by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore.Gupta, who runs a city orthopaedic clinic, is a devoted doctor during the day and spends long hours of his nights composing music and writing books. " 'Gitanjali' has 157 poems, of which Tagore had given music to 85. The music to one was given by the iconic Shantideb Ghosh
  • Film from Northeast India ‘Yarwng’ (Roots) to premiere at Paris
    Priest’s Film on Displaced PersonsNortheast India’s Kokborok film ‘Yarwng’ (Roots) from Tripura state will be screened in Paris on December 8th at the Maison des Cultures du Monde under the patronage of Program Sorosoro of the Chirac Foundation.The opening film of Indian Panorama section at India international Film Festival of India (IFFI Goa) in 2008, ‘Yarwng’ brought to Tripura its first National Film Award in 2010. “Yarwng has been a typical
  • Music, the Power and its Importance
    Music is a universal language of humankind. It has no boundary over culture or race. It is understood by people of all age, regardless of identity, rich and poor, or even powerful and defenseless. Music is one way for a human to express himself/herself; it is a form of speech which can express the emotions better than words. Everyone likes music and we are surrounded by music and it has become a prominent feature of our daily life. Today, music becomes so significant in individual and
  • WORLD AIDS DAY: Want to get to zero? Deal with TB!
    A giant condom will be 'wrapped' around the Dutch Munt Tower in Amsterdam this week. It’s probably one of the more striking activities that will mark World AIDS Day. Meetings, film-viewings, theatre plays, articles, brochures and many other happenings will call upon people to join the fight against AIDS. To effectively fight AIDS though, we need to also fight tuberculosis. 'Getting to zero' is this year’s theme for World AIDS Day.Getting to zero, backed by a United Nations
  • 2 Crores for Hornbill festival - Is it worth it?
    Kekhrie Sorhie: 2 crores!!! Is the hornbill a profit or loss investment? Is the hornbill promoting tourism? as per the papers or is it just the govt. selling us crap?Yanpvuo Kikon: For me, 2 Crores is worth the investment! There's no denying the fact that Hornbill has indeed put Nagaland in the world and national map for Tourism! I was pleasantly surprised to find my flight from Kolkata, 50% were filled with foreign tourists! And guess what, I think we had FOUR FLIGHTS TO NAGALAND IN A
  • Youth today and politics
    Let’s Participate In POLITICSAkanksha TiwariToday, Indian politics seems to be going astray from the path laid for it by yesteryear statesmen like Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru. Most of the politicians appear insignificant compared to these magnanimous personalities. We all seem to be wary of their promises and assurances, and tired of their constant use of religion and caste to garner votes. But don’t we have a habit to blame everything, right from the terrorist attacks to bad
  • Students in school uniforms drinking openly in Nagaland
    Eliz Chungmir: DNSU, NSF and other Student bodies Where are you?Sometimes on my way to work I have to cross the booze joins opposite Dimapur Circuit house and I come across so many students in their UNIFORM inside as well as outside the booze joins! Girls included!We all know only too well how it is affecting our society. Adding to it the bad image carried back by visitors for outside(from within as well as outside the country) visiting the historical Ruins, Super market bazaar and lod
  • Tattoo...
    In this November 14 photo, Mohammed Abass, 28, draws a tattoo of a skull on Saad Saif's leg, 25, in Baghdad. After more than eight years in Iraq, the departing American military's legacy includes a fledgling democracy, bitter memories of war, and for the nation's youth, rap music, tattoos and slang. (AP File Photo)
  • One night with the hunters in a forest
    Somewhere in a forest in Mokokchung district The teenage hunter carried the dead wild cat called “Shou” in local dialect. It was a pride for him and he carried it in full view of others just like an Olympian displaying his medal after winning a marathon race. The cat would be immersed in hot water and the fur ripped off; it will be cut into pieces and then dinner. It’s an interesting way of life, and so this The Morung Express reporter thought why not forget about con
  • Hotspots for foodies in Kohima
    Hornbill Festival is just round the corner. In case you want to know some of the great food places of Kohima which is all set to host the Hornbill Festival, here is a quick glance. Hornbill Festival actually has its own food stalls lined up for this event in the Heritage Kisama village but Kohima is no less. It has a whole range of regular to exotic food placed out to choose from. Some of the best bakery shops like Popular bakery and Rutsa Bakery has delicious cakes, buns, sweets, chic
  • Top ten novels of 2011
    Business, announced its picks for Best Books of 2011. This annual feature includes the Editors' Picks for the Top 100 Books of the Year and Top 10 lists in more than two dozen categories, from Literature & Fiction to Children's Picture Books to the new category Kindle Singles. "Well-known authors like Haruki Murakami and Jeffrey Eugenides really delivered this year, but 2011 was also a time for notable debuts," said Chris Schluep, Senior Editor of Books at
  • Freedom from Fear of Violence
    Violence against women and girls continues to be a global epidemic that kills, tortures, and maims- physically, psychologically, sexually and economically. It is one of the most pervasive of human rights violations, denying women and girl’s equality, security, dignity, self worth, and their right to enjoy fundamental right.Violence against women is present in every country, cutting across boundaries of culture, class, education, income, ethnicity and age. Even though most societi
  • Keep that hair silky, bouncy in winter
    Dry scalp, dull hair, dandruff and excessive hair fall - all these problems besiege you in winter. And fretting and worrying can worsen things, say experts, claiming the problem can be controlled with the right treatment. The importance of hair can be understood from the fact that those with a receding hairline or bald patches are queuing up outside specialised hair transplant clinics and splurging on treatments. Rohit Batra, dermatologist at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, told IANS: "It
  • Post Mark - Remembered, Honored, Revived
    In the late 1980s, a motley group of youngsters got together with a common love of heavy metal music. Apart from covering songs from the rock acts from the western world, Post Mark (as the group was later called) tried finding their own sound and style. This quest led them to experiment with Manipuri sounds. They introduced these unique sounds into their heavy metal compositions which the fans loved. They even used Manipuri motifs in their dresses as part of their stage gear. Needless