• NASA's MAVEN spacecraft captures ultraviolet image of Mars
    IANS NASA's MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN) mission has acquired stunning views of Mars in two ultraviolet images taken at different points along the Red Planet's orbit around the Sun.
  • Chai, Tea, Cha; different names but shared emotions
    Parimal Shah IANSlife Beginning our day by sipping hot tea is a routine practice in India. Besides, it inculcates a sense of community among the people. Being an affordable beverage, tea is loved by one and
  • Sale of chips and mineral water bottles in black polythene bags
    Kethovino Catherine Kulnu I am puzzled why in Nagaland, chips and mineral water bottles are sold and carried mostly in black polythene bags. Not much was known in the past. Is it due to development in techno
  • All our heroes
    We found our heroes in middle school and high school. It was in the mid and late sixties in a school that hired young men and women with a good education to be teachers and role models. They were the heroes we
  • Boon or Bane: India, World’s Most Populous Country
    Dr John Mohan Razu India, the largest democracy in the world has added one more stud as the world’s most populous country amongst the comity of nations. United Nations data shows India is world number
  • Negative impact of smartphones in our lives
    Sentilong Longchar Communication has never been so easy in this era of gadgets and smartphones. Irrespective of age and generation, smartphone has become a very important communicative gadget for all people.
  • 10 FAQs about organ transplants answered
    New Delhi, June 14 (IANSlife): Over the last few decades, improvements in surgical techniques and transplant medicine have evolved. Complex operations such as kidney, liver, and heart transplants are routinely
  • India’s Sikkim initiates ‘My Tree My Child’ program to foster renewed bond with nature 
    Nitesh R Pradhan In a groundbreaking move to strengthen the deep-rooted connection between nature and local communities, the Indian state of Sikkim has introduced an innovative initiative called "Mero R
  • Learning a Language the Fun way
    Ketoriavi Sakhrie has recently published a set of board books titled, Learn Tenyidie series. Collaborating with Ura Academy, the premier literary institution in Tenyidie language and literature, the series
  • It’s in our hand
    Neizosie-o Rhutsu Assisant Professor, SJC (A) Today the world is changing at a rapid pace, with the advancement in the field of science and technology, where new things have replaced the old – new thi
  • Quality in Healthcare
    Theyiesinuo Kera M Sc (Nursing), ICU in-charge/HIC/Quality, CIHSR Quality is meeting the expected standard be it in food, clothing, or in any services. Quality is an essential part of life and everybody see
  • Facts about safe blood donation
    IANSlife Safe blood and blood products have a direct and lifesaving impact on countless individuals. The availability of safe blood contributes significantly to reducing morbidity and mortality rates and imp
  • Is mental health support a key element of inclusive work culture?
    Rohit Ramana IANSlife A decade ago, conversations around mental health support at the workplace were simply swept under the corporate carpet. The stigma around depression, anxiety, and stress was so prevale
  • Our Vegetable Vendors again
    Normally, I dislike jumping on a bandwagon everyone is clambering on to and making a noise. It is so unnecessary. But this bandwagon is different. Look at what our vegetable vendors are achieving. The young
  • Opinion
    Sakurepla Opinion is a personal view, belief, or judgment about a particular matter. It is a subjective perception that is influenced by an individual's experiences, values, and biases. Opinion can be ex
  • Success is not just what you perceive
     Y Lumchio Patton What is Success? Well, According to the Oxford Dictionary “Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, the gaining of fame, wealth, or social status, person or thing that
  • Trauma and its effect on adults
    Niutoli Tuccu  Rehabilitation Psychologist (RCI)  As the world celebrates ‘May’ as World Mental Health Awareness month, I would like to bring into light what Trauma is, its causes and
  • What about our Vegetable Vendors?
    Where will our vegetable vendors go as their former places of trade are being uprooted by the onward march of progress? Many of the familiar faces of the women vendors who sit beside the small path behind the l
  • The Nagas farming illegal immigrants in Nagaland
    Of late there has been a chaotic media gun fight regarding the illegal immigrants in Nagaland. And the tone is divided between the disrespected Nagas and the so-called respected Nagas.  (The respected o
  • Electronic waste
    Thejasenuo Kirha E-waste also known as electronic waste is a term used to describe electronics that are nearing the end of their life, donated, discarded or given to a recycler. Have you ever wondered what h