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  • Development Authority Nagaland – A Profile
    Achievements of Development Authority Nagaland (DAN) during the period from April 2006 to March 2007The Development Authority Nagaland was established in 1976 under the Town and Country Planning Act 1966 to be
  • The Nagas need a change
    Whether we are good believers or not, the Nagas are Christians based our faith on the Bible. But the Bible no longer finds its root in us.This is not the first instance where the Nagas annihilate each other, bu
  • Human Rights – Vs – Indo-Naga issue
    Ashon LunglengUNITED NATIONS – “Human Rights could be generally defined as those which are inherent in our nature and without which we cannot live as human beings”.Justice D.V. Madan said, “The concept
  • What if Nagas were without a Religion?
    Rev. Dr. L. TsansoReligion is the belief in the existence of a god or gods, and the activities that are connected with the worship of them. It also can be defined as one of the systems of faith that are based o
  • India’s Look East Policy & NE India
    Kesonyü Yhome, Kohima VillageThe paradigm shift in New Delhi’s foreign policy in the early nineteen nineties echoes loud today. The “Look East” policy initiative that was sowed in 1991 promises to be a p
  • Rejoinder to Romeo Gangmei
    Apropos the article “Indigenous Rongmei deprived in their own land” by Romeo Gangmei, published in certain local dailies, we would like make some clarifications to Mr.Gangmei with regard to his imprudent me
  • Indigenous Rongmeis deprived in their own land
    It goes without a hint of doubt that the indigenous Rongmei community is an integral part of Nagaland. For which, one can reflect back from the previous census of Nagaland before statehood. On the contrary, no
  • There Are No Little Enemies
    One must always remember that problems are part of life; the only place without a problem will be in a cemetery. A problem gives meaning to life, and reasons to stay focused. There are problems we can easily ha
  • Dress Code for the Churchgoers
    R. B. Thohe Pou(The writer predicted in 2003 that “If the attitude of the fashionable youngsters does not change and continue to wear the obscene or improper dress in the church, the situation will compel the
  • Naga Identity as a Nation
    Gwangphun GangmeiChairman Nagaland Peace Sub Centre PerenAn anthropological finding in time past has classified the Mongoloid southern Asian race by names to identity the people after their culture, lifestyle a
  • Lessons from Black Sunday
    Abraham LothaSunday April 22nd was a day of madness. I was at a meeting in the afternoon when a phone call came saying that the Tangkhul Wungram colony in Purana bazaar was being burnt down by the Semas. Quickl
  • Causes of April 22 Wungram incident
    We are deeply pained to have projected the good image of our Naga brothers and sisters through this ugly c3mage. We also want to say sorry to those women and children who were traumatized for no fault of theirs
  • Errors detected in the NBSE approved Text Book
    Zaveyi NyekhaDistrict Education Officer, PhekIt is appalling to learn that not less than 29 mistakes/errors were detected in the Mathematics Text Book for the Standard of Class 9 which was written by PK Nayar,
  • Threshold Vibrance
    North East Region of India is strategically located, boxed by Bhutan, China, Myanmar & Bangladesh and connected to rest of the country by 22 mile wide Siliguri corridor famously called ‘Chicken Neck’. &
  • Wungram Colony Burns
    The Inferno at Wungram Colony is an interesting drama inside modern Nagaland. It is looked upon as something depicting the legacy of the Nagas which lingers to this day inspite of modern civilisation and Christ
  • Youth Unemployment in the Naga Context – What is the way out?
    UNEMPLOYMENT – One of the main causes which ail or burden the ‘Naga Society’. In this modem and complex world, unemployment has become a common disease, which is not warble until and unless one works very
  • Introspection for the future
    Oken Jeet SandhamMost of the time, seriously harmful accusations amongst the factions with highly communal overtones appeared in various local papers. In fact, in most of the cases, the papers carried verbatim
  • The 1st Death Anniversary of Yongkongangshi
    Today, the Sungratsü Union Dimapur celebrated the 1st death anniversary of Yongkong Longchar. In a very simple function and prayer meeting conducted by their fellowship president Mrs. Alemkokla Walling in the
  • Nagas’ 9/11
    22nd April, 2007 is undoubtedly the darkest day in Nagas’ struggle for freedom. It is our 9/11.It is our 9/11 because even though lives were not lost the repercussions of this day will be felt for years to co
  • Guilty Without Trial
    Dear Mom and Dad, Am I Really Guilty ?“Dear Dad, is it my fault if you drank yourself to death when I needed you most? Dear Mom, is it my fault if you are not like “other good mothers”? Is it my fault if