Do you agree that the COVID-19 pandemic has provided an opportunity to introduce systematic changes and rebuild Nagaland? How?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say: 

•    Yes, but improve for out of the circumstances. Until and unless the present leaders are changed, our state will never progress.

•    Yes. But not guaranteed, as the real changes starts from within not outer (of ourselves). So whether with or without pandemic it’s possible only when we change ourselves. Let’s make it happen "Don't waste the good crisis.”

•    Nagaland's Health care facility has been upgraded which is a positive sign. Though not with same facilities like in Kohima and Dimapur, other district hospitals and sub health care centres has also got legislator's attention and every possible renovation and basic upgradation is on progress, this is a commendable change. Nagaland need to continue this job and focus, invest and upgrade existing hospitals Health care centres and importantly toil day and night to complete the Medical College as soon as possible.

•    Yes and lets all have positive thoughts rather than criticizing for everything... Above all praise to the Almighty for protecting us so far n for the days to come.

•    Yes. At least to an extent where people have realized their own ignorance.

•    Yes. There is an opportunity for all Nagas to start standing on our own feet. Example, (1) since many auto drivers are going home back, this is an opportunity for Naga youth/adults to seize the local travel industry and do not let outsiders benefit from our economy. (2) We must tap into the labour industry. (3) Start all farming and agricultural activities. (4)All small scale industries. A self reliant citizen will make our state self reliant. If we sweat and labour from our own hands and feet, we might lessen our state's dependence on the central govt and curb the thievery of funds meant for the public by our own politicians and bureaucrats.

•    Yes. It is the perfect time. Provided that "the change" is being manifested accordingly by everyone, big or small, rich or not. This pandemic has also brought a paradigm shift in the school system. It is a huge challenge as me being a parent I worry about my children’s future. But I have accepted the change and I am also educating myself as well as playing a part as the teacher at home. Change is difficult and change takes time. We just have to be positive and with a little bit of patience the world will be a better place.

•    Yes, the people of Nagaland should take the opportunity and rebuild our state as we all see our state is lack of everything the government and people should join hand and build together. The government along cannot build without the help of public and the public along cannot build without the government so we need to work together and this is also a good opportunity for the youth to start their business as many non local have went to their own state so we need to take this opportunity and work so that the unemployment rate will come down.

•    Yes, Absolutely. We Nagas have enough virgin resources and the things that we need to work out more on agriculture and marketing sector. Why do need to believe that we cannot meet end source when our forefathers have excess stock piled up in bamboo basket and it can be seen in many villages till now but decreased a lot, plus our local paddy fields are not been utilised even when given at free. We can and we will at this given opportunity. Restart and Reinvent.

•    Yes... We can start from now if not never.

•    Yes. Something is Changing unlike before and I am expecting more changes and more developmental activities will take place.

•    Yes possible but only on the Christian principle of Love.

•    Create employment for local youths for which law and order maintenance is no 1 priority. Stop extortion by factions. Stop corruption by minister.

•    For all the wrong reasons been exposed. To be cautious and sincere.

•    Improve health department and devote more attention on agriculture works.

•    This pandemic has shown how much we are lacking in every front. If not now, then when?

•    It has opened the eyes of the government to the negligence of health care facilities in the state.

•    All district should be provided with good medical facilities and not only concentrated at Kohima or Dimapur.

•    It has point out that we don't have enough facilities for treatment if any pandemic arises., for e.g. COVID-19. Furthermore any pandemic could arise.

•    Yes to stand hand in hand supporting each other without discriminating between rich and poor, low and high, advance and backward, black or white and with one religion, one Christ, one goal and one hope. Instead of blaming the government or the public or the people we should learn to unite together in any situations...

•    According to me no one has a fault both public and the government because both should know how to deal before and after every election. And one more thing instead of fighting through social media complaining, why not stand together both in good and bad times with one heart and live a harmonious life in peace.

•    COVID-19 has made people realised that it is high time ...and nothing should be taken for granted especially in health and food security sectors.

•    This pandemic has shown huge problems without state. Medical facility for any major problem is non-existent, it also seems as though Nagas are ready to panic at any situation, government needs to seriously change in the coming years, the need to do away with multiple, multiple organisations big or small from colony youth to numerous public ones based on tribal lines poking their noses in every decision of the government.  (I didn’t vote for these "leaders" to make decisions for me) all we know is the cancerous concept in Nagaland which says that a good, loud orator makes a good leader. And the worse part? In troubled times we can’t really turn to our churches, most seem very quite right now, don’t know why.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say: 

•    No. Rome wasn't built in a day. We cannot expect things to change overnight.


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: 

•    Yea and No. No because it has only helped to expose our weak anddefective system... And yes because it has to an extent making people aware about the needed change especially at d top level. This situation is grilling them since many of them are unprepared for this so they are still trying to adjust and imitate d world. Hope this pandemic opens the eyes of Nagas, in future to whom to vote.

•    Even if we lose the most now we should restart and rebuild for tomorrow. If not our future generations will only learn to leach not to produce. This pandemic has knocked our senses how much depended we are.

•    Of course we should, but never blame the virus. I blame everyone's deteriorate minds of this generations and all up to government to say... And of course now we can't go out and engage in the primitive work of a sudden lightning of this virus. It's impossible it will again take some more trouble to take up. And it all goes up to government.

•    It takes times to adapt and cope up with the new things in our life. Yes there is a tiny bit of changes we observe with learning platform making it digitalized,  our very indigenous been realized, local been given the opportunity not forgetting Nagaland for Christ been practicing in most household which the most important. Lockdown has made us realised no matter rich or poor, big or small, rural or urban life, we are all the same where we all live and die one day or the another which made us all took time to realised nothing last forever but we all are so into the existence on this very worldly thing that all are afraid of dying. This very lockdown brought us uniformity.

•    Maybe, but can’t be certain knowing our government for so long and the society we are likely to fall back to our previous path of corruption, hence even if  change come it won’t be on permanent basis just like our black topping it will fall out within few years.

•    How can I not agree to that? See my Mom is a nurse in district hospital for around 30 years. Now and for the first time since I was born, I saw so many changes in the hospital itself that was supposed to have been done ever before, being a government hospital. Not because of COVID-19 but hygiene should be the first priority for every single person on earth. I'm so glad that finally the hospital has wash basins every corner and it's so developed now. Another major development is Unity. There will ofcourse always have some rotten potatoes known as keyboard warriors but wow I see people are so united and supportive towards each other morally and spiritually supporting one another through prayers. Almost no accident cases, rape, violence, crimes atleast here in Nagaland.