Do you agree with the recent proposal that Nagaland Government should either ‘legalise liquor sale with strict regulations or amend NLTP Act’? Why

Some of those who voted YES had this to say: 
•    It should be legalised on priority, since the Prohibition Act has failed drastically leading to flourishing of spurious products as well as making way for Syndicate system to run the market without any hassle nor any preventive measures for the health of the consumers, such failed system to enforce has not only effect the consumers but creating a huge loss of revenue as well, keeping a tap or streaming strict action only on petty bootleggers is not going to have any impact on the market, whereas there are countless of open liquor counters that is in every nooks and corner of the State.

•    Government should legalise liquor sale, as it will boast the state revenue and the public will get good quality at a minimum rate.

•    The Church should not have any role in formulating policies. NBCC and other tribal council should focus more on their respective memberships. Legalising it will boost the economy as well. Certain modifications need to be done but there is no reason for strict regulations.

•    Yes, because liquor is available in the black market in every nook and corner and prohibition in Nagaland is a farce.

•    NLTP Act has done more harm to Naga society than good.

•    Spurious and ironically very expensive alcohol is ruining more lives and homes than NBCC can save in all their existence.

•    No matter what restrictions are imposed or burning and destroying liquors, levying heavy taxes, will not solve the issue or stop the seller from selling at the expense of the consumers.

•    Because drinkers are going to drink anyways. So it would be better to amend and generate revenue for the state.

•    Agree that it should be legalised now because we've had enough of the ineffective Act. It's a part of our food habit and why do some try to dictate... Let it be legalised but regulated for the welfare of people but not otherwise where only a handful of goons make money by selling black, adulterated produce. Yes, there can be influencers behind who can relentlessly push the government and its agencies to implement it but fact of the matter is, liquor will still flow and sadly, kill more. If we block its natural flow, we better be warned that there will always be leakages and people will opt for other forms of harmful habits. It's high time we learn to love the enemy called alcohol and teach people about the hazards of drinking adulterated liquor. I bet there will be change if we accept or legalise it and same time, create awareness, educate the people through both intensive and extensive campaigns.

•    It makes no sense to not legalise liquor as its coming into the state anyway. The Government and its enforcers are part of the problem for the booze to enter the state. The church is useless and affectless in this area. The crocks are getting richer and people are suffering as the Government is not capable to do anything. lift the ban under controlled measures and provide better teaching of effects of booze in the society.

•    Yes. The total prohibition law should be amended to partial prohibition since the law is clearly a farce. This "prohibition" is financing all anti social elements. Police (OCs) are being corrupted as they are paid to turn a blind eye either on their own accord or under direction of superior. Church without doing anything to address above mentioned core issues simply opposes lifting prohibition. The law is like the bark of a tree, it has to grow with the tree or it will break off.  Law has to evolve as per needs of society. As much as our legislators are scared to leave behind such a legacy, someone has to bell the cat.

•    Prohibition should be lifted. In, every nook and corner IMFL is available now.

•    High time the state legalise it. Prohibition is a total failure and I think NBCC and NMA should also need to ponder on it. They know it's a total failure yet they keep clinging to it.

•    Check the flow of liquor effectively or legalise it.

•    It should be legalised and at the earliest. No need to go into details why. Already the reasons are highlighted by others in this blog.

•    If the Government can stop the flow of alcohol to Nagaland, that would be great. But if not, this demand by the DNSU should be the last resort. There cannot be a better option than this.

•    I think we should support DNSU.

•    Yes definitely. NLTP has rather been a bane than a boon if you see the impact it in long term till the present.

•    Everyone knows about NLTP Act and its negative impact. Forget about the state revenue; think about the family economy where one drunkard man spends his 40 to 50% salary for few bottles of liquor! So if legalise, the price will blow and he saved money for his family!

•    Agree that it should be legalised now because we've had enough of the ineffective Act.

•    Yes it should be legalised because the more it tries to make illegal the more it causes damaged. ceasing liquors and breaking it, it doesn't makes any sense neither the breaker of the liquor nor the seller is getting advantage infact it's causing trouble to the seller as some seller are running their family through that. The only thing to keep in mind is that it should be legalised but at the same time a strong ethics should be made to control liquor activities. 

•    Of course nothing wrong in selling liquor.

•    Yes. The Government of the day should lift this Act. Issue proper license to open up liquor stall. Impose strict rules and timings for shop opening and sale of liquor below the age of 18 totally punishable offences.

•    Yes please do! Just think about it how much economy has been plundered by the implementation of NLPT Act.

•    I would support Legalisation of liquor sale in Nagaland so that at least consumer get the best quality instead of easily available adulterated liquor... NLTP Act has never been a boon to our society..?

•    I'm a teetotaler but I completely support the legalisation of liquor sale in Nagaland. Ban or no ban, people who drink alcohol will continue to do so, and for far too long so many lives has been shortened by consumption of adulterated alcohols in our so… See more

Some of those who voted NO had this to say: 
•    No, we should not legalise liquor sale. We don’t need to amend the NLTP Act. Just strengthened Excise Department by appointing more committed and dedicated Christian to man the Department.

•    No to sale of liquor instead strict implementation of the act.

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: 
•    Better lift this 30 years long namesake NLTP Act

•    How much more deliberation is required? Are we any closer to achieving total prohibition? It's a hypocritical scenario. Set strong legislation and impose heavy fines on illegal joints. The revenue collected should be sufficient to streamline and regulate the sale of alcohol. I am totally against the sale of alcohol to minors and driving under the influence of alcohol. High time to stop moral policing of our society. Invest time in your family and the society will be healthy.

•    The separation of the Church and State is critical to the final outcome of this decades-long vexing problem. It's time to challenge the general belief that prohibition mitigates alcohol addiction, whereas in reality, it has little to zero impact in discouraging the consumption of alcohol. It is time for the elected government to be able to deliver an honest and amiable solution to the problem. It is also time to acknowledge that spurious liquor kills and the state government is also missing out on a huge revenue source. Questions of moral and ethical nature should be debated at appropriate forums, say the church for instance. But mixing religion with politics is a dangerous game. The State should leave matters of religion to the Church and focus solely on delivering just and effective governance. Legalise the sale and consumption of liquor, regulate the quality of the product sold and ensure that it is not sold to minors.

•    I work as a pastor in a church. Some readers might even deviate from what I am actually saying but I would like to state that issue like liquor ban decision should not decided by the NBCC or any other Christian organisation. Either to ban or sale should be left to the prerogative of the state government. The democratically elected government should decide on this matter and whatever is the decision the society should accept it!

•    Revenue wise: Yes. Because the buyers will get it illegally too. But what about ‘Nagaland for Christ’?

•    Amendment of present NLTP Act will be the better choice to be made. If we are to legalise the liquor sale then first we need to think about market system and ask our-self that are we really ready for this?? Can we dominate and control the market? If we are not ready and if we simply legalise the Liquor sale then it will be a business heaven for non Nagas businessman in our state.