Do you believe there is a culture of silence surrounding child abuse in Naga society? Why?

•    As a child I often heard some elders and relatives quoting the Bible to justify Child abuse. Now, is beating a child black and blue biblical, or shaming and embarrassing them into mental stress and trauma for life, spiritual? What exactly is child abuse, that question has to have clarity in a growing society like ours. I am glad to see a few NGOs take up the space to address this painful taboo issue. The Church and the concerned Government must pull up their boots to see a solution before we make it normal.
•    The reason could be there are still many people who are not educated of what action could be call abuse and what can be call teaching them.
•    Nagas have leaned well from Indians who abuse 52% of their own children! There is silence possibly because it is more widespread than one feared. We forget or were shielded from knowing what befell our Azutsas in Nagaland from 1954 to 1979. You now have the internet and good luck with that. Keep rushing headlong into the abyss. Eastern Nagas may be your only salvation left when you have gone too far too fast x Kuknalim.
•    Just generally there is a culture of silence in Naga society, not just regarding child abuse but also many other things. Nagas are going through a difficult period, hopefully things will get better.
•    There are lot of people who witness child abuse in and around their neighborhood or any where else but they rarely inform about it, although they talk among themselves that it's not right, they think it's not their business afterall or they are afraid of what will happen to them if they do so and some people consider it as normal, some of them don't have idea how and where to inform, some think that it's good to give that child a lesson in such a way. There are lots of other reasons as well though.
•    Yes, Naga manu be like, "My child  is a Child, someone's child, is not a child".