Do you think the Nagaland government and educational institutes are taking into consideration the over-all well being of students during COVID-19? Give reason

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:  

•    Because even in this pandemic where everyone wants to stay at home and keep themselves safe they are still trying their level best by coming together and holding meetings to help the students to cope up with their studies so that the students can atleast open their books and learn because there are now many students who are not taking very seriously of their studies anymore since they think that it is a lockdown and they have got no homework's or lessons to study since schools have been shut down for more than a month...  Yes, the government is indeed taking very much consideration the overall well-being of students during COVID- 19.

Some of those who voted NO had this to say:
•    Selecting candidates based on their 10+2 when the NSEE full form itself says State Entrance exam, how is that a justice and a solution? Especially for students like us who took the risk of taking gap. It’s been such a devastating news for us while we have been preparing hard for the coming NSEE exam Despite this Pandemic, Students (aspirants) going through a lot of stress and anxiety yet didn’t give up and was preparing waiting for the good days to come with the hope that even if one doesn’t clear up yet will get an opportunity to compete with another student, our dreams been shattered because of a sheet of mark sheet. Was it our fault the cause of this global pandemic? Why are we the one to suffer and be on a disadvantage because of the situation? Even if this was a last option, there should have been some reservations for the droppers and a different cut for the NBSE and CBSE students. How can the DTE select students when the state has two different boards? If this is not unfair what should we called it? Students grievances are not been heard. We are been ignorant. A lot of opportunity has been crushed this year for students. How are we students on a disadvantage for this whole situation?

•    Talking of government schools, government has issued strict regulations like maintaining teacher’s diary on a daily basis but the question here is how many students have access to Internet and smart phones? Maybe teachers are able to update the teacher’s dairy on a daily basis but is it working on the grass root level? It's very questionable because it’s a known fact the plight and conditions of government school students.

•    To be fair enough, Private institutions in Nagaland have become Business institutions. None deduction of School/College fees is especially hurting the rural unemployed parents. Moreover, people in rural areas are hardly affording smartphone. So Nagaland Government idea of introducing Pen drive is just disgusting.

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: 
•    We all are in this and in it. Let's all contribute constructive and prospective ideas to all the challenges ahead of us. Stay optimistically positive. COVID-19 is not here to break us so we should choose to make us stronger out of it. It has been trampled 2000 years back at Calvary. Believe!

•    Pendrive offer isn't bad. But primarily speaking, regular electricity + better internet connection are crucial. Not many students have Laptop. Not all students specifically in far flung village's can afford smart phone. So this initiative of online learning is pre-mature specifically when it comes to students. Plus, charging for Covid19 test is making very difficult.

•    It should be "the well being of the teachers." The government does not know how much the teachers are struggling.