To fart or not to fart

When push turns into shove, Nagas are efficient verbal fartbags – ejecting only the wrong effect to make matters worse.
 Equally, they are also proficient stoics – mouths clamped shut so resolutely not even Dimapur Municipal Council’s notorious JCBs can pry open.
Look at the hot air balloons we elected to be our leaders – our favorite mistakes are still busy pulverizing our money; step back and take a long look at the point the Naga political movement has come to – nobody cares a steaming pile of horseshit for us common suffering people; study the creeps responsible for pulverizing Nagaland University – voices against that creepy vice chancellor are just one too many to be assuring us that everything is Okay than being projected. Moreover, them SOBs are still chucking big hay while your silence shines.
(PS: That megalomaniacal SOB sure has big balls. Good. The castration will be easier.  For Pete’s sake, hustle out all these creeps out from NU. Why leave it only to the students and teachers, dear pansy-assed twink.)
Alternatively, have you ever felt something-is-not-right in the government’s suave and played-down replies when it comes to funds? Our government leaders seem bad in math – they think our IQ is around 0-1. Just read their statements when numerical explanations alleging rampant corruption come up from the opposition. The Cartoon Network you elected to be your government is still there – check out the growing number of their kids’ imported Sedans and  SUVs, farmhouses and lands in every village, you insufferable incompetent bourgeois. PS: My apologies, readers. It is not lands. Our ministers do not own lands – they own mountain ranges.
Or just tolerate the ‘opinions’ that color our newspapers’ central pages; read through the mindlessly petty kitchen-Pickering of local organizations; or the eternal grievances of certain people who totally love playing victims when it comes to development. As if not enough, you still loll in your complacence leaving it to “intellectuals” or your equally incompetent, fearful and weasly ‘hoho’, union or whateverItIsThatYouAreDependingOnToSpeakForYou thing. We are such big time Losers.
By the way, all you kids on Facebook. Those photos are great. Me Like Like. And that video totally blows major time. Totally major time. And that remarkable status. Cool. Dig the chicks too. Hawt. Upload all the pictures and videos you want on your “Save Nagaland Save Nagas” group. WTF cares that only, like, 3 persons out of 7, 000 Nagas in your group ‘Like’ your “We need to do something about the corruption and violence” discussion topic. But isn’t it wonderfulous that 800 Naga members comment on your “Check out this Video” upload while another huge 500+ Nagas ‘Like’ it?
Dear children, naivety gone to your head? Sure looks so. Go, you gotta get yourself some good grow-up – you are the one who is going to suffer for the mess our big seniors are leaving for us.
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Nothing gets my goodwill hyperventilating than a Naga Facebook group that has discussion topics on severe issues but few actually giving even a miserly minute to one. (There are innumerable topics posted on discussion boards on groups concerning Nagas and Nagaland on Facebook; some FB groups also seriously push pertinent issues. Sadly, even the average Suppandi material can tell that many of us actually don’t give a flying dung about it all.
I really used to enjoy the debates and conversations on a Naga group called The Naga Blog on Facebook, when the group was younger. That was in the good old days before eavery one decided to buy a Cybershot each.
Photos, videos or music or comments and all protocols of interaction are good. Just that, I repeat, just that the big tip in the balance is a sad reflection of our sorry Naga mentality. Yes, our messed people and our messed up state reflect our complacence no less. A spoilt child reflects the pampering in his home. Be forewarned that the corruption, violence, lies and degeneration you are silent to, shall one day give you a mighty poke in the ass. And you will not be able to comment on it later. You will not like it either. It will be the biggest poke you are gonna get.

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