FGN, NNC observes 56th “republic day”

FGN Kedage Gen (Retd) Viyalie Metha (in civil dress) taking the national salute with top army officials during the 56 “republic day” on March 22 at Chedema peace camp, 4 kms from Kohima.
Chedema | March 22 : The 56th “republic day” of the (FGN) was observed today at Chedema Peace Camp, some 4 kilometers away from Kohima. ‘General (retd)’ Viyalie Metha, the “president” of FGN, said under the leadership of AZ Phizo, Naga Independence in 1947, the “Naga plebiscite” of 1951 unequivocally affirmed the “national stand” and “brought the people of the Nagas into an organic integration duly enshrined in the FGN’s ‘yehzabo’ (constitution) of Nagaland in 1956.’”
Stating that the Nagas were never under the Indian constitution, he said ‘even Mahatma Gandhi, on 19th July 1947 assured, if you don’t want to be under India then the matter ends there; nobody would force the Nagas to join the Indian Union.’
Supplementing the word of the then Indian Governor General C Rajagopalachari on 28 November 1946 Metha said, “the Nagas have every right to be Independent outside the Indian Union.”
He also maintained that the military tyranny and oppression upon the Nagas by the Indian armed forces is ‘known to the whole world.’ ‘Burning the houses and granaries of the Nagas, molesting and raping of womenfolk besides forcing both the old and young to starve; the torture and imprisonment of men folk, force grouping and imposing fines by India were beyond human tolerance.’
On the move for unity and reconciliation he said, claims and counter claims are going on and showing only ‘emptiness.’ The biblical truth of reconciliation is clearly demonstrated in the story of prodigal son and nothing else, he maintained. All know the unlawful occupation of Nagaland by India, he claimed.
Citing the instance of the current state of affairs, Metha said that ‘with the fast changing of world, many changes are taking place in front of us where the will of the people prevails as we can see things happening in Egypt and its neighboring nations’.
Appealing to the Nagas to ‘wake up’ and shoulder responsibility of the Nagas as one, he said the people have one purpose and one goal. ‘There should be no more hindrances among the Nagas thereby fulfilling the goal of Phizo,’ he added.
NNC for unconditional unity
Dimapur, March 22 (MExN): The Naga National Council also observed its “national republic day.” Kiumukam Yimchungru, vice president of NNC, said that 55 years ago, “the Naga people” declared a “republic” and “became a government and nation.”
A copy of his speech was received here today. “On this occasion, the NNC - being the parent body of all the Nagas – must say once again that the present unconditional unity of the NNC,GPRN/NSCN, FGN and the people's support group is the best political model for the Naga national workers unity in particular and the Naga people in general,” he asserted.
The “model of unconditional unity” at this stage should be supported by one and all, he said. “The NNC stands for the whole and all National Unity for the achievement of our freedom. But until and unless national groups are properly united on common political grounds, there will be no unity in reality.”
The NNC also said that the three “national groups” (NNC,GPRN/NSCN,FGN) signed an agreement of unconditional unity “on the basis of  the Indo-Naga-Burma political stand,” on December 14, 2010. “This vitally important agreement is international and covers all the Naga people. Therefore we call on all Nagas to support this stand in the interest of political freedom.”
The group also appealed to the civil society, church organizations “etc” to “speak the truth of what is right and what is wrong and to pledge that they are really serious and genuinely working for Naga national workers reconciliation and unity for the best interest of all in the homeland.”
He said the current talks with the government of India by one group alone “are one sided and very vague politically and will ultimately fail.”
‘Having abandoned the stand on Naga sovereignty, the group has weakened their case and lost momentum. Today the leadership is in a position of uncertainty and vulnerability,’ he asserted.

Leaders cannot fool the people anymore 
The NNC leader also reminded that in this world of mass media and instant communications, leaders can no longer fool the people politically. “Dictators and cruel leaders all fall eventually and we can today clearly see what is going on in the Middle East. The dictators are all falling as a result of action by their own people.”
He cautioned that the more arrogant Naga leaders should humble themselves “before it is too late in the Naga society too.” The leaders from all the Naga groups should humble themselves before God and the Naga people, he advised.
“The NNC reiterates that unless all Naga National Groups are united on the proper political rights of one Government, there will be no peace and political settlement in the Naga homeland. Therefore, let us do this before it is too late,” Yimchungru stated.
According to him, the “non-violence stand by NNC means it has a low profile in comparison to its importance in Naga society and history.”
“It is also looked down upon by some people, but the grassroots (village people) are always with the NNC. Ultimately our struggle without bloodshed will prevail in the homeland and will win the political race in this struggle of freedom for the Naga people,” he said while praying that God bless and free the Naga people.