Four districts in Nagaland record zero COVID-19 case

Nagaland COVID-19 Status at 3 PM on June 28. (Morung Graphic)

Nagaland COVID-19 Status at 3 PM on June 28. (Morung Graphic)

Atono Tsükrü Kense
Kohima | June 28

Self-discipline and self-responsibility in compliance of safety protocols among the returnees have proved to be productive with nil COVID-19 positive cases in the districts of Longleng, Mokokchung*, Wokha and Kiphire till today.

While there have been numerous reports of ‘unruly, indifferent and insensitive behaviour’ demonstrated by the returnees in the quarantine centres (QCs) in other districts, returnees from these districts, however, seem to have shown the way on how ‘responsibility and self-discipline’ can protect themselves and the whole community.

Except for these four districts, all the other districts have reported COVID-19 positive cases from among the returnees. Health officials have attributed the spike among the returnees to ‘carelessness and disregard to the safety protocols’ risking the lives of frontline workers and others who are taking care of them.


‘Behavioural values?
Speaking to The Morung Express, Medical Superintendent (MS) of Longleng, Dr Lhouvizotuo Belho heaped praises at the returnees for their discipline and self-restraint while in transit and at the quarantine centre.

He opined that one of the factors why the district has nil cases till today was that the returnees were ‘cautious and vigil’ during their journey. “Before they started their journey, they have prepared their own food, they didn’t share anything with others nor did they buy things on the way and also maintaining strict social distancing from others,” he claimed.

Inside the QCs too, Dr Belho said, the returnees were very particular about ‘mixing up with other returnees’ and were much disciplined and dutifully complying with all safety protocols.

“The community here are taking good care of the returnees as well their own community and are aware of what they should do and shouldn’t,” he said.

MS of Mokokchung, Dr P Medemmayang also attributed the nil cases to ‘self-discipline and self-restraint’ by the returnees both during their journey and in the QCs.

He said the instructions given on the dos and don’ts before they started their journey from their respective places were seriously followed by the returnees with strict maintenance of social distancing.

The MS further said that till today, it has not encountered any sort of problem or issue in the centres, and commended the behavioural values of the returnees both during the transit and in the quarantine centres.

Besides, Dr Medemmayang informed that the returnees carried their own food packages and enough sanitisers to santise their compartment, and did not mingle with others or get down to buy things on the way.

“With the grace of the Almighty and the self-discipline maintained by the returnees, Mokokchung doesn’t have a single case till today,” he expressed gratefully.

Meanwhile, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Wokha, Dr CW Tungoe also said the returnees have taken extra precautions and were disciplined unlike reports of such kinds coming in from other districts. “People contract the Coronavirus primarily because of heedlessness and those who are educated and are aware, they take the maximum precautions.”

“Since the first lockdown we have good coordination among the police personnel, district administration, medical, line departments including the tribal NGOs,” said CMO Kiphire, Dr E Motsuthung Patton.

He appreciated the returnees for taking serious heed to the instructions given to them both during the transit and in the QCs. Moreover, he added that the district did not mix the returnees but have segregated the returnees according to the places in over four QCs.

Dr Patton also said till today, it hasn’t confronted any issue or unruly behavioral attitudes from among the returnees.


Learning to live with COVID-19
At a press briefing, Principal Director, Dr Vizolie Suokhrie remarked that the ‘behavioural values’ among the returnees of the Longleng and Mokokchung should served as an exemplary to others.

Appreciating the returnees from these districts who have maintained themselves very well, Dr Suokhrie reiterated on the importance of social distancing pointing at COVID-19 spike among the returnees.

“COVID-19 is here to stay with us, we don’t know for how long and we have to learn to live with it,” stated Dr Suokhrie and reminded that the behavioural attitude of each individual will determine the containment of COVID-19.

No doubt, everyone is going through a lot physically, mentally and emotionally leading to frustrations and anger, however, at this crucial times of uncertainty with increase positive cases each passing day, a certain amount of ‘self-restraint and self-discipline’ is required for the greater good of all. 


*At the time of going to press, it was reported that a person under institutional quarantine in Mokokchung tested positive in the TrueNat test. The sample for the confirmatory test was sent to Dibrugarh on Sunday morning.



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