How do you rate the Nagaland Government’s health safety measures to prevent and contain the COVID-19 pandemic so far and why?

How do you rate the Nagaland Government’s health safety measures to prevent and contain the COVID-19 pandemic so far and why?
How do you rate the Nagaland Government’s health safety measures to prevent and contain the COVID-19 pandemic so far and why?

Some of those who voted GOOD had this to say: 

•    The lockdown is a system which is providing the best social distancing platform. Some people really don't know how to keep safe distance even though social norms have changed due to the pandemic. As for me, Nagaland police or other officials should put a strict check to maintain this lockdown. Some people use force and violence to implement this; such people should be exempted from this kind of work. Police men/women are doing a better job.


    In this alarming and in this situation of uncertainty, people should know themselves and follow proper safety guidelines. Religion has taken a toll, to the extent that some people believe that the COVID-19 cannot affect them because of the protection of the Supreme Being. Faith works miracles but one should also note the "God helps those who helps themselves" so everyone should be wise enough to understand how flesh and spirit works.


    The lockdown has created a huge social gap between the rich and the poor and it is known fact that small business owners and other public worker in small sectors are having economic problem already. To such people, proper guidelines should be given, alongside basic safety equipments like gloves and masks so that they can imply on the safety procedures and carry on their business to meet their daily needs. Some business establishments are benefiting greatly during the lockdown as they raise price of products or the service they provide. Such cases should be strictly checked by the local panchayat. Another problem is the exemption permit of cars; the rule should be strictly imposed however there are instances where during an emergency, one needs to rush out, such cases should be given more privileged than those who take permit for minor personal work. Other cases follow.


    In this uncertain time when no one knows how the virus will be passed, the lockdown should be strictly maintained and during the hours of grocery and essential shopping, the authorities should see to it that people are maintaining the proper social norms as the shops are limited only to certain areas.


•    It seems many of the Health personnel cannot differentiate the different types of safety gears.

•    The preparation to prevent COVID-19 is from government is good.

•    Steps taken by Government are praiseworthy.

•    Strict lockdown, timely action. Taking action on people spreading wrong information on COVID-19.

•    With the resources we have and despite the situation we have collectively created over the years, the way the crisis is being handled amidst criticisms and nothing else, it is required to be appreciated.

•    Awareness and interest among public to obey the lockdown.


Some of those who voted SATISFACTORY had this to say: 

•    Nagaland people are taking very good steps to prevent with COVID-1. Appreciate your hardship to fight with this problem. Please give equal treatment to everyone - whether Nagas or non Nagas. God bless my Nagaland land that I love.

•    Because there's a time to be taken something very seriously and now this is what Nagaland is doing. I am very grateful to all caretakers. May our living God take good care of all.

•    Satisfactory because Nagaland government health department doing their jobs and government might even have employed NGOs by paying DA and kept the security personal as stand by to monitor law and order of COVID 19.

•    Being a human, the government has done great in containment of COVID-19 but in a way or the other, livelihood of the poor people are facing difficulties in many ways. Of course the government did gave rations to daily wager people but I guess it’s not enough, quantity matters and showing humanity would be great to the needy people, some people are not reached or received rations as per requirement for his family. It's kind of easy by words but difficult to perform the actions.


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: 

•    Below Average.

•    Rating government measures is not possible as of now. It seems everything is on a planning stage and not ready for implementation and utilization. The distribution of food items too seems to be a drill so that it can be done properly when the situation becomes worse. On the other hand, the social distancing and lockdown observed by the public is quite satisfactory.

•    Not up to expectation.

•    Firstly there is no test lab still yet in Nagaland, secondly people are roaming freely without even wearing mask like any other normal day the only difference is school and taxi are closed. Not criticizing but as a well wisher and a citizen of Nagaland, I think we should be more prepare and strictly impose lockdown and movement of people unnecessary. May our Almighty God protect us all from this deathly disease and keep us safe thank you!

•    Lesson learnt for the State government, for better health care and basic infrastructure i.e. Road connectivity, electricity, water, education for the general public.

•    No test centre.  No social distancing maintained. People coming to office for unnecessary e.g. at banks  customer comes for passbook updating, KYC form, loan balance enquiry etc, which in turn risk the life of many bankers.

•    Unprofessional.

•    Very poor.

•    The State government and its machinery were underprepared to face the new crisis, the health department should have been supported and the various government functionaries should have been alerted at war-footing. However, it is a pity and a shame to see that till the time of the first victim being positively confirmed, the attitude and the nature of the state seemed non-conformity to the reality of the day. The state government should have started consultation with the business community the educational institutes, and the tribal bodies to highlight the need of the hour, not following tail on other broadcasting roles. It is meant to think, look and care for the welfare of the state not run it completely dry of competency, thanks to all the electors and the voters, now we are bounded in the same boat, so better we might see the best side to save everyone on board.

•    Why there is no unsatisfactory option in the poll in the first place? Or have you decided the answer already? Take a proper poll if you have to, please. With no testing facility in Nagaland after more than one month of the Nation declaring it as a health emergency, the Nagaland government has yet again proved that beyond organising "music festivals" and "mini hornbills," it is not capable of doing anything.

•    No, it isn't good or satisfactory. Why is there other option in your poll other than positive options? GoN has done nothing but released official statements only, NO GROUND WORK! period.

•    Some doctors are not willing to collect samples (but when you confront them, the truth will never reveal), rude to suspect patients, poor(est) medical facilities…

•    Not at all satisfactory. In fact, no facilities for COVID-19 pandemic. The only measure so far is social distancing and lockdown by the center. Zero from the Nagaland government end.

•    State government caught napping/inadequate in dealing with the 1st COVID-19 patient. This is the sorry condition in our state. WHAT more to say...

•    Not satisfied at all.

•    Horrible. Playing with public's life. Criminal acts of negligence with no COVID patient's ward bed in a very high risk zone Dimapur. I request His Excellency Governor to take full charge of dealing COVID cases.

•    Lackadaisical.

•    The issues raised by doctors and NGOs prove otherwise.

•    Worst of whole India. Elected by muscle and money power cares for no one.

•    Fungal infested mask supplied for frontline workers say all about how ill prepared the government is.  Quality must not be compromised, whether in words or deeds.

•    Poorest.

•    Extremely poor, misleading.

•    Scary. We will all die together.

•    Below par preparation.

•    Not at all prepared, lack of facilitates, lack of equipments.

•    Did the government entrust NGOs to ensure that the lockdown to be monitored? Did the government give any NGOs to take laws in their hands to bash up anyone who they think violate the lockdown?

•    Incompetent and useless government.

•    COVID-19 is not from government, but since taking about safety measures, I totally don't feel any safety or our government is prepared for it, if we infected to it we the Nagas are going to die for sure because our government is not prepared for it. The only hope is prayer and stay home stay safe. So sorry but cannot trust on government.

•    Not prepared to take the emergencies till date, as should have been by now. For example, Dimapur COVID-19 designated hospital (District Hospital) is still not ready to treat even a single positive COVID-19 patient. What an irony?

•    I believe, all of us would like to feel we are adequately prepared considering the enough time frame that we have had since the beginning of this year, we laud the government’s effort in trying to do its bit, some suggestions or rather questions to ponder that may strengthen our effort against COVID 19 are: making sure that the testing kits are not faulty and that the testing labs once in place should have CCTV to record and monitor the technicians and visitors. Frontline workers, Medical staffs need to be trained physically, mentally and emotionally to deal with the people during the pandemic. So far, by God's grace we do not have any infected patient in our hospitals and we all should continue to pray as a nation for God's continued protection, yet from scenes across the world, the question pops are we prepared to handle? Should influx of COVID-19 positive patient floods in and are there mortuaries ready with trained personnel who can follow proper SOP to cremate, burn etc. As theory and practical are worlds apart. We need to hope for the best yet prepare for the worst.

•    No trust worthy institution or person  in corrupt Nagaland.

•    More than 50 years since statehood but it’s disheartening to see Nagaland lacking in proper hospitals facilities .basic human rights and needs should be given utmost priority but successive governments' of Nagaland has failed miserably.

•    No proper funding to hospital to set up BSL -3 laboratory in state + PPE is still far away + to contain the spread provide hand make mask in large scale for whole population.

•    The only statement I can make is that this State Government is the best example of the worst possible cartel like organization - The people who comprise this Government should be named and shamed - They are a bunch of shameful demons who will pay on the day of the judgment - The people of Nagaland deserve these politicians since they were the ones who elected them for petty gains - Only Lord Jesus can help.

•    Nagaland should first teach Nagas to be civilized, the 2 recent incidents has brought shame to entire Naga community as a whole, Nagas have always know to be down to earth and friendly, this is a shame.

•    No satisfied.

•    Very poor healthcare system as compare to other NE states as we lack proper amenities. It’s a wakeup call for the government and start investing in the health care system and not just on art and culture spending crore of rupees. Hope the COVID-19 fund is utilized for the people and be more honest and transparent.

•    Pathetic.

•    Confused.

•    No transparency in the budget.

•    Not good.... People gather in mass everywhere

•    Average.

•    To err is human. Let us admit our mistakes. Lying has become our profession for which there is always doubt in our mind and therefore transformation of Naga society is the need of the day.

•    They have not done anything new or better but followed the pattern across the world. They forgot that people need to work and eat, they the government have not given food to stay home to many daily wage workers. The government has nothing to boast about.

•    Nagaland government is good enough to maintain the quarantine for safety and for self setting so far. However, we the Naga's are so vulnerable people and understanding the situation happening and so aware of the covid-19 pandemic that the answer is the only prayer we believe, we have faith and we have trust our GOD ALMIGHTY. Thank You

•    The state's measures to prevent and contain COVID-19 pandemic have been most disappointing. The government machinery had been busy highlighting how the state was preparing well since early March. The media in the state too reported those statements without doubt. In fact, this very newspaper, in its editorial on17.03.20, commented “...State’s government preparation on the ground has had been laudable, despite certain apprehension...” The public seemed to have been happy and it was as though almost everyone was applauding the state of readiness in our state.

    Yet when the specter of COVID seemed to be knocking at the door, the mirage of preparation gave way to the desert state of preparation in our state. Government hospitals were not well equipped with the required number of basic equipment like PPEs. It was only in 28 March that the first shipment of PPE arrived in the state to replenish the very little stock that we had at that time. That the Dimapur COVID hospital was not ready was also reported by some newspapers during this period. All these were after two months of the first reported COVID case in the country! What were the concerned authorities doing all along? What if our state had COVID case in February or in mid March? It would have been a disaster. We are lucky that we had no case during this period.

    The way the state authorities handled the first COVID case from the state exposed the utter lack of flow of information and coordination in the state. When the case from Nagaland was announced by the Assam Minister, some regional media news reported that the Nagaland government officials were not aware of the situation, when reached for their comments. This is the state of affairs in our state.

    The Almighty God has been very kind to our state. The national lockdown seems to have prevented waves of COVID from reaching our state. God's love and the national lockdown should be credited for preventing the spread of COVID in our state, not the ministers and the departments concerned. The media in the state was also not asking the hard questions and digging around in the early days. Even this poll question of rating the state government’s performance has only three options-' good', 'satisfactory' and 'others'. What about the option for 'bad' or 'unsatisfactory'? It is high time that our public start questioning consistently the authorities on the kind of work they are doing. Our politicians act like royal families in the ancient days, who feel that they owe no explanation or responsibility to the public. It is time that they are held accountable.

•    Materials for protection from COVID-19 was bought/brought only after complaints lodged by some tribe like WSH etc asking government to show financial utilisation of Centre's grants.

•    No crystal clear action taken by the government so far for the safety of its people.

•    Fewer measures are taken. They are not serious about it. Only the colony chairmen are taking action. We the people who don't work are facing problems like water supply food supply

•    Bad.

•    People do not know the meaning of lockdown, social distancing are not being properly tackle. So it will be much better if the shops are not relaxed even though there are no cases in Kohima. We as responsible citizens should be cautious and not risk it......HEALTH IS WEALTH.

•    Corrupt government for which citizens are now paying the price.

•    Not satisfied.

•    Nagaland state is the most corrupt state in India, till now laboratory machine is brought but not yet fixed to start the test. Our state government is sleeping till now.

•    I don't see anything happening, not even a single hospital ready to take care of COVID patients. Not even a single laboratory to test the COVID virus after 2 months.

•    I agreed that the government is doing its best to contain the virus but they are not prepared to contain the virus, as we can see and know that the health facilities are very poor and not up to mark, and moreover can't even compared with others states and UTs. The Nagaland government is taking up measure to prevent the spread of virus and I should say that in this case the government are doing quite good in preventing, but they should also have a check on health and medical facilities if in case the virus get out of hand and reach Nagaland, ( God forbid ). As the health safety is at risk of the virus gets to Nagaland.

•    The public knows it.

•    The present safety measures all seems to be stop gap arrangements only. Last minute rush to show a semblance of performance in a fashionista trend is not expected to bear long-term results!

•    Only the fear of the Lord will survive. Obedience to God alone can save Nagas.

•    Very poor.

•    Compared with other states we are lacking in terms of availability of medical facilities but I think our Government is trying its best to avail the necessary medical tools to fight with the recent pandemic COVID-19.

•    Nil.

•    China constructed a hospital within a week; other States arranged COVID-19 hospital within few days. But our State taking about a month to open parcels and setting/arranging of BSL-3 materials at NHAK. Again it'll take 2-3 months for setting BSL-2 materials at Dimapur.

•    Too Hopeless...

•    Useless.

•    Worst leaders.

•    Not satisfied at all.

•    Too slow to react.

•    When the dead of fellow Nagas are being buried in other states at times like this I have lost the little respect for this so called government of a Christian state.

•    Not even near...Hopeless government.

•    Please add poor as an option.

•    My concern is how do we tackle post lockdown.

•    To rate the safety measures enforced by the Nagaland Government. I would say they (we) it is clear that no matter how much effort is done to counter this pandemic we should also know our incapability to overcome crisis like this. I'd say 50/50.

•    Negligent and slow to act.

•    People are roaming freely even after the stipulate time for shopping necessaries and no want is bother, and carefree.