Is it a right time to undertake delimitation process in Nagaland? Why?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say: 

•    It is long overdue.

•    High time for Equal share of constituency.

•    Nagaland cannot an exception for democratic electoral process. Constitutional rights have to be balanced for democracy to survive.

•    Because the present distribution is not fair, for the reasons best known to those so-called intellectuals at that time.

•    Because we need specific area development in economic, social, financial, political field... Nagaland needs New Development for the Upcoming Generations.

•    "Armed gangs rule Nagaland" RN Ravi.  It will be impossible to integrate all the Naga inhabited areas unless the Naga blood brothers from outside of Nagaland voluntarily join the platform. "Politicians and Public Leader's are fooling the general public. whereas,  Armed factions are getting  their share from the spoils." time is ticking  for the Naga people  to wake up or else the central government  might  imposed  lockdown  which was previously imposed on Kashmir valley. 

•    To right to represent the people based on population so they can be rightly represented and also to weed out corruption.

•    To have equal representation not by mouth but by action.

•    Delimitation on every state is a must. Constitutionally, it should carry out  after every 10 yrs, for the development and equal opportunity and power for every community.

•    Absolutely Yes. For fair representation, justice and equality. It is the legitimate right of every citizen of liberal democratic state. If we look at the census of 2011 and assembly seat distribution it is unfairly and injustice. If Nagaland is for Christ where is justice? NBCC campaign for Clean election will be achieved only after there is a fair and equal representation of the people in Assembly seat and with a clean electoral roll. Therefore this exercise needs to be taken up earnestly at top most priority. History will never forgive us if we met out injustice to the deserving right of people every now and then.

Some of those who voted NO had this to say: 

•    Because to some extend I believe that the Government of India is trying to recurrent the policy of ‘Divide And Rule’ among the Naga tribes and that will for sure if such exercise or implement of D will further stand in the path of long 23 years of talks for sovereignty.

•    Because the main issue right now should be the pandemic not delimitation.

•    Political solution must be first.

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: 

•    Undertaking delimitation will not hamper anything that's going on I believe.