Is Nagaland Government doing enough to ensure adequate and equitable distribution of health and economic resources across the state? Give reasons

Some of those who voted YES had this to say: 

•    Yes. Government is now trying with its optimum effort to improve health care facilities and PDS distribution during lockdown has been increased.

•    Yes I agree that Nagaland government are trying their best to protect our Nagaland people but some people they don't understand that, that's the problem.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say: 

•    No. The Government of Nagaland (GoN) has forgotten about the rural areas. It's very difficult for most of the village people to receive daily needful assistance.

•    No. All funds are directed only towards Kohima.

•    No. So far it's only words.

•    No. We neither have one good Government hospital nor medical supplies. Not everybody in Nagaland can afford thousands of rupees for one night stay in a private hospital. We need ventilators, medical supplies and support from the state Government.

•    No. Proper management at quarantine centres. 

•    No. Most of the govt expenditure is on salary. The remaining is left for the MLAs to consume since they had spent during election.

•    Sadly, the frontline workers are provided with substandard PPEs, "hopefully" that would be rectified soon. Face masks, surgical gloves, hand sanitizers, and other "BASIC" requirements should be at the disposal of the frontline workers "AT ALL TIMES". Why is that so hard to understand? Money is not the issue here but the conscience, seriousness and the integrity of our leaders are to be questioned.

•    No. First of all, there is not even a single good government hospital equipped with basic facilities like a ventilator. I wonder where the money is going. Not only state government but the Naga political groups who claim to love the state so much. They charge so-called tax from each and every person trying to earn a living. Why can't they do something nice to people of Nagaland for a change? 

•    No. They are not. They are bringing more trouble for us.

•    No, right now they are running like headless chicken, no proper plan, no action plan, no backup plan.

•    No. Because they are still politicising on public.

•    Very, very big 'No', before COVID-19 'said fully prepared', but when COVID-19 came 'nothing prepared' and now the result is 'confused', don't know what to do and what not to do. Morumbi lakhi aru khusa pe lakhi.

•    Big NO! Indeed they should learn from our neighbouring state Assam.

•    A big no from my side. Forget about distribution of Health and economic resources they are not utilising even half of their logical sense too.

•    The answer is NO. The Government might be doing its best but I feel their reaction toward the pandemic is little late or ignorant. I believe they can do better and was hoping they are prepared. Seeing the alarming stage of sending the home returnee to their own district without proper testing and precaution is an insensitive act. Equipment should have been made available and Dimapur should be the testing Dist with whatever cost, the only gateway to Nagaland. All other entry point should have been sealed with strict surveillance. State should also must have regularise the state economy as soon as the lockdown begins and all essential commodity prize should have been checked. Hope things will be better very soon but this little hope is almost gone by now. God knows them and we take refuge in him.

•    No, in those 2 month lockdown what was the government doing only one lab that also last moment under pressure, no fund for bringing up more medical equipments & when the real virus entered the state, on haste, complete negligence & on a steps to hide funds.

•    No, never, not. We are partitioned by the flames of ‘ism’... So let's say only the ones that are in power enjoy the full capacity of what's being given. The rest are scapegoats.

•    No. No progress as the government has concerned in our state. Very very sad.

•    No. the government is not prepared for the worst even after the initial warning sign. The government already declared COVID-19 cess when there was no case at the beginning. Now what excuses are they going to come up with the present economy and situation? They don’t have a contingency plan and shows their inefficiency. We are left by our self to defend, so God have mercy on us.


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: 

•    The Naga government show like they are doing their best but actually not. Because, the government steal all the money (20 crore) which was sent by central government to use during this pandemic and they are playing us with Marie biscuits.

•    They never did and they never will because they are hungry for power and money.

•    This not a question to be asked or answered. Every living soul in Nagaland and maybe even other states knows that government.

•    Instead putting the frontline worker's life into risk and creating confusion between the administrations on their work distribution which makes the life of returnees more miserable. Economy? Let's make sure that the cabinet ministers are distributing equal share among them from the fund they are getting from central government.

•    The question itself is contradictory to the mention Government itself... So there's no secondary answer to it when it's already been destruction.

•    If I am to react to this question, I will have to give not only reasons but I shall have to give good suggestions for proper planning as well. In fact I cannot give good suggestions to the village leaders where I am currently staying at because people's perceptions and ideas varies in so many ways and there are so many challenges faced by so many challenging backgrounds. Therefore, honestly this question is too big for me. 

•    Forget enough the GON are not even doing the bare minimum at this rate we the Naga people are all going to banish pretty soon.