Is Nagaland Government doing enough to keep the public informed on the COVID-19 situation in the State?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say: 

•    Yes, they are doing it wrong. They should update the news with number of deaths and then recovered then the positive case.

•    Yes... No.! Are the positive cases out of returnees? Or public?

•    Knowing the fact of the spiking of COVID 19 cases in the community (especially Kohima, Dimapur & Peren District), Government should act faster in taking logistic decisions.

•    They are doing best against COVID-19.

•    Government elected by the people for the people. Well done.

•    Of course, but not money matter.

•    Yes, information on the radio is given daily, but I think not enough is done on lockdown and containment guideline.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say: 
•    No, since there is more or less community spread in Kohima, the non-frontline workers are getting infected! This means, the public are in a great danger.

•    No, the state Government has miserably failed in containing the cOVID19 pandemic due to negligence and heavy corruption. It is just the beginning; expect the worst in the coming months. Only the frontline workers are doing their job, while the ministers have went hiding.

•    The policies that Nagaland government implemented is not benefited much to the public rather it's a policy for their comfortable life. They need to see the ground reality of the people and implemented in that manner.

•    As more positive cases are on the rise and the people are exposed to the Coronavirus, the more weaknesses of different governing systems are exposed. The spread of COVID-19 has also revealed both the depth of interdependence and the paucity of institutions/stakeholders to cope with all its manifold connections. The government is doing but not enough to content this Pandemic. The chain of communication, decision making, implementation and execution of obligation is a serious concerned. There is thrust deficit and lack of clear policy on the part of the government. No doubt, the frontline workers have extremely contributed so much in their own capacity and we owe them so much for the sacrifices during these trying times. However, the government should rise up to the occasion and take full responsibility and credential for the loopholes and inefficiently in management and tackling the various issues pertinent to the society. Going forward, the looming crisis can only be tackle by the government with the assistances of different stakeholders with clear cut plan   that fits the inescapable realities. The lackadaisical and myopic approach of the need to be address to gain the confidence of the people.

•    Very bad test.

•    Should be more transparent regarding the COVID-19 positive case - colony, locality etc. so we public can be aware and take more care for safety.


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: 
•    To some extent. The Government doesn't disclose whether the cases are locally transmitted or from QCs.

•    Don't know about the government but are the media doing enough to inform us? There is plenty of unverified news circulating on social media especially from Kohima and some turn out to be true but we see only one or two of those in the papers that too in vague details. Is the Nagaland media not well equipped to follow such stories and authenticate it or at least write the report in detail so that we may get the complete picture rather than speculate among friends and family members?