Was 2006 a good and blessed year for Nagas?

Those who said YES had this to say:

•    Well, ever since the DAN govt. has been ruling there is a great development under the leadership of his excellency Neiphiu Rio there is a progress in every field – Politically, Economically and Socially.....So Isn’t it good and blessed?

Those who said NO had this to say:

•    2006 was full of contradictions and was not good year for Nagas as a whole. Maybe it was good for some people. Peace is still illusive and infighting among Nagas is the main hurdle for a peaceful solution. Without solution, there will not be progress and without progress, Nagas will only suffer.
•    Despite all the claims of the govt. we could only see and read about Rio being at 2 or 3 different places on the same day. On the law problems we found the politicians confusing each other while the bureaucrats waited for things to cool. Our freedom fighters were busy eliminating each other without any concern about anything. Can we call this blessed?
•    2006 has been an overrated year for the Nagas. Even if there were so many big events like the agri expo, hornbill events, they were not able to change life of people. 
•    How can we called it a blessed year when there are so many killing and hatred.
•    In spite of all the claims of the govt., there were maximum killings, scandals, confusions, that no one really understood what was going on.
•    It’s not a good year because there were factional clashes everywhere especially the Khaplang faction went to the extent of driving out the Tangkhuls from the soil of Nagaland which has become a bitter effect. These brotherly killings have weakened the chances of solving the Naga issue.  
•    No, it’s bad but blessed
•    NOOOOO! It was a year full of killings and bloodshed. It is the return of ‘Modern Headhunting’. And at the same time, it is very painful to see the most unfortunate comment of the CM, “except for the killings of innocent people in every village in Nagaland everyday, the rest of Nagaland is in Peace.”
•    The worst enemy of the Nagas i.e. tribalism has not been not been banished. A few group, party and influential individuals has resurrected this evil. The tragedy is that many Nagas believe them and want to believe them for sort sighted reasons and believed gains. To be a blessed year all Nagas must condemn tribalism and exposed the perpetrators as enemies of the Nagas.
•    No, because of the political situation
•    As long as the pseudo national workers stop committing atrocities on civilian and unless there is a full participation of civil society and unless these self indulgent, opulence driven politicians rethink about the mess they have brought to the socio and economic realities of the people and the beautiful land. I with recede from labelling 2006 as a blessed year. Finally, the state won’t be blessed just because more conspicuous churches are built at the cost of public good
•    There were lots of hue and cry all over the state; people still longing for peace and harmony among the brothers. There was no new development on the other side. Factional clashes are still going on. We cannot say we are blessed.
•    Political and fractional killings where no innocent Nagas are protected for safety and freedom of speech are lacking.