• Winter is finally here...
    Banana BreadIngredients• 100g sultanas • 75ml bourbon or dark rum • 175g plain flour • 2 teaspoons baking powder • 1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda • 1/2 teaspoon salt • 125g unsalted butter, melted • 150g sugar • 2 large eggs • 4 small, very ripe bananas (about 300g weighed without skin), mashed • 60g chopped walnuts • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract • 23 x 13 x 7cm loaf tin, buttered and floured or with a paper
  • Kick Back Life
    Dr Areno Odyuo, PT,ACE, member of American Council on Exercise, is a successful Personal Trainer based in Dimapur. She specializes in Weight loss & Body Toning. Contact her at or 8974036994 Getting oneself FIT is something we are being progressively aware of in this fast world. For most people the hardest part of exercising is just getting started. Hectic schedules and lack of time certainly contribute to the excuses. But for many people, lack of basic
  • 25 Decorating Tips for 2011
    Our goal is to stay one step ahead of the trends in decoration. With the entry of the New Year, here are our tips for decorating in 2011. It will be a year of color, patterns and inspiration.•    Use original patterns in your house and use them frequently. The patterns are the solution to poor environments. Use patterns to enliven and invigorate your space.•    Mix patterns and colors. The combination will create unique and original design's. T
  • MasterChef recipe for Roast Pork and Roast Vegetables
    Series: MasterChef 2011Segment: Celebrity Chef RecipesChef: Vincent GadanIngredients6 point pork rack, not frenched, skin on4 tablespoons sea salt¼ cup olive oilVegetables6-8 cloves garlic4 eschallots, peeled and halved8 Kipfler potatoes, washed and cut into wedges2 celery stalks, cut into 10cm lengths200g butternut pumpkin, skin on, cut into small wedges6 baby carrots, peeled and tops removed2 apples, peeled and cored, cut into wedges2 sprigs rosemary¼ bunch thyme100ml olive
  • ‘Tokhu Emong Fest: One Heart…One Spirit’
    On November 7, 2011 Kyong Welfare Forum Delhi celebrated Tokhu Emong festival under the theme “One Heart…One Spirit”.  The venue Constitution Club (near India gate), being centrally located had attracted a full packed audience.  It was one of the most colourful extravaganzas of the North East community in Delhi which had attracted thousands of people cutting across caste, creed, colour, culture and nationalities to witness the most colourful unforgettable an
  • Boot it right!
    Time to break out the cowboy boots and jeans, riding boots and leggings and maybe your best black work trousers and those cute high-heel booties you bought last year. They're all easy, almost no-fail pairings. Finding the right skirt to go with boots, however, is more likely to trip you up, especially this particular season when it seems anything goes with hemlines.Do long skirts get tall shafts or shorter ones? What's the rule on miniskirts? And can functional weather-friendly boots m
  • Social Issues and Discrimination in Nagaland
    Political and Social issues are dirty and evil. Are they? I was always told, “Stay away from those issues.” The intention is understood, it means to be on the safer side of the edge. But, for me, it’s so undesirable to wait for my destiny get rotten and finally to be pushed off the border. There is no escape because one day or the other, we will become the victims of social discrimination. The sooner we unearth our social issues, the better. Remember the Indus Valley
    Dear citizens of Nagaland, the Naga Bloggers dedicate the below two articles to youDedicated to all the NOSY Naga girls/guys looking out for JUICY gossip, rumours and judging others1 Thessalonians 4:11 -  ... "Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!"Quit being the moral police patrolling around your NOTUN BOSTI neighbourhood and snooping into your neighbour's bedroom/kitchen discussions!!As long as you go around pointing out people’s
  • The Other Face of Criticism
    Strolling around Kohima, through its busy boulevards, hectic bazaars with all sort of commodities, the noise spiraling its waves to all directions, exiting alleys where people were going in and out busy in their own world, frenzied office-goers and last-in-row cab drivers lounging and ambling about, tiny tots going to school and returning with their caring nannies and parents; travelers navigating and shopping, innocent villagers enjoying their day out in the big wide city oblivious to
  • Corruption your NO counts
    The Morung Express asked young Nagas how we can eliminate Corruption from Nagaland. The following responses were garnered from the members of The Naga Blog (Facebook) and also readers of The Morung Express: How can we eliminate Corruption from Nagaland?Imojen Jamir: Corruption is immoral and against the law. However, it seems to have become a norm in Nagaland. Bribery, nepotism, abusing the system by high officials, electoral fraud, organized crime etc have become a way of life whether
  • Heads: Traffic Problems: Law makers turn into Law Breakers
    Kevin Yepthomi Naga: Today around noon time, on my way home I was caught in a traffic jam at the smaller lane of the only fly-over in Dimapur. And being stuck there for about an hour, I was somewhat irritated and it got worse when I saw that the cause of the jam was because two police gypsy coming from the wrong side of the traffic and that too in one way route. And so, as irritated as I was, I told them how they can do that when they are the police who should be setting example. One s
  • 'Saving animals is my priority'
    Nagas are very fond having animals, birds and reptiles as pets at home, especially dogs and cats. We love to nurture them and have them as companions. So, how do we react when our pets meet with an accident, gets sick or falls ill? The usual way of using herbals and ayurvedic treatment available at home is not the solution. Animals need special care and a different set of treatment. A small wrong move or treatment can be fatal for animals because they are more sensitive than human bein
  • Why Murakami's best-selling '1Q84' is worth the wait
    When Shinchosha decided not to run a pre-marketing campaign for Haruki Murakami's new and highly anticipated two-volume novel, the publishing house must have banked on the book creating its own hype. It worked. The void soon filled with publicity and media speculation about the book's only available information: its title.In the weeks leading up to the release of "1Q84," Tokyo's radio talk-show hosts and television personalities buzzed on and on about probable links to George
  • Overcoming High Blood Pressure
    High blood pressure or hypertensionhas become a common disease for many people today, especially for those living in urban areas. High blood pressure or hypertension is one factor causing strokes, heart attacks, and kidney failure. And the worst excesses of this disease is death. Therefore, if you can, this disease should be prevented. If you have high blood pressure, you can control the disease. How to prevent and control high blood pressure or hypertension?Why Blood Pressure Rises?Wh