H. O. P.  E.

H. O. P.  E.

 Rakodu Nukhu


Hope is expensive

We pay a heavy price to realise it

Hope of nationhood has cost our people so many lives

As a peoples group nothing is greater than this aspiration

Is it wrong to hope for and seek an identity?

An identity we have carved for ourselves as “Nagas”

If this Naga hope is mutual and established upon right foundations

Guided by faithful hearts, minds, hands, and feet

Could we go wrong?

When we seek to become one people

There lie many people within that dream

You and I will therefore hear many voices concurring and conflicting

From within the family and from without

If opposing the other is to cause injury

How can we relate to each other and flourish as a people?

Propagating a selfish voice without considering other parts of the body

Is insensible, unjust and foolish

Many times we have tried to reason together

But how many of us truly reason with our Maker?

At his feet lies a mysterious power to weave together a fabric

That cannot be woven by human hands

David: Israel’s warrior-king, singer, dancer, poet, servant of the Most High

Loved the Lord and loved his nation

Each time he made a mistake, caused injury and sinned

He would run back into the arms of the Lord weeping on his knees

And the Lord firmly established his leadership and nation

Our fathers and mothers have walked a path

That is lonesome, bitter, and often without popular support

Today’s torch bearers continue to walk this journey

Now, with a more informed, refined, and creative tapestry of a Naga identity

I salute you all

Naysayers, trolls, adversaries are plenty in this journey

But dear fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters

In this day and age of “each man for himself”

My sincere hope is this:

That our leaders will still love the Lord, love the nation, and

Weep for themselves and the people of sins and misgivings

The Lord God is very gracious and who knows?

He might even cause your enemies to become your friends

And the good things that friends can do for each other

Kuknalim and Praise the Lord!


The poem ‘HOPE’ shared during the Worship of Celebration and Commitment held to commemorate the 9th year of signing of the ‘Covenant of Reconciliation’ on June 13, 2018 organized by the Forum for Naga Reconciliation at Dimapur Ao Baptist Church, Duncan Basti, Dimapur.