Bwenye Kemp

Today I stand here in the hope that the hopes I express today become a reality tomorrow.


My first hope is that there will be no other youths in the coming days or years just giving a mere speech about hope, but living their dreams.


Seeing the rampant educated unemployed youths, the corruption, and the backdoor appointments, I hope our state; our youths will not be lost or confused about whether they can find a future in Nagaland.


I hope one day our unity and culture will not be just a show at the Hornbill festival but an everyday affair, with the sense of tribalism and division being done away with.


I hope to feel proud to invite my other friends from different parts of the world to our state and not be embarrassed to show our decadent road conditions with potholes, dust, and the lack of basic infrastructure around us.


I hope that I get to see my Nagaland as a self sufficient state – A state where merit counts and not recommendations or connections. A state where youths may not be discouraged ,disheartened, and compelled to seek security, safety and stability outside of our State, or feel the need to go far away from one’s home.


I hope that “change is coming” is not only a slogan on paper, but I wish to feel and enjoy the benefit and the air of change.


I hope for a true democracy, where there are no proxies and when the people of our state will not vote based on tribe, alliances or money, but on the quality and personality of the candidate.


I hope for a state where we do not fool each other with empty promises and forsake each other in times of need. I hope for a time when our political groups/factions can unite in true heart and spirit and not fight among themselves. I hope rather to see them doing something good for the society and the state rather than creating a hindrance to the development and progress.


I hope for a day where there is transparency about funds, contracts, recruitments, schemes and other benefits that are meant for the public and not just a section of society. I hope for a state of peace, prosperity, justice, equality and a land full of opportunities.


I hope that it will not just be a handful of people taking up the challenges we face today for a better tomorrow, but that all of us – the people, will come together as one for the change of our society, our state. To everyone present here today, I hope that we will not just talk about change, or wait to see the change, and not be afraid to carry forward what was already started years ago. As Mary Shelley says “the beginning is always today.”




‘I HOPE…’ shared during the Worship of Celebration and Commitment held to commemorate the 9th year of signing of the ‘Covenant of Reconciliation’ on June 13, 2018 organized by the Forum for Naga Reconciliation at Dimapur Ao Baptist Church, Duncan Basti, Dimapur.