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  • Yoga can improve anxiety, nervousness: Study
    New York, Augùst 14 (IANS): Researchers have suggested that yoga improves symptoms of generalised anxiety disorder, a condition with chronic nervousness and worry, suggesting the popular practice may be helpful in treating anxiety in some people. The study, published in the journ
  • Experimental Covid-19 vax prevents severe disease in mice
    Washington, August 14 (IANS): An experimental vaccine is effective at preventing pneumonia in mice infected with the COVID-19 virus, according to a study. The vaccine, which is made from a mild virus genetically modified to carry a key gene from the Covid-19 virus, is published in the j
  • People should not fear spread of COVID-19 in food, packaging - WHO
    GENEVA, August 14 (Reuters) - The World Health Organization said on Thursday it saw no evidence of coronavirus being spread by food or packaging and urged people not to be afraid of the virus entering the food chain. Two cities in China said they had found traces of the coronavirus in i
  • Study reveals why Covid-19 virus impacts patients differently
    Toronto, August 14 (IANS): Previously scientists have determined that entry of SARS-CoV-2 into cells occurs through a receptor on the cell surface, known as ACE2 but a new study has found that the ACE2 receptor is at very low levels in human lung tissue. Researchers at McMaster Universi
  • Scientists identify hundreds of drugs to treat Covid-19
    New York, August 13 (IANS): Scientists, including one of Indian-origin, have used machine learning (ML) to identify hundreds of new potential drugs that could help treat Covid-19, the disease caused by the novel Coronavirus, or SARS-CoV-2. "We have developed a drug discovery pipeli



  • Manoj Bajpayee, wife lead the cause of generating livelihood locally
    New Delhi, August 13 (IANSlife): Bollywood actor Manoj Bajpayee and his wife Shabana Raza Bajpayee have lent their support to an initiative called 'Shramik Sammaan' that aims to generate employment for the migrant workers who have returned to their home towns and villages during th
  • Women no longer willing to compromise on compatibility
    New Delhi, August 13 (IANS): After 74 years of Independence are women in this country able to choose their own destiny, their life paths or even their own life partner? While matchmaking is still a family affair in India, matchmaking platform has seen that singles are increasing
  • Princess Diana musical to debut on Netflix before hitting Broadway
    LOS ANGELES, August 13 (Reuters) - A new musical about Britain’s Princess Diana will be filmed without an audience and air on Netflix Inc in early 2021 before it debuts on Broadway, producers announced on Wednesday. The unusual arrangement for “Diana” was made as Broad
  • Post-weaning depression: It's time we start talking about it
    New Delhi, August 12 (IANSlife): Post-weaning depression is a form of mental illness which can occur after a woman stops breastfeeding. Like other depression, it requires immediate medical attention. It is a result of hormonal fluctuations and/or the psychological stress of weaning the bab
  • Manushi Chhillar: Likes and shares in virtual world add to pressure
    Mumbai, August 12 (IANS) Actress and former beauty queen Manushi Chhillar, on the occasion of International Youth Day on Wednesday, said that youth should feel free to be themselves, but also warned against online toxicity. "We, the youth of our country, are riding on the technolog