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  • Toxic workplaces increase risk of depression by 300%
    Sydney, June 24 (IANS) Working for organisations that fail to prioritise employees' mental health can increase the risk of being diagnosed with depression by threefold, finds a study. And while working long hours is a risk factor for dying from cardiovascular disease or having a str
  • 2-year-old girl gets Covaxin trial jab in UP
    Kanpur Dehat (Uttar Pradesh), June 24 (IANS) In a major development, a two-year-and-8-month-old girl has been administered the Covid vaccine in Kanpur Dehat during the ongoing trial of Bharat Biotech's Covaxin on children. The girl is the daughter of a doctor in Kanpur Dehat. The
  • Detox yoga: How eating, asana practice and breathwork interconnect
    New Delhi, June 24 (IANSlife) Indic traditions emphasise that good mental and physical health is directly connected to three prime activities-- what we eat, how we breathe and the way we think. These help us to understand the deep connection between our bodies, minds, emotions and thoughts
  • Signs of brain inflammation found in people who died of COVID-19: Study
    Boston, June 23 (PTI): Scientists have found signs of inflammation and neurodegeneration in the brains of individuals who died of COVID-19, similar to what is observed in people who die of conditions such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. The findings by researchers at the
  • UN leaders emphasise yoga's role in helping world recover from pandemic
    United Nations, June 21 (IANS) Yoga, which provided a 'lifeline' during the Covid-19 pandemic, can help the world recover from its ravages, leaders at the United Nations said on Monday on the occasion of the 7th International Day of Yoga. "As we take steps to recover from t


  • China extends its soft-power by forcing Hollywood to fall in line
    New Delhi, June 22 (IANS): With John Cena, a wrestler turned actor apologising to the Chinese for calling Taiwan a country, the world has been reminded of the influence that China exerts on our pop culture, The Guardian recently reported. This is hardly a recent phenomenon. The influenc
  • Is 2nd Covid wave over? Experts call for caution
    New delhi, June21 (PTI): India on Monday crossed the important milestone of a Covid positivity rate of less than 5 per cent for 14 consecutive days, conforming to the World Health Organisation's recommended requirement for a region to reopen, but experts were wary of declaring the deva
  • 'Historical fiction gives unencumbered access to art of storytelling'
    New Delhi, June 21 (IANS) As one walks through the ruins of Nalanda, every stone speaks of a bygone era that asks to be kept alive in our collective consciousness, says the multi-faceted Shivani Singh of her captivating historical thriller that is a fascinating tale of how one of the world
  • Highlights of Christie's forthcoming Old Masters Evening Sale
    New Delhi, June 20 (IANSlife) The auction houses announces Jan Davidsz. de Heem (Utrecht 1606--1684 Antwerp), a banquet still life and Dirck Hals (Haarlem 1591--1656) and Dirck van Delen (Heusden 1604/5-1671 Arnemuiden) A Merry Company in a palatial interior, as two leading highlights in t
  • The Milkha Singh I knew
    Source :IANS June 19, 2021 A teenager running to save his life after his family was butchered, dead bodies piled on carts and in train compartments, I shuddered with horror as the great man relived the traumatic events all over at his Sector 8 Chandigarh home more than 50 years after I