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  • Changing the Face of Education
    In Nagaland, to some extent, improvement, changes, and developments are taking place in every area of life - social, political, economic, culture, technology, etc. This is taking place mainly due to education.
  • Life is What You Make It!
    Life is not like a fairytale or a typical Bollywood movie that always ends well. Life is portrayed unrealistically. In actuality, there are no ‘happily ever after’s. We don’t always get what w
  • The New Woman
    In recent times, the world has seen the emergence of a new kind of woman. Cutting across classes and nations, this woman is reconstructing traditionally established notions of feminine and female behaviour, red
  • Survival of the Fittest!
    Good health is an asset, a very vital factor for one to enjoy life and experience happiness in its entirety. There is no doubt about this fact. This article I am writing is based on this important part of daily
  • Great expectations of an English Teacher in Nagaland
    The first thing I tell anyone about myself is that I am an English teacher. There is a certain level of pride, which I cannot help but feel with exuberance, over having fulfilled this childhood dream of mine. T
  • The Idea of Nagaland
    India itself is home to many different languages, cultures with different histories and every state has different descents. In spite of that, we call it a nation.A lot of the cultures and inhabitants of the peo
  • Was Jesus’ Time Any Different From Ours?
    “The History of all Hitherto Existing Societyis the History of Class Struggles.”says Karl Marx, the Social Philosopher, Economist, Sociologist, Journalist and Revolutionary socialist. In the earlier
  • Living Healthy!
    What we do with what we have! Leading and living a healthy, physically fit, energetic and dynamic life comes through a meticulous and systematic daily routine. By juggling our jobs and personal lives in between
  • Step It Up for Gender Equality!
    The word ‘domination’ is a commonly used word in English, yet its meaning is not as pleasant as its phonetic sound. It denotes all kinds of authority, implying the presence of a victim, and subseque
  • Lots of Education, but no Values?
    I strongly believe in the value of education and the power it has to change a lot of things in this world. But I also think that a lot can go wrong if we don’t do it correctly or if our concepts are not c
  • Lots of Education, but no Values?
    YouthNet recently held a very successful youth summit which recognised many talented achievers in our Naga society. It is a great feeling to know that our society is progressing at such a rapid pace and in such
  • The Right to Freedom of Speech
    North Korea, under the leadership of Kim Jong-un, prohibits anyone from speaking against their country or government. Those who dare to do so, are promptly arrested and sent to “re-education” camps
  • India: A Cultural Melting Pot?
    Culture is always dynamic. It absorbs new elements into itself and keeps evolving. The cultures which don’t do this, die. However, there is a downside. Often the society starts to mimic foreign cultures a
  • Tourism in Nagaland: An Untapped Market
    The highest number of tourist flow in Nagaland is during the Hornbill festival in the month of December. But what about the other months? Nagaland is a beautiful and exotic state with a colourful and vibrant hi
  • A “Naga” of Value
    Education, Electricity and Employment – the 3 E’s of progress were stressed upon on Republic Day in Nagaland this year. For this, human skills are key in achieving our targets. And with human skill
  • Digital Insanity Killing the Love
    Imagine our lives today without technology and we will become almost disabled. Few hours of internet break down and we start panicking. This is what has become of us today! We are at an age in which every one o
  • Young Minds of 2016
    It is the year 2016 - another year for new year resolutions, new dreams and hopes. Although this may sound like an echo of the previous year, the significance of new years are meant to bring in exactly that and
    Culture is about the ordinary things of life. No other culture is greater or higher than any other culture. Popular culture, as we know it, is the culture of the masses. It is a mass culture like theatre, music
  • Even Superman Fails
    Today, entrepreneurship has become a trendy word. Everyone wants to become an entrepreneur, for they equate entrepreneurship with success, and invariably, lots of money. While it is all right to dream and striv
  • Dear Mothers
    The whole world will be celebrating Mother’s day on 11th May 2014, a very special day for all the mothers on earth. It is a time for each and every one of us to thank our sweet loving mother for their uncondi