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  • ‘It has been a fruitful and productive period for me’
    The outgoing Governor of Nagaland PB Acharya  during an exclusive Q&A session with The Morung Express on July 20. (Morung Photo)   The Morung Express exclusive Q&A with outgoing Governor PB Acharya   Chizokho Vero Kohima | July 24   Outgoing octogenarian Padmanabha Balakrishna Acharya popularly known as PB Acharya who was sworn in as the 19th Governor of Nagaland on July 19, 2014 completes his term this month. He will be replaced by RN
  • From wooden boxes to steel drawers to digital folders
    Rev. VK Nuh tells the story of a typewriter from the 1950s at the Naga Archives and Research Centre, Toulazouma – the digitization of documents at the NARC is underway in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh (Morung Photo)   Naga Archives and Research Centre is now being digitized   Morung Express Feature Dimapur | July 28   The Naga Archives and Research Centre (NARC), seen as the “largest repository of historical documents on the Nag
  • Agro-Farming Experience at Dzüleke brings tourists to village farms
    The Agro-Farming Experience has been conceptualized and implemented by the North East Initiative Development Agency (NEIDA) in collaboration with Dzüleke Eco-Tourism Board. (Photo by Vevozo Vero)   Vishü Rita Krocha Kohima | July 1 Home to a variety of wildlife including the Barking Deer, Civet Cat, Macaque and Clouded Leopard, Dzüleke, also known for its pristine beauty, rich flora and fauna, is the ultimate destination for people looking to experience a day in the
  • Talking Garbage: Dealing with waste in Nagaland
    (LEFT) Biomining machine installed at the DMC Landfill at Burma Camp, Dimapur. The machine will segregate residual non-biodegradable waste from organic residue. (Photo Courtesy: DMC) (RIGHT) K Haralu, Moa Sangtam and Bano Haralu, who were the speakers during the Morung Lecture XIII in Dimapur on July 6. (Morung Photo)   Morung Lecture XIII brings the challenge of urban garbage to fore   Morung Express News Dimapur | July 6 Paying jobs, better living conditio
  • Walking a fine line
    An electricity line worker is seen in Dimapur. Working without any safety gear, a common feature across Nagaland, has led to the death of several electric line workers across the State over the years. (Morung Photo)   Poorly equipped, underpaid electricity linemen risking their lives every day in Nagaland   Kanili Kiho Dimapur | July 23 Fatal incidents now and again are the report card for the electricity linemen across Nagaland. On a hot June morning in
  • Groundwater contamination in Kohima way above WHO permissible limits, study finds
    Improper waste disposal: Human and animal waste dumped into the drainages and streams have been found to contaminate ground water in Kohima. (Morung Photo) The probable culprits: Human excreta, motor workshops and garages Atono Tsükrü Kohima | July 21 Much has been said about scarcity of water and drying up of water sources affecting the lives of the people in various parts of Nagaland. In particular, citizens of Kohima district continue to be severely affected b
  • Economic Survey 2019 Nagaland State’s report card
    Morung Express News Dimapur | July 4   The Union Minister for Finance and Corporate Affairs, Nirmala Sitharaman, tabled the Economic Survey 2018-19 in the Parliament on July 4 projecting a 7 per cent GDP growth rate in 2019-20, maintaining its fastest growing large economy tag in the world.   The survey, considered as the most authoritative and updated source of data on India's economy, had good news and bad news for Nagaland State. The survey also acts as an i
  • Sangphure in Kiphire is reviving indigenous salt harvesting after 50 years
    Natural flowing spring salt water at Sangphure. (Morung Photo)   P. Achumse Yingbithongrü Kiphire | July 3 Sanphure, a Sangtam Village located 30 km from Kiphire town is known for its indigenous practice of salt harvesting during ancient days. The salt produced from Sanphure village is believed to have medicinal value. This village was a booming commercial centre as people, far and near, particularly from Kiphire, Zunehaboto and Tuensang district came to buy salt.
  • Cyberbullying and online harassment prevalent in Nagaland
    Most people experiencing cyber bullying, trolling or harassment do not come forward and talk about it due of lack of awareness and education towards these issues in Nagaland. (Image for representational purposes only)   Aotula Pongen Dimapur | July 1 Bullying has shifted from the real world to the virtual world where it is a place full of predators that stalk and harass unsuspecting victims. Many people experiencing cyberbullying or harassment in Nagaland, however, do
  • ‘Path for peace & reconciliation is arduous’
    Survivors of the Bali bombings of 2002 speak of their journey to heal Morung Express Feature  Bali (Indonesia) | April 1 For Hayati Eka Lakshmi, partner of a victim of the 2002 Bali bombings, and her two sons, reconciling with the past was not easy. But she took the step anyway when Ali Fauzi facilitated a meeting of her older son and the son of a perpetrator of the Bali bombings to explore an attempt at reconciliation.  Ali Fauzi is himself a former bomb maker for
  • United colours of discrimination
    Rohingya, Transgender, Assamese Bengali Muslim share stories as persecuted minorities    Morung Express News  Bali (Indonesia) | March 31 It is genocide. Khin Mg Myint of the Harmony Working Group, Myanmar (Burma), shows no sign of doubt while speaking about the persecution that the Rohingya people from the Rakhine state of Myanmar have been undergoing for decades now.  “More than one million Rohingya have been forcibly deported to Bangladesh,&rdquo