• Pompeo urges Indonesia to focus on China's treatment of Uighurs
    Jakarta, October 29 (Reuters): U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Thursday urged Indonesians to focus on the treatment of Muslim Uighurs in China, describing it as the "gravest threat" to religious freedom in a speech to an Islamic group. On a trip to the world's largest Muslim majority country, Pompeo praised Indonesia's tradition of tolerance, but urged Jakarta to resist China's entreaties to "look away from the torments of your fellow Muslims".
  • Indonesia, Japan seek stronger security, economic ties in China's shadow
    JAKARTA, October 20 (Reuters): Japan and Indonesia agreed on Tuesday to speed up talks on the export of Japanese defence gear and technology to Indonesia and to have their defence and foreign ministers meet soon, reflecting concern over China's regional assertiveness. Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga is on a four-day trip to Vietnam and Indonesia, his first since taking office last month, and part of Tokyo's effort to strengthen ties with the two key countries in
  • Indonesia rejected U.S. request to host spy planes - officials
    JAKARTA, October 20 (Reuters): Indonesia rejected this year a proposal by the United States to allow its P-8 Poseidon maritime surveillance planes to land and refuel there, according to four senior Indonesian officials familiar with the matter. U.S. officials made multiple "high-level" approaches in July and August to Indonesia's defence and foreign ministers before Indonesia's president, Joko Widodo, rebuffed the request, the officials said. Representative
  • Indonesia promises strict health protocols for U-20 World Cup
    JAKARTA, October 20(Reuters): President Joko Widodo said on Tuesday authorities would ensure Indonesia is prepared to host the FIFA Under-20 World Cup next year, including by establishing "strict health protocols" to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Jokowi, as the president is widely known, said the government has chosen six cities across the Southeast Asian country to host the tournament scheduled to run from May 20 to June 12, 2021, including in the capital Jakarta
  • Indonesian Muslim and union groups to fight new jobs law in court
    JAKARTA, October 9 (Reuters): Indonesian President Joko Widodo came under increasing pressure to repeal his new controversial jobs law on Friday, with union and Muslim groups preparing to challenge it in court and some regional leaders publicly opposing the legislation. The president, widely known by his popular name Jokowi, defended the law, saying demonstrations that have seen thousands of people across the world's fourth-most populous nation take to the streets in someti
  • Indonesia's jobs law endangers environment, say activists, investors
    JAKARTA/SINGAPORE, October 9 (Reuters): Environmentalists in Indonesia are calling for the reversal of a controversial law aimed at job creation because it is seen favouring business interests at the expense of the environment and labour. Indonesia, the world's biggest producer of palm oil and nickel ore for electric vehicle batteries, has forests bigger than any outside the Amazon and Congo, and environmentalists say the country's abundant natural reserves could b
  • Jakarta hit in third day of clashes against new jobs law
    JAKARTA, October 8 (Reuters): Police and demonstrators clashed in Jakarta on Thursday on a third consecutive day of widespread protests and labour strikes against a polarising jobs law that took effect in Indonesia this week. Hundreds of demonstrators gathered near the state palace in central Jakarta, shouting and throwing stones at police who responded by firing tear gas and water cannon, Reuters witnesses said. The "omnibus" jobs creation bill, passed into law on
  • Hundreds held in Indonesia as tempers flare on second day of protests
    JAKARTA, October 7 (Reuters): Indonesian police detained nearly 400 protesters on Wednesday, some armed with molotov cocktails and sharp weapons, on a second day of heated demonstrations over a controversial new jobs law in Southeast Asia's largest economy. Demonstrations took place in at least 12 places on Wednesday, with police detaining 183 people outside parliament in Palembang in South Sumatra, and holding more than 200 protesters for questioning in the capital Jakarta
  • Thousands of Indonesians protest against passage of jobs bill
    JAKARTA, October 6 (Reuters): Thousands of Indonesians took the streets of several cities on Tuesday to protest the passage a day earlier of a jobs law they say is too pro-business, but which the government has promoted as vital to attract investment. President Joko Widodo's "omnibus" Job Creation bill was passed three days ahead of schedule, revising over 70 existing laws to accelerate reform of Southeast Asia's largest economy. The passage also came
  • Indonesia reports biggest daily rise in coronavirus infections
    JAKARTA, September 16 (Reuters): Indonesia reported its biggest daily rise in coronavirus infections with 3,963 new cases on Wednesday, data from the country's health ministry showed. Indonesia has now reported 228,993 infections. The data added 135 new COVID-19 related deaths, taking the total to 9,100, the biggest death toll in Southeast Asia.  
  • Starved of wifi, Indonesians trade plastic trash to study online
    JAKARTA/BOGOR, Indonesia, September 15 (Reuters): When the coronavirus pandemic forced Indonesian schools to shut, it exposed how millions of households in the Southeast Asian country still had no access to the internet or even a device like a mobile phone to do remote learning. So students and volunteers have come up with creative ways to get round the problem. For the last two months, Dimas Anwar Putra, 15, and a friend have been collecting plastic trash in their Jakarta n
  • Indonesia urged to change tack amid record coronavirus infections
    JAKARTA, September 3 (Reuters): Indonesia posted another day of record high coronavirus cases on Thursday, with 3,622 new infections as the world's fourth-most populous nation grapples to contain a spread that has caused the region's highest COVID-19 death toll. The 134 deaths reported on Thursday took total fatalities to 7,750 from among Indonesia's 184,268 cases. Public health experts say the real number is likely to be higher given Indonesia's low testing rat
  • Mutated coronavirus strain found in Indonesia as cases jump
    JAKARTA, August 30 (Reuters): A more infectious mutation of the new coronavirus has been found in Indonesia, the Jakarta-based Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology said on Sunday, as the Southeast Asian country's caseload surges. Indonesia reported 2,858 new infections on Sunday, data by the health ministry showed, below the previous day's record 3,308 but above the past month's daily average. Its total number of cases was 172,053, with 7,343 COVID-19 fatalities.
  • Stark photos highlight plight of Indonesia's vulnerable doctors
    JAKARTA, August 27 (Reuters): Photographs of a grieving wife bent over the coffin of her dead husband, an Indonesian medical doctor, have drawn attention to the high death toll of healthcare workers in the Southeast Asian nation. The photographs, taken at Wahidin Sudirohusodo hospital in Makassar, South Sulawesi, on Thursday morning, and shared with Reuters by Indonesia's Medical Association (IDI), have been widely shared on social media. They show a woman, whose face is
  • Indonesia gets U.N. funds to fight climate change, deforestation
    JAKARTA, August 27 (Reuters): Indonesia has received an injection of cash from the United Nation's Green Climate Fund to help reduce carbon emissions and tackle forest fires at a time when the country has had to scale back spending in the area due to coronavirus budget pressures. The $103.8 million fund was granted under the REDD+ programme, a U.N.-backed forestry conservation scheme to tackle climate change, based on progress Indonesia made in 2014-2016, Environment and Fo
  • Indonesia posts worst rise in COVID-19 cases after outbreak among military cadets
    JAKARTA, July 9 (Reuters): Indonesia reported its biggest single-day increase in coronavirus infections on Thursday, with almost half of the 2,657 new cases found at a military training centre in West Java.   So far, the world's fourth most populous country has 70,736 cases. But, public health researchers suspect that due to limited testing actual total cases could be far higher, though the government denies this, and has told people not to panic.   There
  • Indonesian province declares state of emergency over forest fires
    JAKARTA, July 1 (Reuters): Indonesia's third-largest province declared a state of emergency from Wednesday after identifying more than 700 fires, as the Southeast Asian nation braces for its annual fire season.   The declaration comes as Indonesia scales back protection for some of the world's most important tropical forests. The team that identifies fires and helps put them out has seen its budget halved due to the economic impact of the coronavirus, an environ
  • Indonesian president threatens to reshuffle cabinet over COVID-19 response
    JAKARTA, June 28 (Reuters): Indonesian President Joko Widodo has told his cabinet he is ready to reshuffle ministers or even disband government agencies that he feels have not done enough to fight the coronavirus outbreak, according to his office.   Widodo made the remarks in a cabinet meeting on June 18, the video of which was released by his office on Sunday.   "I see that many of us are working as though things are normal. That's what's irrita
  • Indonesian fishermen rescue nearly 100 Rohingya refugees in Aceh
    SEUNUDDON, Indonesia, June 26 (Reuters): Indonesian fishermen rescued nearly 100 Rohingya refugees, including 79 women and children, in Aceh province after officials said they were planning to push them back out to sea.   Countries around Southeast Asia have grown increasingly reluctant to accept refugee boats as they battle the novel coronavirus, but the Acehnese fishermen told Reuters that rescuing the Rohingya was a moral duty.   "It is nothing more t
  • Social taboos hinder Indonesia's fight against coronavirus
    JAKARTA, June 24 (Reuters): Indonesian authorities complained on Wednesday that hundreds of people had refused testing for the new coronavirus as social taboos emerge as another obstacle to stopping its spread in the world’s fourth-most populous nation.   Indonesia has the highest number of reported infections in Southeast Asia, surpassing 49,000, while at least 2,573 people have died, according to official data, the highest COVID-19 death toll in East Asia outsid